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March 2011


Jani asked me to thank you for all the loving energy you sent during Cyclone Yasi. While she was preparing for the worst, no one could have predicted what the outcome would be.

What actually happened is that the storm arrived and miraculously passed right over her house. The only damage was a couple of blown-down palm fronds. Pretty extraordinaty, especially if you've seen photos of some other areas in the cyclone's path. 

Be sure to read below about Dancing on the Moving Rug, a new book compiling the P'taah materials that our friend Carlos has done in Spanish. Now we're looking for translators to take it back into English. We also have information on the February Conversation, as well as our monthly message from P'taah.

Enjoy and have a great month!

With much love,

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Spanish to English Translators Wanted
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February Conversation with P'taah -
Peter, Joachim, and Kent

Following our lovely ladies last month, we asked three marvelous gentlemen to be our guests on the February Conversation with P'taah.

The group included Peter from the United Kingdom, Joachim from New Zealand (who I'm happy to report was not affected by the recent earthquake), and Kent from Los Angeles.

Tracks on the February recording are:

T1-Peter: Contacting our future and past selves as well as other aspects of ourself; exploring new healthcare technologies; practicing discernment about other teachings.

T2-Joachim: Methodologies for dealing with fear; water and how to enhance our increasingly poluted drinking water; pyramids and their power; the meaning of a trance experience.

T3-Kent: Broken-heartedness and the pain caused by the misperception of being separate from All That Is.

As always, these thumbnails of the subjects covered in the session don't begin to do justice to the richness and depth of the session itself.

To order the session on CD or MP3, click here.

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Spanish-to-English Translators Wanted  

Our friend Carlos has been working for several years to bring together all of the P'taah material by subject into an e-book in Spanish.

The content is finally finished and the name P'taah has chosen for the book is Dancing on the Moving Rug. Carlos is now working to format and publish it on the web.

Jani would like this book to be available in English as well. We are looking for people who would like to do the Spanish-to-English translation. If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact us.

March 2011 Message from P'taah

Q: P'taah, tell us a little bit about where you come from.


P'taah: Beloved you may say that we exist every where and every when. You may imagine that that which we be is likened unto a band of energy which in a way you dial up like a radio station.


I am your creation, beloved. How clever you are! We do thank you indeed! We say this also to you. That which be this energy utilizes that which you may imagine to be a force field that you call Pleiades to step down energy to enable this communication in this fashion.


But you see really that is just a story, hmm? You create this by your desire. That which is your yearning for knowing, that which is your fervent desire to be the more, is like a clarion call throughout the universes. That draws to you entities such as I, although in truth it is called entities so that you may have an idea-construct to enable this communication to be received better.


And you know we tell you nothing new. We are simply reflecting to you all that which you know,. To remind you to perhaps be aware of what you may call a 'trigger' to wake you up a little to say, "Ah ha, I remember that. I KNOW that that is my truth."


And we remind you that there are as many truths as there are peoples upon your plane. And what is your truth today may not be your truth tomorrow, as you expand and as you grow, hmm?


Truth is here (points to heart) and every one of your truths is valid! And you say, "With all of this information, how do I know what is truth?" Well, more correctly, "How do I know what is MY truth," hmm? 


Well, you know by the FEELING really. And we say this to you: If there is anything that you are hearing, if there is anything that you are feeling which presumes that you are less than the Perfect and Eternal Expression of Source, then indeed, this is not your highest truth. If what you are hearing is fear-based, then that is not your highest truth. If there are any 'shoulds' or 'should nots', or 'do's' or 'do nots', that is not your highest truth.


And you know your truth has a feeling to it. Your truth is likened unto a comfort zone. It is very comfortable, hmm? Sometimes it stretches your comfort zone a little but indeed when it is your truth, your whole being rings with that "Ah ha!" and you say, "Yes! This is my truth, for now"!


Keep it simple my beloveds. Remember that WHATEVER it is out there, it is only a story to bring up a feeling. Anything out there you have created for the feeling.


You come here and you come here and you come here for the vitality and the intensity of the emotional feeling. That is all. All of these scenarios that you create, all of the stories - you do it for the feeling.


Now instead of the feeling being fear you can change that so that the feeling is love and joy and laughter and play and play and play and play and (short pause) play! (Soft laughter)


And remember that laughter indeed is the greatest aligner, hmm? Do you know when you have a good old belly laugh, there is no past and there is no future? There is only that glorious NOW with all of your energy centers open. You are BEING all that you can BE in that now!


This is supposed to be good fun. It is called Enlightenment, not enheavyment. (Laughter)


You are all my delicious angels and I love you absolutely. We say to you that indeed we are not separate, you and I, and that you are eternally cradled in the heart that be I. It can be no other way.


I do love you absolutely and I thank you indeed for the honor of serving you this day.


So my beloved ones until the next NOW when we may communicate again in this fashion, we say to you our thanks and Namaste!

 I've been a student for 14 years. P'taah is a bowl of shining light. Such beautiful thoughts. First thoughts, in fact, that I've ever aligned to. Well, Abraham and P'taah to be fair. Thank you!

JB-New Mexico


Tis grand and I was very glad to hear P'taah's words about not wanting to be on the planet.   Like a balm :-)
Be well, dear one.



Carrying Ptaah around on my iPhone is a real pleasure. It is a bit like carrying Ptaah through my everyday life



Well, November is another awesome Conversation.  I think the very last of the talk was just for me because of something that happened in my life a long time ago. I have had the same questions about what is going on for one of my 12 under-soul entities. I would use the word partners but that doesn't do it justice. He is no longer in this reality and I keep wondering what is going on with his 'life'.  I also understand that questions like that can stymy me if I dwell on them. Thanks and love,


Sessions with P'taah


Talking with P'taah often can help put things in perspective so we can deal with the fears that consume our lives.

Jani will be traveling in March, but personal sessions with P'taah will be available until March 10 and then again after March 28.

Reservations must be made  in advance. If you are interested in arranging a session for yourself, just email us or call us at 760-364-5465.

There will be no Ask P'taah! mini- session this month. The next one is scheduled for April 19, Jani's time.

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