Nikola News

Issue 57
Mar 2017

Many thanks to this month's model Laurie Coughlin

I love adventures.  They can be as simple as finding an exotic ingredient at the grocery store or as complex as moving with 2 young children to an island in the Caribbean.  Every experience changes you for the better, if you let it.

There is a freedom in living in a warm climate.  There is never a need to stop to put on a coat and boots, and relationships reflect that quality by being much closer.  I loved the turquoise water, the lush green vegetation and the smell of the tropics.  I had coconut, lime and avocado trees in my back yard! I used to say "I never want to see snow again".  

Four years ago my husband accepted a job in Calgary and I learned to never say never!

I have now embarked on a new adventure in Calgary that has brought many changes. I love the vast openness of the prairie and the big sky.  I love the mountains and the smell of the pine trees. I love the sparkle of the snow on a sunny winter day.  I remember when my 16 year old daughter saw snow for the time.  She said "Mom, the snow really looks like a crystal snow flake!"

Moving to Calgary brought the opportunity to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher.  I started practicing this style of yoga on the island in a plantation carriage house open to the outside (as shown in the picture above).  I continued to practice when I moved to Calgary and took my teacher training in Camrose 2 years ago.

I met Sonja during a class break in Canmore; walking in nature.  She left an impression on me as someone who cared for the environment and other human beings and supported both with her choice of clothing in her retail stores.  

I look forward to many more adventures in the future!

If you are interested in learning more about Kundalini yoga or would like to take a class, I can be reached at  lconlylove9@gmail.com.


The new Grizas collection is now in store.  Linen shirt also available in Grey.  Linen pants new line from Italy also available in light grey.

A new line from Europe.  Jewellery is Soma Mo. 




Grizas Linen Jacket and Capri.

Grizas Linen Tunic also available in Pale Pink. Scarf is Fraas.


Soma Mo Necklace;  Linen Dress/Tunic is Grizas. Dress also available in Grey.

Tunic new line from Italy.  


Bhawana Clark necklace.  


Cut Loose Swing Coat, Italian Tunic and Pant, Soma Mo Jewellery.


Grizas Jacket, Cut Loose Tunic and Amber Necklaces.


Grizas Linen Tunic also available in Black and Teal. Soma Mo Necklace. 

Chalet Linen Tunic, Bhawana Clark Necklace.

Cut Loose Linen Dress, also available in Navy, White and Cream.  Fraas Scarf.

Bev Original Silk Kimono. Cut Loose silk/linen Capri. Capri also available in Navy and Stone.

Silk/ Linen Tunic, Skirt and Jacket.

Bryn Walker Jacket, and Tunic, Fraas Linen Scarf. Soma Mo Necklace.

Silk Grizas Dress/Tunic.  Also available in Grey.



Some of the new Soma Mo jewellery.



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 Yogi Bhajan

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 Yogi Bhajan


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