Move your clocks forward one hour on Saturday evening as we "Spring Forward!"  We are always pleased to see you here at church.

Annie Armstrong Week of Prayer for North American Missions
March 11-18, 2018
Designated giving envelopes are available at the Information Center and in SUMMIT groups
Sunday, April 8:  9:15 am; 10:45 am and 7 pm
Monday, April 9:  Noon Men's Lunch; 7 pm service
Tuesday, April 10:  Noon Ladies' Lunch; 7 pm service
Wednesday, April 11:  6 pm Family Steak Dinner (purchase tickets at the Information Center for $3 - use to invite guests); 7 pm service.

Tickets, luncheon promotional cards and Prayer Guides are all available at the Information Center beginning Sunday, March 11th
Sr. Adults
Sonshiner Choir - Tues. March 13- 1:30 pm  to Brookdale Monterey Quail Ridge followed by rehearsal at the church. 
Budgets available for review on March 11.  Special Called Business meeting to vote on the budget will be March 28th @ 6:30 pm.
New Member SUMMIT Partnership Class
Wed. March 21st @ 6:30 pm in Room 129. This class is for those who have recently joined or are prayerfully considering partnering with our congregation.  Register here or visit baconheights.com/guests for more information..
Easter Services
Sat. March 31 @ 5 pm or Sun. April 1 @ 9:15 am or 10:45 am.  Consider attending our Saturday night service to make space for guests on Sunday morning.
5 pm on March 25 at Jones AT&T Stadium
For volunteer opportunities, visit prayjones.com/volunteer
BHBC Commons will be open at the same time for those unable to navigate the stadium

Happy Birthday!
Trent Anthony 11
Vonnie Stopher 11
John Carter 12
Zackery Simmons 12
Terry Stucker 12

Dewayne Hart 13
Lamar Hayes 13
Sue Minor 13
Zach Walker 13
Cliff Harris 14

Kayla Sanders 14
Grant Savage 14
Mel Halbrooks 15
Stephanie Ratheal 15
Mason Byers 16

Financial Statistics
Weekly Rqmt:  $34,649
Anticipated Rev. YTD:  $1,697,798
Actual Revenue YTD:  $1,540,695
Actual Expenses YTD:  $1,530,578
Bldg. Fund Balance: $50,524
Bldg. Rec. MTD:  $5,995
Bldg. Rec. YTD:  $459,011

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