Came across a couple quotes from craft artists I feel are relevant to all us crafters:

Craftsman Kevin Riddle who is carrying on the traditions of the Apalachian crafts says he “finds people unaccustomed to handwork don’t always understand some basics, such as how long the process can take. People will call me up and say:

“Oh, I want some of this authentic handmade stuff, but I want it overnight. Can you ship tomorrow?”

Kevin's response

“Uh no, you JUST gave me the specifications today. I’ll have to go out and find the tree first!”
Woodworker Nancy Hiller says “there’s something wonderfully surprising about being able to take an idea out of your brain and turn it into reality.”


For those of you who like to plan ahead, I will be returning to teach a 3-day pine needle basketry workshop at the Pacific Northwest Art School in beautiful Coupeville, Washington from November 1-3, 2019. Both new and experienced basketweavers welcome, I individualize my instruction to each student's skill level. More info to follow in future newsletters.


Pine needle basketweaver Vicky Nickelson has recently published a booklet titled “Nature’s Touch – Basketry by Hand.” Some of you may have seen her lovely work posted on The Art Of Coiling Pine Needle Baskets Facebook page. She is a passionate basketweaver and wrote the booklet to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for this artform. Some of the items she covers include gathering and preparing pine needles, weaving Teneriffes and how to attach a basket to the wrapped ring, stitches, adding thread, plus gourd projects with coiling. I finally understand how to do faggoting thanks to her clear close-up photographs. Her booklet is available on Amazon which you can access through her website   https://pinebasket.wixsite.com/pinecreations