No. 174                                                                                                  Mars/ Avril  2018

Upcoming Events events

Sunday, March 5, 2018 @ 2:00 PM. AFH Club de lecture. French book club will discuss La Tête en friche
 (en français - see article)

Sunday, March 25, 2018. 3:00 PM.   
Dégustation de vin. (see article)

Saturday, April 7, 2018.  
AFdeNH Yale University Art Gallery Tour.  (see article)

  Saturday, May  19 , 2018 @ 12 PM. Club de lecture. 
AFH French book club will discuss "Ru" par Kim   (en français - see details below).
Sunday, April 22nd, 2018. 3 PM. Mariage Algérien. 
Dahmane Soudani will speak about the traditions and practices of the wedding in Algeria.  (en francais) 
See article below.

Sunday, May 20.  3 PM.  Annual Board Meeting.  Return Engagement of Chat Noir Jazz
Saturday March 10th and 24th; April 8th and 22nd @10:30 AM until noon. Café et conversation at Café Mozzicato 
, 329 Franklin Ave., Hartford. Join your Alliance Française friends on Saturday mornings for French conversation and socializing. This is a great opportunity to practice speaking French or to maintain fluency. All levels are welcome.

La Tête en Friche Announced for Club de Lecture in March
Read and Discuss: "La Tête en Friche" by Marie-Sabine Roger 2012).  From the AF National website:  "One Book One Federation Program".
The Federation's "One Book One Federation" program supports French literacy throughout the United States. By encouraging the reading of one book by all chapters during a single year, the Federation is able to assist in the creation of a reading guide and encourage the formation of reading groups. Each year our committee selects a well-written, engaging book that will appeal to Alliance Française members and students.
Sunday, March 5th, 2018 is the date for our Club de Lecture which will be at the Alliance office in Hartford at 2:00 P.M.  We will watch the film and then discuss the book.  Sharon Straka will be leading our discussion.
Bonne lecture!

A testing of the wines of France will be presented on Sunday, March 25th at the offices of the Alliance Francaise de Hartford, 75 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06106.
There will be ten representative wines from the Loire, Burgundy, Provence and Bordeaux regions.While all the wines selected are truly representative of their regions and grape variety, the stars of the tasting are expected to be the 2015 Paul Autard Chateaunenuf du Pape, the 2014 Ch. Faugeres Saint Emilion and a dessert wine  from ch. CES Tours,  
Saint Croix du Mont. All the wines were selected based upon accessibility in local area wine shops as well as price affordability.

The tasting will be limited to the first 20 persons who reserve a spot. The cost for Alliance members is $30; $35 for non-members. It is expected to last from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. Reserve early as places are limited.  No reservation will be complete without payment. Your fee should be be sent directly to Linda Zabor at the Alliance Francaise de Hartford,  75 Charter Oak Ave, Suite 1-202, Hartford CT 06106.
Sunday, March 25th  at 3:00.
$30 for Alliance Française members; $35 for non-members
Join the Alliance Française of New Haven for brunch and a Tour of the Yale University Art Gallery.  We will have brunch at Atelier Florian, 1166 Chapel Street, New Haven CT at noon.  Each person will be responsable for his own check.  After brunch, we will have a tour of the Yale University Art Gallery, located at 1111 Chapel Street, in New Haven, Connecticut on Saturday, April 07, 2018 from 2:30 to 3:30.  There will be a tour conducted in French and one conducted in English. There is no cost for this tour.  Email us at to reserve your spot for brunch at Atelier Florian and/ or the tour of Yale University Art Gallery.


Amateurs d'exotisme et curieux de tous horizons, l'Alliance française de Hartford (AFH) vous propose de découvrir la célébration du mariage en Algérie ; un événement animé par Dahmane Soudani, ancien journaliste, actuellement enseignant à l'AFH.  
De la musique, des danses, des youyous, du henné, des notes et des couleurs, en image et en vidéos, nous allons vous faire découvrir les coulisses du mariage dans ce pays du Maghreb, riche en traditions culturelles et artistiques. Pour cela nous vous donnons rendez-vous le dimanche 22 avril 2018, à 15h (3pm) dans les locaux de l'AFH au 75 Charter Oak Ave, Hartford, CT 06106.
Nous terminerons ce panorama, suivi d'échanges, par une note conviviale en vous proposant un cocktail de mets typiquement algériens.

Sunday, April 22nd  at 3:00.
$10 for Alliance Française member; $15 for non-members



 April in Paris, Hartford's Annual Festival of French and Francophone Film, presents nine films from 1928 to our 2017 that explore the effects of crossing borders, from the political to the personal. Please join us after the screenings for the discussion.

Sunday April 8, Matinée -  time to be confirmed.

The Late Mathias Pascal (Feu Mathias Pascal)
by Marcel L'Herbier 1925 (171 min.) Opening reception sponsored by the 
Alliance Française de Hartford
following the show. 
Patrick Miller of the Hartt School will play the piano accompaniment.

Films include:

A darker view of family relationships emerges in  The Nun which critiques abuses of power on personal and institutional levels.  (Monday, April 9th)

Black Girl focuses on the bonds of enslavement that are reinforced by colonial culture. (Tuesday, April 10th)

Latest News from the Cosmos depicts the profound bonds between a mother and daughter and how they navigate the difficulties of severe autism.  (Wednesday, April 11th)

reveals a more intimate illustration of family ties and social challenges in contemporary France.   (Thursday, April 12th)

In  The Death of Louis XIV
we witness the ruler's obligations to his subjects as a public as well as to individuals.  (Friday, April 13th)

April and the Extraordinary World presents an animated, fantastical journey of a character in search of parental bonds as she forges new and different ones. (Saturday, April 14th)

Visit the website for more information:
AFH Club de Lecture
Prochaines réunions: 4  mars 2018 2pm AFH offices  La Tête en Friche  par  Marie-Sabine Roger.   Film et discussion à 2:00PM. Discussion après le film par Sharon Straka.

Upcoming dates and titles:
le 19 mai                      Ru, par  Kim Thuy (2010)   216 pages
le 22 septembre          Le Rapport de Brodeck, par Philippe Claudel (2007), 384 pages

le 17 novembre           Frappe-toi le coeur par Amélie Nothomb (2017), 180 pages

WHERE:   Parilla y Sabores
, 342 Franklin Ave., Hartford CT
WHEN:   12:00
(Pour plus d'information, addressez-vous à John Soares @

Vous pourrez aussi retrouver ses renseignements sur notre page de Facebook

Spring Classes 2018
Alliance Française of Hartford
75 Charter Oak Ave., Suite 1-202, Hartford, CT 06106
All our language classes offer an immersion experience in the French language. Students are encouraged to express themselves in French. Grammar is a tool, not a goal.
Spring semester dates: Weeks of Feb. 21st to May 1st, 2018
(check with instructor for dates)
Tuition: $309 ($299 if registered before Feb. 14th)
All Class Hours: 5:45 - 7:45 pm at AFH offices

Session 1 - May 14 - June 25
Session 2 - June 26 - August 8
Watch the website for a formal announcement of classes. 

Atelier d'écriture électronique      - Intermediate / Advanced
Parler d'idiomes - Intermediate / Advanced
French Contact for Beginners - Beginner
Clé International - Intermediate


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French 104
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French 206

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