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On Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 9:00 a.m., I conducted a "Live Session" on testing via Facebook
in the group "Missouri Court Reporting Students". Due to the loss of many of the brick and mortar
schools, we have to reach out to students, and in this case, also test applicants. Live sessions are a great
way to reach out.
Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the live session later that day, and so it's no longer available on
the group page. I hate it when that happens! BUT, if anyone that missed the live session is interested, I
can send you my outline, which I didn't follow exactly through the session, but I hit on my points on
my outline. Feel free to contact me, and I will send you the outline!
I decided to conduct this live session, mainly because in my years on the CCR Board, I see problem
areas for applicants. Things as wrong steno machine placement, applicants not familiar with their
equipment, applicants bringing equipment to the test site that isn't in good working order, and many
applicants are making the same mistakes over and over again. I gave the viewers on the live session
some practice tips, though as I told them in the session, different things work for different people.
Everyone has to figure out the type of practice that works for them.
I strongly recommend that test applicants, no matter what test you may be taking, RPR, CCR, even
school tests, you need to take a five-minute "test" at the end of your practice, transcribe it and grade it.
It's the only way you will see what mistakes you consistently make, and also where your weak areas
are. It also helps in fine-tuning your transcription skills in the allotted time allowed on testing.
Many applicants don't fail testing because of drops, but many fail because of not transcribing
properly. When you "grade" your "test" during your practice, I promise you, you will find your weak
areas, and then you can work on those. DO NOT rely on spell check solely. Proofread very
I also strongly suggested to those who viewed the live session to not hang with negative people on
test day. They will drag you down with them. Be well hydrated, rested and don't over practice on test
day. Wow, some of these applicants I have seen over the years, spend an hour or more in the
transcription room practicing prior to taking their certification test. By all means, warm up, but if you
haven't reached 225 wpm prior to your arrival at the test site, you surely will not achieve it an hour
before testing. Warm up, make sure all equipment is running properly and then relax as much as you
can. Maybe take a short walk around the hotel parking lot - fresh air! Breath! Have some orange
juice and/or water. Don't drink too much coffee where you are jittery. We provide pastries and fruit.
Eat something, it will be good for your system.