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First and Gold Gala

Steve and Jerri Spurrier, Maria and Tony Barnhart are among celebrity guests

By all measurements, our inaugural First and Gold Gala was a resounding success! More than $125,000 was raised through ticket sales and auction items, and multiple broadcast, print and online media  outlets covered the event. Be sure to check out the "CKC in the News" section for a sample of the  coverage.

A special thank you to our celebrity guests Steve Spurrier, Tony Barnhart, Randy Cross, Charles Waddell and Geno Atkins for their participation. 

To view and download photos, or to read wrap up article click here .

Be sure not to miss out on next year's gala! Mark your calendar for Friday, August 11, 2017, for the Second Annual First and Gold Gala.

CKC in the News

The first and Gold Gala was covered by multiple media outlets. Below are articles and news stories where you can learn more! 

Medical Buzz

Dr. John Bergsagel
The First and Gold Gala also had a special funding opportunity for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - a Call-to-Fund for a blood counting
analyzer. That's a computerized machine that counts the number of different types of red and white blood  cells, blood platelets, haemoglobin, and haematocrit levels in a blood sample.

The crowd was challenged to give $15,000 - and they exceeded it by raising $25,000. As a result we will be able to give Children's Healthcare of Atlanta a necessary gift that will help us get one step closer to finding cures for childhood cancers.

Dr. John Bergsagel, a  pediatric oncologist/hematologist at the Children's Hospital of Atlanta, spoke about the importance of  this machine and how it is essential for any cancer research group as it can help determine if a new  therapy is having a positive effect or if a selected drug dose is effective.  It can be also used to compare  changes in the cells before and after an experimental therapy.  
Meet Anna Price

Anna Price

On May 2, 2008, Anna was diagnosed with a brain tumor on her optic nerves. She underwent 14 months of chemotherapy and lost most of her vision due to the tumor's location. 

Now 19 years old, Anna is using her devastating experiences to be a light for others as a volunteer with  several organizations working with pediatric cancer patients and their families. She is a youth mentor for  The Sandbox, Dance Marathon and Curing Kids Cancer. When asked about her community services,  Anna said that she wants to return at least some of the kindness shown to her while she was in treatment.  

We are so proud of all Anna has been able to overcome and wish her ongoing success.
Celebrity Sighting!

First and Gold Gala celebrity guest Steve Spurrier gave multiple news media interviews and served on the celebrity panel. Thank you Coach for your support of Curing Kids Cancer! 

Selena Gomez created a video for one of our Leukemia survivors, Reece McPail, after he invited her to be his date at the First and Gold Gala. 

Happy Helpers

We Love Our Volunteers!

Curing Kids Cancer has some hardworking volunteers.  Without their dedication, we would not be able to host events like the First and Gold Gala, and we would like to recognize two of our fabulous volunteers, Beth and Traci. (would use full name and indicate which is which in the photo)

If you would like to learn more about to how to get involved with Curing Kids Cancer feel free to contact us.

Director of Programs and Events at Curing Kids Cancer,Lauren Korthoff:

Want to help?

There are tons of different ways to get involved at Curing Kids Cancer. Below are just a few ideas for the 

month of March.

 March Madness: If you normally fill out a bracket with your friends, why not donate a portion of the winnings to Curing Kids Cancer?

 St.Patricks Day Potluck: Throw a potluck at your work, church, or school and charge $5 for participation.  Enjoy good food, conversation and do it for a good cause by donating the proceeds to Curing Kids Cancer. 

Tournaments for the Kids: Host a basketball tournament of your own.  Gather teams together, whether its people form your office, rival businesses, or even church teams, which admission fees donated to Curing Kids Cancer!

For more ideas go to

    Upcoming Events
Mecum, Kansas City
March 11-12

We are excited to see how much we can raise at the Mecum auction coming up in Kansas City.  If you are interested in learning more about this auction, click here .
If you are interested in donating a car or other auction item, please contact  Account Manager at Curing Kids Cancer, Mikaela Hopkins at

May 2, 2016 
Curing Kids Cancer Golf Classic

The Curing Kids Cancer Golf Classic will be May 2nd at The Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta, GA. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please visit Hurry as 
there are only a few spots left!

April 9,2016
Curing Kids Cancer Fire Truck Pull

On April 9, Curing Kids Cancer & The Columbia Fire Department are hosting the 
3rd Annual Fire Truck Pull  at the Columbia Fire Department & Museum at 1800 Laurel Street Columbia, SC. Teams will see who can pull a fire truck in the fastest amount of time! All proceeds will benefit the Cancer and Blood Disorders Clinic at Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital. Be sure to sign up your team today!

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