March 2017
Did you know that our area will be hosting a National Tournament in a year? The Philadelphia Nationals start in 373 days -- running from March 8-18, 2018. Aside from playing in this tournament, there is an interesting opportunity to name an event for a someone special, such as a bridge partner, friend, family member, or even yourself. You can read the details at the District 4 website. Click here for all of the information.

District 4 Officers  
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Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Contact your District 4 board members.

Dan Boye

Meyer Kotkin
Bill Bauer

Pat Civale  

Joann Glasson 
President's Message
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The Wilkes Barre Regional is underway and Walter Mitchell and his tournament committee are hoping that the unseasonal warm weather will continue and make it more desirable to venture a little bit north for our players. So - as you read this - if you haven't made plans to attend this tournament you still have time to plan your end of week activity as the schedule and hospitality is conducive for players of all abilities to enjoy friendly competition.
Good luck to all District 4 participants in the upcoming NAPs being held at the Spring NABC in Kansas City! As the song goes "Well I might take a train, I might take a plane, but if I have to walk I'm going just the same." So whether it's "all aboard," "fasten your seatbelts," or simply wearing out the soles of your shoes, I wish everyone luck and enjoyment in the City of Fountains and don't miss that KC barbeque!
The ACBL has created additional levels of achievement for its players - Ruby LM 1500 MPs and Sapphire LM 3500 MPs. I challenge all players in District 4 to not only enjoy this great game but also to improve your game in the attempt to attain higher levels of achievement & recognition. Congratulations to Richard Popper on attaining the rank of Platinum LM (10,000 MPs)! Well done and well deserved.


Here is a reminder that the District GNTs - Flights A & C are also scheduled in March. Flights A and C play on March 25-26 at the Valley Forge Bridge Club.
As NCAA March Madness approaches, District 4 continues to strive to create friendly and competitive environments for all of our tournaments. Please take an active part in making everyone's tournament experience enjoyable by being practicing Zero Tolerance as well as the District's attempt to accommodate all players with a fragrance free policy.
That's it for now and I hope to catch many of you at the tables in the upcoming D4 tournaments.
Good luck and good health!
From the District Director 
joann glasson
The CEO of the ACBL, Robert Hartman, has resigned his position. He will be remaining in the job until the summer in order to provide a smooth transition to his replacement.
The ACBL President, Bob Heller, has appointed a CEO search committee that includes five long term board members and two bridge players with human resource and management skills, Sylvia Moss and Bob Blanchard.    
The search is on. The new CEO should understand the game of bridge, have great management experience, a strong grasp of technology and be able to work with a large board of directors. Also, be willing to relocate to the Memphis, TN area.    
If you are interested in the job or know a good candidate, there is more in
formation available on the ACBL website.

Grand National Teams
District 4 will be running the Grand National Teams at the Valley Forge Bridge Club this year. The events are being held on different weekends so that players who are not successful in one flight will get a second opportunity to play.
Flight C (0 to 500) and Flight A (0 to 6,000) will be held on March 25-26. Flight B (0 to 2,500) and the Open Flight (unlimited) will be held on April 8-9. All players in the Grand National Teams must be members of District 4.

The winning teams in each flight will receive from District 4 a subsidy of $1,000 for the first 2 days of play and an additional $400 per day of play after the 2 nd day of play while representing District 4 in the 2017 Summer NABC in Toronto, Canada. District 4 will also pay for all entry fees for teams as long as they survive in the event.
Organize a team and come out and play!
District 4 Schedule 

February 27 - March 5

March 25 - 26

March 25 - 26
April 8 - 9

 Harrisburg Regional (split site)
May 1 - 7

Rochester Regional (split site)
May 1 - 7

June 26 - July 2
District 4 STaC
August 28 - September 3

Lancaster Regional
October 30 - November 5 
Wilkes-Barre Regional
February 27-July 3
The first District 4 Regional for 2017 is set to begin February 27th in Wilkes-Barre. Located at the popular Woodlands Inn & Resort, the tournament features a wide variety of events, including Gold Rush almost every day! And for those who don't want to play deep into the night, there are several 18-board matches after dinner. Click here for the website and complete information.

Tournament Chair Walt Mitchell has brought back his acclaimed team of Bill Orth (partnerships) and Ellen Preece (hospitality). Candy Kuschner is DIC , ably assisted by Bob Cole & Mark Labovitz. Rooms are just $99+, and include a full breakfast. Make your reservation NOW, before the bridge rate goes away. See you in Wilkes-Barre!
Grand National Teams

Get ready for the GNTs -- the Grand National Teams -- a grassroots event played in four flights that can win you cash and a chance to play in a national event! Flights A and C play on March 25-26; Flights B and Open play on April 8-9. All events take place at the Valley Forge Bridge Club.

For more information, including pre-registration information and the conditions of contest, link to the flyers for each flight:

News from Around the Units 
four corners
Unit 112: Central New York
Jim Carroll

Unit 112 Sectional
April 8-9

Unit 112 199er Sectional
April 21-22

Rochester Regional (split site)
May 1-7

Unit 112 Sectional
June 3-4

There is no Unit 112 report this month. Check back in April for updates and information. 
Unit 120: Northeastern Pennsylvania 
Fay Pacchioli

Wilkes-Barre Regional
February 27 - March 5 

Having a beautiful winter up here in Northeast Pennsylvania and hoping our weather continues for our Regional, which runs from February 27th to March 5th. 
Sectional Master: Robert Wojack, Pittston
Regional Master: Barbara Shaffer, Kingston
Bronze Life Master: Mary Zabresky, Forty Fort

In the Open Masterpoint Race 0-2000 points category in District 4, as of December 31, 2016, George Mansour, Scranton, came in second with 132.53.
In the 0-500 points category, Peggy O'Keeffe, Dunmore, came in 20th place with 41.39 points. It's quite an accomplishment to get your name in the top 25.

If you are looking for lessons and want a nice break, there will be a Bridge Boot Camp in the area coming soon. Marti and Gary Ronemus promote that they guarantee to improve your game. The sessions all happen in one week -- Monday to Friday -- and are held at Skytop. They run either April 30 to May 5 or October 22 to 27. You can stay at the lodge...or not. For more details, call Liz Kelso at 570-595-8908 or email Marti at 
Unit 121: Berks Montgomery 
Brian C Snyder 

Our President's Day Unit Game was held on Wednesday February 22 at the Jewish Cultural Center. We had 9-1/2 tables. First overall winners were Janice Repko and Eugene O'Brien. Our next Unit Game will be for St. Patrick's Day on Thursday March 16 at Sacred Heart Villa in Reading.
Congratulations to the following members for achieving their next rank in the ACBL:
New Junior Masters: Kathy Esterly and Keith Ordemann
New Regional Master: Lucia Di Paolo
New NABC Master: Wally Eckton
New Advanced NABC Master: Carl Ziegler
Also, congratulations to the following Ace Of Clubs winners for 2016:
0-5: Romaine Schwartz
5-20: Glenn D Trayer
20-50: Geri S Buczewski
50-100: Elaine S Van Briggle
100-200: Mrs. Sara J Gainey
200-300: Doug R Chaney
300-500: Jack H Gechter
500-1000 Mrs. Vicky Sokoloff
1000-1500: Sue A Wessner
1500-2500: Ellis Sokoloff
2500-3500: Mrs. Alice F Hyman
3500-5000: Travis A Crump
5000-7500: Albert H Bingaman Jr.
Over 10,000: Thomas W Weik
Unit 133: Lehigh Valley 
Dave Kresge
Unit 133 Sectional
April 28-30

There is no Unit 133 report this month. Check back in April for updates and information.

Unit 141: Philadelphia 
Joan Warren
Bala Sectional

Congratulations to our own Eric Greco on being named ACBL 2016 Player of the Year.

We have lots of members attaining new designation levels in February.  Congratulations to them all.

New Life Masters
Constance Abel
Claire Rolin
Nicholas Wanck

Sapphire Life Masters
John Dockray
Carolyn Broomall

Gold Life Master
Steven Gewirtzman

Bronze Life Masters
Bonnie Bickman
Ruth Mulholland

Unit 168: Central Pennsylvania 
Jeanne Gehret 

Harrisburg Regional (split site)
May 1-7
The recent warm weather has been a great respite from our usual chilly winter temperatures. It's gotten me thinking about some road trips and making plans to attend some area sectional and regional tournaments. It would be wonderful to see you there too!
Unit 168 Club News:
From Lancaster:
Bridge games are offered Monday through Friday at the Maple Grove Community Center, 1420 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster. Directors John and Debi Klinger and Andie Sheaffer offer both Open and Non-Life Master games on four of those days: M-W-Th-Fr.
March 13 and 15 are Unit games with extra points awarded. Also, circle the week of April 10th - ALL games that week will be Club Championships with extra points!
From Harrisburg:
The Harrisburg Bridge Club will host a "Friday Night Special" game on March 10. The per-person cost of $20 includes a 3-course meal, wine and your bridge entry fee. Reservations are required and can be made by emailing

The Tuesday, March 14 games will celebrate "Pi Day" with a delicious variety of pies being served at both the afternoon and evening games.

Unit 168 proudly recognizes the 2016 winners of the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney masterpoint races:
Ace of Clubs
Ranking Level           Winner
  • 0-5 MPs                     Walter Gaige
  • 5-20 MPs                   Ronald Mundy
  • 20-50 MPs                 Margaret Sobolewski
  • 50-100 MPs              Malin Castronuovo
  • 100-200 MPs            Kathy Myers
  • 200-300 MPs            Carrie Singer
  • 300-500 MPs            Susan Kennedy
  • 500-1000 MPs          Jack Hund
  • 1000-1500 MPs        Vernon Hester
  • 1500-2500 MPs        Andie Sheaffer
  • 2500-3500 MPs        Lynn Harris
  • 3500-5000 MPs         Kenneth Meyer
  • 5000-7500 MPs         Buddy Hano
  • 7500-10000 MPs       Philip Monyer
  • 10,000+                       John and Selena Swanson
Ace of Clubs recognition is given to the Unit player in each "ranking level" who has earned the most master points in club games during the calendar year. Only black points are counted; therefore, points earned in STaCs or other club pigmented games are not considered. A player's ranking level is based upon their total master points at the start of the calendar year.
     Ranking Level                   Winner
  • 0-5 MPs                               Walter Gaige
  • 5-20 MPs                             Ronald Mundy
  • 20-50 MPs                           Margaret Sobolewski
  • 50-100 MPs                         Frank Doub
  • 100-200 MPs                       Kathy Myers
  • 200-300 MPs                       John Ferranti
  • 300-500 MPs                       Susan Kennedy
  • 500-1000 MPs                     Jack Hund
  • 1000-1500 MPs                   David Bort
  • 1500-2500 MPs                  Andie Sheaffer
  • 2500-3500 MPs                  Michael Zeller
  • 3500-5000 MPs                  John Albright
  • 5000-7500 MPs                  Dennis Wick
  • 7500-10000 MPs                Barry Gorski
  • 10000+ MPs                       John and Selena Swanson
Mini-McKenney awards are given to the Unit's top master point earner in each "ranking level". All points earned are considered: black, red, silver, gold, platinum, and on-line points. A player's ranking level is based upon their total master points at the start of the calendar year.
Unit 190: Delaware 
Ala Hamilton-Day 

March 7  
A 299er Sectional Tournament will be held on March 7 at the Bridge Studio of Delaware. Eligibility for this event is limited to rising bridge players who have not achieved 300 masterpoints at the time of the event. Click on the link above for details.

" Eight is Enough " is coming to Wilmington and Lewes on April 29th. Stay tuned for more info.
Recent player advancements are:
Joseph Beran
Theresa E. Spicer
Dave A. Vaughn  
Melody L. Henderson
Carolyn R. Broomall
POINTS              ACE OF CLUBS              MINI-MCKENNEY
0 - 5                        Jonathan Lawlor                    Jonathan Lawlor
5 - 10                     Duke Lohr                            Duke Lohr
20 - 50                   Jerry Goodman                     Jerry Goodman
50 - 100                  Richard Weissmann              Richard Weissmann
100 - 200                Louise Roselle                      Mary Reilly
200 - 300                Pat Tylander                          Pat Tylander
300 - 500                Eileen Sandstrom                  Janelle Gmitter
500 - 1000              Francis Bizzoco                     Francis Bizzoco
1000 - 1500            Mark Henderson                    Mark Henderson
1500 - 2500            Terry Patton                           Terry Patton
2500 - 3500             Robert Maier                         Robert Maier
3500 - 5000             Ala Hamilton-Day                Ala Hamilton-Day
5000 - 7500             Randall Berseth                     Randall Berseth
7500 - 10000           Marie and Peter Filandro       Richard Popper
10000 +                   Rick Rowland                        Rick Rowland
1.   Rick Rowland & Robert Maier
2.   Peter Filandro & Marie Filandro
3.   Walter Weeks & Lou Steinke
4.   Barbara Rhoades & Cindy Rowland
5.   Paul Amer & Randall Berseth
6.   Nancy Robbins & Teresa Young
7.   Doug Chaney & Sara Gainey
8.   Karin Schwenk & Nancy Ferguson
9.   Linda Hardy & Patricia Scofield
10. John Strange & Caroline Hughes
Check out Unit 190's website, now being handled by Webmaster Extraordinaire Mark Henderson, as well as last month's issue of The Dummy, to meet most, if not all, of your bridge needs.
Unit 217: Susquehanna  
Jim McKeown
Unit 217 Sectional
June 1-3
There is no Unit 217 report this month. Check back in April for updates and information.  
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