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File Transfer Service API Version 2.0

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New Service Catalog in Development

Content Foundation to replace FileNet

PM Central Service retired

Mutual Aid & Frequencies Manual Updated

COR Standardizes Notification System

Update on IT Bills in Montana Legislature

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Enhancing Services

File Transfer Service API Version 2.0 now available

filenetupgradeCustomers are encouraged to upgrade to a new version of the API for the File Transfer Service. The new API offers easier authentication, improved performance and simpler integration. The Application Technology Services Bureau will continue to support the old API Version 1.0 until July 15, 2015. At that time,1.0 will no longer be available. To upgrade, contact the Service Desk or call 444-2000 to open a service ticket to use the new API.

SITSD developing new online service catalog
catalogprojectOne of many projects underway at SITSD is the design of a new web-based, actionable catalog of services for customers. The Business Services Management Bureau is managing the project - which has been split into two phases - first, publishing an updated, detailed catalog online and second, implementing web-based order forms for services. Ultimately, the goal is to create a one-stop shopping approach to identifying, researching and ordering a service or product from SITSD. Last November, the project team invited customers to complete an online survey to describe the information and functionality that they wanted in a catalog. Combined with feedback from focus groups and additional outreach, the team has identified a list of business requirements. The team is now working on the "architecture" for the new catalog, as well as rewriting service descriptions and compiling resources. The new online catalog (phase I) will launch in late summer 2015. For more information, contact Teresa Enger, catalog manager.
Corrections standardizes information exchange for victim notification system

correctionsijisCongratulations to the Montana Department of Corrections (COR), which has been collaborating with the Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute to ensure that Montana's Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification system meets that National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standard. The standard provides technical guidance for exchanging victim-related information nationwide, regardless of the type of technology used. Montana was one of five states that recently implemented the standard. "The partnership that the Department of Corrections has had with the IJIS institute has resulted in a very positive impact to our agency relative to crime victim notification. The ability to receive an acknowledgment from our victim notification provider gave us more than a verification that they received notification information, it gave us the ability to see how they interpreted our notification information and make changes that provided more accurate notification messages to the victim," said John Daugherty, COR's Chief Information Officer. View the IJIS news release to learn more about the partnership. 

Know procedures for entry, deliveries and guest access to Montana Data Centers

datacentersecuritySITSD wishes to remind customers that the Montana Data Centers in Helena and Miles City adhere to strict procedures regarding entry of personnel, access to guests and deliveries of equipment/materials. For example, the data centers need a minimum of 24 hours notice before delivery of any equipment by a third party courier. In addition, customers need to provide the following information: 1) tracking number if available, 2) expected delivery date, 3) carrier, 4) and point of contact when the equipment arrives. While data center staff will help in receipt of the delivery, they cannot be responsible for the condition of the equipment. If a delivery arrives and personnel are not aware in advance, the delivery must be refused. Thanks for helping to make the data centers more secure by ensuring only authorized shipments are accepted. Click here to learn more about these and other procedures regarding access to personnel and guests.

spotlightinformationWINDOWS SERVER 2003 SUPPORT - Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any versions of Windows Server 2003 after July 14. As a result, customers should be migrating existing servers that operate on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 (or Server 2008 if the applications on the server will not run on the 2012 platform). Customers who cannot migrate servers to a newer platform by the July deadline will need to complete

an exception request form and document that they have an extended-support plan in place to remediate any vulnerability. You can learn more at the Microsoft migration website or file a service desk ticket for assistance.


NON-EMERGENCY CHANGES - Due to increased risk to outages of information systems that affect the legislative session, SITSD is delaying the implementation of non-emergency changes until the end of the legislative session or during scheduled monthly maintenance weekends, March 28-29, 2015 and April 25-26, 2015. SITSD respectfully requests that agencies delay any changes in their information system environments that may affect other systems during this time as well.  Thank you for your cooperation.


SITSD IN THE NEWS - State CIO Ron Baldwin recently spoke to StateScoop about eGovernment services, which provide citizens with immediate access to information and cost savings to state government.  


JAMES ZITO BECOMES CERTIFIED FORENSIC EXAMINER - Congratulations to SITSD's James Zito, security operations supervisor in the Information Security Bureau, who recently passed the Global Information Assurance Certification Certified Forensic Examiner (GFCE) examination. The GCFE certifies that candidates have the knowledge, skills and ability to conduct incident investigations including e-Discovery, forensic analysis and reporting, evidence acquisition, browser forensics and tracing user and application activities on Windows systems. We are excited to have James as a resource for customers in the area of information security.


CYBER SECURITY NEWSLETTER - Check out this month's cyber security newsletter on the Montana Information Security Website.


Addressing IT appropriation requests in the 2015 Montana Legislature

     State CIO Ron Baldwin
StateCIOcolumn As the 2015 Legislative Session moves closer to its final scheduled day, now projected to be April 30, agencies are monitoring proposed bills and new legislation that may impact the way they do business. In the legislative process, state agencies typically have opportunities to provide legislators with information to help them understand requests for appropriations and/or changes to state law. In early March, SITSD's Lynne Pizzini had the opportunity to address the House State Administration Committee to address information technology security and Montana's security profile.  She also provided background on DOA-SITSD's request for nearly $1.9 million to continue the state's "Data Protection Initiative," a plan that addresses the need for continual improvement of security of data maintained on state IT systems. Read More
Montana recognized as national leader in transparency in government spending

PIRGtransparencyratingA report released March 18 by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) heralds Montana as a national leader in providing transparency in government spending. According to the report Following the Money 2015: How the 50 States Rate in Providing Online Access to Government Spending Data, Montana received an 92 percent, A- rating for spending transparency, up from 86 (B) percent last year and 57 percent when Governor Steve Bullock took office. The report was released during Sunshine Week, a week to promote public access in government. In recent years, state governments have created transparency websites that provide checkbook-level information on government spending. Montana's Transparency in Government portal includes checkbook data, state employee data and a link to the state's data portal, a repository for various data sets. This year, the states receiving A level ratings with the most comprehensive transparency websites are Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oregon, Louisiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Montana, New York, Texas, and South Dakota. 

Updated Mutual Aid and Common Frequencies Manual now available online
mutualaidmanualThe Public Safety Communications Bureau  has published the 2015 Montana Mutual Aid and Common Frequencies Manual. The manual, published every three years, was last updated in 2011. This comprehensive manual includes standard operating procedures and practical applications for using statewide VHF radio frequencies for mutual aid and common use. Emergency responders from different agencies and jurisdictions use these radio frequencies to communicate during incidents and disasters. In addition to the manual, responders can print wallet and visor cards to carry with them or have available in their vehicles. The color manual is available for download on the bureau's Mutual Aid Frequencies website . In addition, the bureau is also promoting its new Mutual Aid Frequencies Permit Request website, where organizations and individuals can secure a valid permit to use a specific mutual aid frequency. Montana holds statewide licenses with the Federal Communications Commission for more than 20 mutual aid frequencies.
Montana Legislature continues to address IT bills

legislativeupdateThe Montana Legislature continues to address these key bills impacting information technology (see table below). Customers who have questions can contact Tammy LaVigne, chief intergovernmental relations officer at SITSD.


HB 10

Kelly McCarthy

Long-Range Information Technology Appropriations

(H) Hearing
 - Appropriations, March 13

HB 14

Kelly McCarthy

Creating broadband development fund through bonding.


(H) Hearing - Appropriations,

March 16. 

HB 112

Keith Regier

Extend sunset on enhanced 9-1-1 fund distribution

Signed by Governor on Feb. 18.

HB 123

Donald W. Jones

Generally revise public records laws

(S) Hearing - State Administration March 18.

HB 288

Tom Richmond

Repeal law regarding transfer of information tech-nology resources

(S) Hearing - State Administration, March 16

HB 296

Pat Noonan

Revise laws regarding mutual aid frequency coordination

(S) Hearing - Energy and Telecommuni-cations, March 26.

HJ 7

Tom Steenberg

Study next-generation 9-1-1

(H) Passed 3rd reading in House on March 16.

SB 124

Dee Brown

Require certain boards to record and publish meetings in video or audio format

(H) 3rd reading concurred; returned to Senate on March 19.

SB 220

Christine Kaufmann

Repeal the electronic government (eGov)advisory board and transfer duties

(H) Hearing - State Administration, March 12.


IBM FileNet being replaced with IBM Content Foundation

IMBcontentfoundationThe Application Technology Services Bureau gave customers a snapshot of IBM's Enterprise Content Management product, IBM Content Foundation, in a March 12 presentation. The presentation was well received by the nearly 60 agency personnel who attended. IBM Content Foundation is slated to replace IBM FileNet, which SITSD has offered as a service to manage imaging and documents for several years. Section Supervisor Barry Fox said IBM Content Foundation provides increased scalability, performance, security and stability over the traditional FileNet. It is more flexible in regard to installation and configuration, and has the potential to reduce costs for SITSD customers who now use FileNet to manage and store large amounts of content. The bureau has implemented the solution in its test and development environments and is in the beginning stages of planning the transition to production. All existing FileNet customers will be migrated to IBM Content Foundation and a migration schedule will be available soon. Contact your customer relations manager if you would like to learn more.

Project Management (PM) Central service retired

PMcentralSITSD has retired the service Project Management (PM) Central. PM Central offered a single work space to manage projects, programs and entire portfolios, allowing customers to track and manage tasks, costs, deadlines and resources. The PM Central tool was installed in a dedicated SharePoint farm with unique site collections for each customer. While the tool was well liked, it proved to be too expensive to maintain and did not attract enough customers to continue its provision. The division will purchase Microsoft Project Professional for use only within SITSD as an immediate alternative, but will work with the Information Technology Managers Council and customers to identify an alternative solution for the state enterprise.


newemployeesSITSD has recently welcomed and/or promoted employees to new positions. We're glad to have these exceptional individuals on our team!


Bradley Runnion, Acquisition Management Specialist, Acquisition Management Services Bureau.

Joe Frohlich, Enterprise Security Manager, Enterprise Security Program.

Rawlin Richardson, Computer Support Specialist, Service Desk, Enterprise Support Bureau.


- Information Technology Managers Council - April 1, Wednesday, 8:30-10:30 a.m., DEQ Metcalf Building, Room 111, 1520 E. 6th Ave., Helena.

- State Interoperability Governing Board - April 21, Tuesday,1:30-3:30 p.m., MDT Commission Room, 2701 Prospect Ave., Helena.



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