March 2017

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2017 Board Members
Robbie Maples - President
Cunningham Lindsey

Marilyn Roberts - Vice President

Bill Cartwright - Treasurer
Eagle Adjustment Services

Bob Murner - Secretary

Brian Richey - Asst. Secretary/Treasury
Executive Board
Lawson Thompson - Past President
Rick Brown - York

Robbie Arnold - McLarens

Griffin Rogers - Crawford & Company
Gwendy Schulte - OneBeacon Insurance

John Southall - Historian
FM Global - retired
Joseph Hunnius- 
Financial Advisor
Matson Driscoll & Damico
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 Schedule of Events


03/09/17 - March luncheon


04/20/17 - Spring Golf Outing


05/11/17 - May Luncheon



President's Message
"SPRING is a time to find out where you are, who you are, and move toward where you are going." Penelope Trunk - American Businesswomen, author, and blogger.
Our weather lately has been a little crazy, but Spring is right around the corner. For those of you that don't rely solely on your electronic devices - don't forget to change your clocks this weekend! Longer days somehow make us feel like we can get more done - and nothing is different with the Southern Loss Association.  Your Board has been very busy with many moving parts to continue to provide quality Continuing Education sessions and are working to provide more exciting events to attend as well.
We enjoyed seeing everyone at our last luncheon. Although mold is not the ideal topic during lunch, it is always a pleasure to have Young and Associate's Dr. Dan share his knowledge with us!  In all seriousness, we are thankful to have a co-author of a portion of the IICRC standards speak during February's luncheon. As adjusters, we need to better understand the science behind drying out water-damaged buildings - to not only reduce un-needed equipment, but also to recommend more if it will achieve a more desirable result. Many thanks to his firm for their February sponsorship as well.
We can confirm that we will have some updates to the SLA website  this month. We are working to generate a central location for all of our industry events. The website design has begun and when it is complete, we will begin posting other local events on our calendar to 1) cross promote our other local organizations (2) to aide in our planning efforts for our own events and (3) to create a product that we can all use to know what local education and networking opportunities are available.
As a reminder, we will not have a luncheon next month as the 2017 Larry Hart Memorial Spring Golf and Tennis Outing will be held at Chateau Elan Golf Club on Thursday, April 20, 2017.  If you have not already done so, get your teams registered so you don't miss out and be sure to contact us for available sponsorships before the best ones are gone!
Kind Regards,
Robbie Maples

Join us for the March Luncheon

Thursday, March 9th

The Diner at North Point


Our speaker this month will be Blair Sperry of Full Circle Restoration.  The topic of his presentation is  "What To Do With All This Messed Up Stuff - Introduction to Contents Manipulaton."



 A special thanks to our March Luncheon Sponsor.



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The 2017 Larry Hart Memorial
Spring Golf and Tennis Outing
 Thursday, April 20, 2017
Chateau Elan Resort

Registration begins at 10:00 AM; Golf begins at 11:30 AM
Tennis begins at 1:00 PM; Dinner begins a 6:00 PM
Fees are as follows:
  Golf & Dinner       $125
Tennis & Dinner    $ 65
Dinner (per person) $ 45     

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                Welcome to New Members

We'd like to congratulate all of the new members to our organization:


Full Membership:

Patricia Farve - Crawford and Company

Allen Mullins - AS&G


Associate Membership:

Matthew Allen - Chad Foster & Associates 

Brian Harris - ZAP Consulting

Bret Kittle - Donan

Timothy Stewart - EFI Global


Honorary Member:

Sumbul Babar - 2017 President of CPCU  

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By Ernie St. Pierre, LSG, Technical Consultant
To ensure a water heating and/or cooling system operates and functions properly over its lifetime, the water that circulates within the system must be monitored for its condition.  The condition of the water plays an extremely important role in the life of a system.  If the water is not treated to within the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer and maintained properly, the system can and will often suffer severe damages as early as in the first year of operation.
Boiler specific failures resulting from untreated water include overheating, failure to produce sufficient hot water or steam, lower flow rates, severe internal corrosion and an increase in fuel consumption.  Cooling tower specific failures may result in freezing, internal corrosion, a buildup of minerals and contaminants, and premature failures.
Untreated Water:
Untreated water, even that which is supplied to a facility by the local municipal water provider, can contain dissolved solids which can and will cause scale deposits on the heat transfer surfaces of the system.  Dissolved solids that create scale will collect on the watersides of the boiler or heat transfer surfaces inside the system leading to inefficient operation and/or failures.  The scale also reduces the flow areas within the system, which increases the pressure drop and results in low volume and potential downstream equipment failure. 
In both hot water and steam systems within boilers, the water that is being fed contains dissolved gases, including two (2) common damaging gases (carbon dioxide and oxygen).  These gases commonly react within the watersides of a boiler and cause corrosion of the system's internals.  These reactions occur within the interior of the boiler's waterside and are not visible externally.  When these gases are not removed from the feed water and are thus allowed to enter the system, they will cause corrosion, which can permeate the interior and cause leaks.  Typically, when internal corrosion occurs, one suffers a catastrophic failure of the vessel and a complete system replacement is required.
Several other impurities within boiler feed or cooling tower feed water include chlorides, magnesium, sulfates, sodium and calcium bicarbonate.  All of these impurities combine to form what is known as hardness of the water.  If deposits of calcium and magnesium go untreated they will coat a heat transfer surface internally and block the flow within tubes and pipes.  Over time, and depending on the level of impurities, a tube as large as two inches could become restricted to an opening as small as three-quarters of an inch.
Water Treatment:
Typically, manufacturers prescribe the allowable water conditions a piece of equipment is designed to operate within.  Many manufacturers will exclude a warranty for a leaking vessel if proof of water conditions cannot be provided.  Therefore, water testing should be performed by companies familiar with the standards specifically set forth by boiler manufacturers, as these requirements will typically be different than residential water conditioners found in homes.
Both residential and commercial systems are vulnerable to water conditions and manufacturers of residential boilers are now addressing water quality before a warranty is provided.
Cooling Towers and Chillers:
Cooling towers and chillers can also be affected by poor water conditions.  Cooling towers can be breeding areas for airborne illnesses unless the water is tested and treated to prevent harmful bacteria growth.  Extensive water testing must be performed periodically to ensure that the guidelines set forth by the equipment manufacturer are adhered to.  Whenever water is added to a system or replaced in an HVAC system the condition of the water should be tested to assure it is within the guidelines set forth.
For more information about this topic, please contact Ernie St. Pierre, LSG Technical Consultant, to discuss Boiler System Water Quality or any other HVAC/Mechanical matter at 866.899.8756 ext. 712 or write to him at
This newsletter is a publication of Southern Loss Association, Inc., P.O. Box 421564, Atlanta, GA 30342. The articles written in the newsletter are in a general format and are not intended to be legal advice applicable to any specific circumstances. Legal opinions may vary when based on subtle factual differences. All rights reserved. 
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