Phoenix Beakin'                                   March 2017

March Events
   March 5th: Cary, NC
        The Contented Companion
   March 18th: Fairfax, VA 
         The Contented Companion
   March 18th: Alexander, NC
       Build a Better Birdie Body

 Picasso, Green Cheek Conure
ADOPTABLE BIRDS ~  Please Consider Adoption
2,681 Birds Helped To-Date, 105 Currently In Foster
120 Others Still Waiting for Our Help!!
Phoenix Landing is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization. It was established to promote and protect the welfare of parrots through adoption, education and conservation. Almost every bird, from the smallest to the largest, from the most loved to the most neglected, will need a new home someday. Probably a succession of homes. People's lives change, often unexpectedly. One day your bird may need a good new home too.  Click here to learn more about our adoption program  
SINBAD, Yellow Nape Amazon
MAGGIE, Umbrella Cockatoo
SIDNEY, Ringneck

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Our Wish List
* For the The Landing: electric tea kettle for our education room; 39 gallon trash bags; and help making toys on skewers.

* Other ways to help: become a member; use our  for shopping (better than Amazon Smile!!); make a monthly pledge; and shop with us at

Ozzie learning to step onto a wood perch
for transport

"Step-Up" Workshops, 2017 Schedule
May 5-7 and September 22-24 (advanced)
Are you interested in hands-on training and more intense parrot care discussions? Our popular Step-Up workshops in Asheville, NC are designed to give people an abundance of information about parrot care, from behavior and health, to nutrition and enrichment. In addition to discussions and lectures, there are extended hands-on training sessions, cooking and the opportunity to discuss issues of specific importance to you.  Limited to 4 - 6 participants.    

Recent Articles of Interest

Some insightful new articles by Dr. Susan Orosz:

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* The geriatric parrot  Click here
* How to deter breeding behavior   Click here
The Phoenix Landing Foundation is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization.  
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