The Newsletter March, 2017    

This month in worship and religious education we explore... PLAYFULNESS!

Join Us:
Vocal Resistance 

Vocal Resistance is a choir that is uniting for freedom, empathy, and peace through song. Music Director Marlene Hartzler is involved with the project. The group meets regularly at NUUC to practice the songs of social justice in post-Trump America. The group is intergenerational and open to all.

The next rehearsal for Vocal Resistance will be Thursday, March 2 at 7pm. The choir is planning a flash mob performance on March 4 and an appearance at the International Women's Day Rally on March 8. Please contact Marlene Hartzler for more information or to be added to the email list.


Vocal Resistance has added another performance this weekend. We will be singing "I Can't Keep Quiet" at the Memorial for the Rob Portman Town Hall That Never Was,  7pm this Sunday at First UU Church in Columbus (click here for more information). Singers should attend rehearsal on Thursday to practice for the event.  
NUUC: In Solidarity with Immigrants
NUUC and Westerville Partners for Education are working to to bring tutoring to young learners in reading outside of school, and close to their homes.  We are using this to establish meaningful elationships with Somalian and other immigrant families.  We are collecting like-new children's books to be used in tutoring sessions  in the marked box in the Fellowship Hall. Prepare to tutor by taking the free, 90-minute online tutor training at:

 Please email to let her know when you've completed the training so we can assemble our teams!
Advocacy Training:
Countering Islamaphobia
A dvocacy Training:  Countering Islamophobia.  Rev. Susan Ritchie will host a workshop with special guests on Saturday, March 11, 2017, from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM at NUUC. Sign up by clicking here .
Sharifi Fund for Schools in Undeveloped Areas

NUUC friend Azin Sharifi is collecting funds to establish schools in underdeveloped areas in honor of her son, Armin Sharifi.  For the details about this fund, click here .
Life Tree Cafe in March

LifeTree Cafe meets every Thursday at 7 PM at Nielsen House (1539 Franklin Street) to engage the community in conversation about relevant and vital issues.  

Topics in March:

The Nature of God: March 9

Come talk with friends about the nature of God - whether you believe that there is a God or not. We will be using exclusive footage from the new movie The Shack, to inspire our conversation at Lifetree Café-North.   Recent surveys show that 90 percent of Americans say they believe in God, but there is little consensus on how or if God interacts with humanity. We'll examine different viewpoints people hold and how their views impact their lives. We will have the opportunity to discuss our own personal views of God and how they may have changed over time.

Financial Freedom: Practical Advice From a Man Who Had It All-and Lost It: March 16

Come explore practical strategies for overcoming debt and achieving financial independence at Lifetree Café-North. We will watch and discuss a filmed interview with Matt Bell, a financial advisor who learned money management partially due to a personal financial fiasco. "I was blind to what was happening to the money I had, and I was acclimated to the lifestyle I was leading," says Bell. "I literally woke up one day and I realized I was in trouble."

An Unsolved Mystery: Living With Life's Unanswered Questions: March 23

Come explore with friends an unsolved murder mystery at Lifetree Café-North. We will watch and discuss a filmed interview with Gary McMahan, an eye witness to an actual unsolved killing that occurred on the plains of northeastern Colorado. "You spend your life out there, and you can explain almost everything that goes on," says McMahan. "I have no idea what happened." We will have the opportunity to discuss our own theories about who or what committed the unsolved crime.

Unlocking the Mystery of Music: New Findings on How Music Heals and Relieves: March 30

The power of music to affect our moods, enhance our mental state, and aid in our physical wellbeing will be explored.  We will watch and discuss a filmed interview with Sarah Johnson, a neurologic music therapist. "The power of music does come on many different levels, and it's probably different for every person," Johnson says. "It grabs our attention and is a very motivating stimulus to listen to." And we will have the opportunity to discuss how music can help them accomplish personal goals.

Congregational Meeting: March 19

Your Board of Trustees has called a congregational meeting for after worship on March 19, for the purpose of electing new leadership and receiving annual reports.

The Nominating Committee is submitting the following two names for the two opening positions on the Board of Trustees:
Brad Bushman
Molly Watson

The Nominating Committee is submitting the following three names for the three opening positions on the Nominating Committee:
Becky Gentry
Nathan Morse
Spencer Hickey

Brad J. Bushman was born and raised in the LDS church. As an undergraduate student, his advisor was a Unitarian Universalist (UU). At that time, he decided that if he ever left the LDS church he would also become a UU. That time came in December 2014, and he has never looked back. He left the LDS church because it discriminates against LGBTQ+ individuals and females, in the same way that it discriminated against Black people until 1978. Leaving was not easy, however, because he is directly related to Brigham Young, and his entire family and many friends are LDS. His favorite UU principle is: "The inherent worth and dignity of every person." Professionally, he is a professor of communication and psychology at The Ohio State University. Previously, he was a professor at Iowa State University (1990-2003) and at the University of Michigan (2003-2010). For over 30 years he has studied aggression and violence. He hopes his research will help make the world a more peaceful place.

Molly Watson and her husband Brent started attending NUUC in the fall of 2010. They officially joined the congregation and choir in spring of 2011. Molly is originally from the Jersey Shore, but has been in Ohio since college days. Formerly a video producer, Molly now does customer support for an online client management system. Additionally, she and Brent have a lavender farm, which is expanding to include aquaponics (fish and vegetables) and cut flowers. They have 2 adult children: Isaac, who is currently in Okinawa with the Air Force and Elena, who is finishing her Masters Degree in Forensic Anthropology at Michigan State. They have a black Lab mix, named Kinch (after Sergeant Kinchloe in "Hogan's Heroes"). Molly enjoys NUUC choir, Westerville Concert Band, and frequent theater activities at Curtain Players.

Biographies of the Nominating Committee will be heard at the meeting on March 19.

Service Auction Coming Soon

The 2017 Service Auction, set for the evening of April 8 at 6 PM, is going to be out of this world! Well, of course it is, with the outer space theme "A Night in the UUniverse." Please plan to come and enjoy a galaxy of decorations and "space-oriented" foods. Children are sure to love face painting, a "Cosmic Creations" craft booth, and game booths: "Rings of Saturn & Space Pods" and glow-in-the-dark "Space Spin" - with prizes! And families will enjoy getting their pictures taken at the space picture booth in a space suit or with aliens.

The main events of the Service Auction will be the exciting live, silent, and theme basket auctions, and the childrens' raffle auction. Most of the items for the children's raffle auction will have a space motif. Fun!

The Service Auction Planning Team (also known as your "Service Auction Magic Makers" - the SAMMs) request your donation forms by Mon. March 6, and we REALLY need donations. It is the goods and services you all offer and then provide that make this annual fund-raiser a success. Dinners are always a favorite. People also enjoy game nights and help with housework, gardening, canning.... You name it, someone would appreciate help with it. In addition, you might consider donating a quilt, artwork, food, or a theme basket. Whatever your interest or skill, it can become a donation for the Service Auction, and it would be so very much appreciated!

The service auction is our primary fund-raiser at NUUC. Last year we raised $7,886 and this year we hope to raise $8,000. Buying something at the service auction is a great way to support NUUC and still get something in return. In addition, the service auction is not only fun for one evening, but also provides opportunities for year-round community and comradery as people gather for dinners and do services for each other. So, please attend, and consider donating items for the auctions.

To submit your donation, you can use either the online All-In-0ne Donation/Volunteer Form found at or by using the paper donation form available in Fellowship Hall. Also, at this weblink, you can see previous catalogs, FAQ, and other service auction info.

For questions about your donation, contact Chris Aultman ( or 614-365-0944), who is working on the service auction catalog. Or, you can talk to one of the Service Auction Magic Makers, who are Dee Burlison, Lynn Foreman, Marty Keith, Trina Timson, Brad Bushman, Jan Bourke, and Bob Keith (chair).

With your help, let's make this the best service auction ever. Get ready for "A Night in the UUniverse!"

Social Justice News

PROJECT LINUS: Project Linus began in 1995 after Karen Loucks saw an article in Parade Magazine about a little girl who was comforted through her chemotherapy treatment by her blanket. Karen and some of her friends began making blankets and donating them to children at the local cancer care center. Since then, Project Linus has given over 6,300,000 blankets to children worldwide in a variety of stressful situations. Their name is taken from the Peanuts character that is never without a blanket of his own. During February and March, Brad Bushman will coordinate an effort by NUUC "blanketeers." You will have the opportunity to provide new, handmade, washable blankets to be given as gifts to seriously ill and traumatized children, ages 0-18. All blanket styles are welcome, including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets in child-friendly colors. Don't sew? You can order a no-sew blanket from the Project Linus webpage. Don't want to make a blanket? Please write a check to NUUC and write "Project Linus" on the memo line of the check. Our Loose Change Offering on March 12th will be donated to Project Linus. This year, some of the Horizon women at the Ohio Reformatory for Women will be making blankets to add to those made by our congregation. For more information, see the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall, visit the Project Linus website Project Linus or contact Brad Bushman at or 740-548-0278.

FROM HARM TO HEALING: MASS INCARCERATION AND RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: Attend UUJO Central Ohio Regional conference on Saturday, March 25th from 10 AM to 4 PM at First UU, 93 W. Weisheimer Road, Columbus 43214. For more information go to the UU Justice Ohio website or Facebook page. See the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall for a schedule of speakers.

UUJO MATCHING GRANT DONATIONS: In uncertain times like these, organizations like UU Justice Ohio (UUJO) need your help more than ever to provide a voice for the marginalized and dispossessed. UUJO is currently raising funds against a $5,000 matching grant from the UU Funding Program. Contributions from new donors and increased contributions from previous donors (must exceed last year's contribution level) will be DOUBLED, up to the matching limit. Please help UUJO to make a difference.

INTERFAITH ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL OHIO: The Turkish American Society of Ohio (TASO) and Islamic Society of Greater Ohio (ISGO) are having a Bake Sale to benefit Horizon Prison Initiative on March 19, 2017 11 AM - 3 Pm at TASO, 2885 W. Dublin Granville Road, Columbus 43235.

INTERFAITH MARCH FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE: Initiated by the Safe Alliance of Interfaith Leaders (SAIL) and sponsored by the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio (IACO), the Interfaith March for Peace and Justice is designed to show support for the interfaith community throughout Ohio. "We gather as an interfaith community recognizing that all faiths, ethnicities, and races are welcome in our city as our Constitution demands. We call for harmony in our communities and an end to crimes of hate." This march will take place on Sunday, April 2nd at 1:30 PM, beginning at Genoa Park behind COSI and ending in the park at 145 S. Front Street next to the Ohio Supreme Court Building.

REPURPOSING PLASTIC BAGS: Sometimes we forget to bring our reusable bags to the store and end up with plastic bags. Now you can donate your plastic bags to the Ohio Reformatory for Women where inmates are making sleeping mats for homeless people. To make the mats, inmates cut the bags into strips, link those strips into circles, then roll them into a yarn-like ball. They knit the strips into chains, and then link all the chains together. It can take up to 90 hours and 600 to 800 bags to complete a mat. The Vineyard, a Columbus church, distributes the mats to homeless people living in camps through its urban ministry program. Crocheting the mats gives the women purpose and meaningful activity by teaching them they can take care of someone else and the Earth. You can leave your plastic bags in the designated bin next to the office in Fellowship Hall.

DONATING YARN AND SCRAPS OF MATERIAL FOR PROJECT LINUS: Some of the women in Horizon are working on service projects including knitting or crocheting items for charitable groups or making quilts. One of their projects will be to make blankets for NUUC's Project Linus. They greatly appreciate donations of yarn, scraps of material, or patterns that you no longer need.

UUSC FAIR TRADE COFFEE: Shop for delicious Fair Trade coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate after the service on March 12, 2017. Your purchase of Fair Trade products means that workers along the supply chain are provided a living wage. The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) supports a number of worker-owned, local producers who are in danger of being replaced with multinational corporations that have little respect for workers' rights. Making consumer choices that are aligned with our UU Principles is one way to help create a more just world community.

Adult Enrichment Programs

The newest opportunity at the North Unitarian Universalist Congregation for adult enrichment is the up-coming "Meet and Eat" dinners, planned from late March/early April through June. Currently, Marty Keith has a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall to explore interest and people's most convenient time frames, and to see who is willing to host a dinner. Usually, six to eight individuals attend a dinner. The host provides only the entree; guests bring side dishes or a dessert. When these social events were held a few years ago, each meal was a well-coordinated success and a great deal of fun, so of course we want to do them again!

Also, NUUC's Women's Group has had two sessions and one Sunday lunch outing. March's evening meeting, at the church, will be Friday, the 24th, at 6:30. We will "do" lunch again on the 26th. Usually, meetings are set for the third week of the month on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday on a rotating basis, so that everyone interested has a chance to attend. Lunches are planned for fourth Sundays. March's topic is "Journeys," and Marty Keith has the materials. Anyone identifying as a woman is welcome!
"Mindful Writing" continues. We writers meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 in Fellowship Hall, bringing our prose and poetry on various subjects. If you like to write, please join us.

Treasurer Diane Conley's Report

For the month of January 2017:

Roots & Wings balance as of Jan 31, 2017....$19,365.00
January Loose Change Collection - Deaf Dogs Rock.....$132.16
Holiday Family (Horizon Prison Initiative)...$841.95

Financial Snapshot:

Pledges and Other Revenues
Actual:  32,971.82
January Budget: 17,919.17
Difference:  15,052.65

Actual: 14,004.53
January Budget:  15,377.20
Difference:  1,372.67

Net Income (Loss)
Actual: 18,967.29
January Budget:  2,541.97
Difference:  16,425.32

January is off to a great start! We have collected 20% of the total pledges for 2017. Expenses are on target with no surprises. If you have any questions about the financials, please send an email to