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March  2018
A Note from The FILCO Executive Team:
Today, as health care cost are rising, employers are frequently passing these increased cost down to the employees.  "The employer-sponsored arrangement once meant to strengthen worker benefits, pool together risk to keep costs down, and shield workers from volatile health care spending - is today failing on all three fronts.  Today, the average worker covered through his/her employer pays more out of their own pocket for health insurance each year for plans with higher out of pocket costs for services.  What's worse, rising health care costs have been a hidden driver of stagnant wage growth for most Americans across the last three decades.  Worker productivity has been growing, which would normally translate into increased wages.  But most of this increase has been applied to pay for increasingly expensive health care benefits, rather than returned to workers pay. Oscar Health has examined these issues and developed some viable solutions to help combat this downward trend, primarily through integrating their technology into resolving client issues.  Click here for Oscar's "deep dive" article which explores the current health care problem and their proposed solutions.  

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Empire BC/BS
Insperity Golf Opportunity 
 Senior Care

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Carrier Highlights 

Empire BCBS:
If you have not already aware, Empire BCBS has changed underwriting requirements, that will take effect for April 1, 2018.  Small group eligibility rule now states clearly that at least one common law  employee  (W2) must enroll into medical coverage in order to qualify for small group health insurance. 

UnitedHealthcare and Oxford:
Do you have your Optum ID and login set up?  If you have not already done so, you will need to set a login up at, the new login will allow for increase security and recovery if needed.

Having challenges finding the right fit for your CareConnect clients?  See attached document of 2nd Quarter rates and Oxford compatible plans.

Oscar has simplify switching  health carriers, for existing CareConnect clients, view the 2nd quarter plan-mapping to see where your clients match up with the different Oscar options. 

Did you know AmeriHealth NJ offers a College Tuition Benefit as an value-added benefit.  This is an excellent selling point for you as their Broker to show your clients so they can highlight this to their employees!

Have you registered for CIGNA's 2018 Incentive programs?  Click on the link to the incentive toolkit which has both descriptions of both new business and client retention incentive programs and how you can register to start taking advantage of the program.

Fast Track ERISA small group product:  Fast Track is for your small group clients under 50 lives.  
PrimePay Simplifying your tough HR questions 

PEO Opportunity 

Here's a RARE opportunity to play like a PRO on one of the most prestigious golf course in the world! Insperity PEO is inviting a few select FILCO Brokers to join them in a simulated environment where you can play golf and learn about Insperity PEO.  Best of all, you won't have to take a full day off of work or travel very far, this opportunity is taking place right in NYC!  Are you interested?  There are only 4 spots OPEN so reach out today to Colleen Visconti as soon as possible for the date/details! or 732-704-5079.

ADP is renewing their entire Total Source accounts on June 1st. Renewals are being released this month. Since ADP will charge clients a termination fee any time throughout the year, this is your ONLY opportunity to move this business without your client being penalized! Don't delay! Let's look at these cases now. 

Idilus offered a fantastic webinar on their new cost+ strategy that we believe will be a game-changer for our industry. If you missed it, please reach out to Colleen Visconti at or 732-704-5079 for more information.

Specialty  Update

Time to take a second look at Ameritas!
  • Flat 10% broker compensation
  • 7.5% rate cap on the first renewal
  • Dental and vision combined into 1 plan with Fusion. Fusion allows a member to use up to $150 of their annual maximum towards the cost of eye exams and materials.
  • Extensive PPO network with over 19,000 access points in NY and over 12,000 access points in NJ
 FILCO Specialty Team
Andrew Guarini: 732-704-5081 | Christa Wilson: 732-704-5074

Senior Care Update

Senior Care Update
New Medicare Cards are on the Way!
Medicare recipients are getting a new Medicare card soon. Due to issues with fraud and identity theft, the government is removing Social Security numbers from the current Medicare cards and replacing them with a new unique ID number which will only be used for their Medicare coverage. The mailing will start in April of 2018 and run through 2019. Everyone's cards will come at different times and it does not change their coverage or benefits. As an agent, this is great news because now you do not have to collect their Social Security number with an application.

Supplemental vs. Advantage, What to Consider:
This year many higher than average wage earners saw a spike in the cost of their Medicare Part B premium and Part D income related surcharge. Those clients who were typically opting for a Medicare Supplement plan may want to look into a lower cost Advantage plan to save on the premium outlay. There are zero and low cost Advantage plans out there that might be the perfect option for your 65 year old high wage earner client. People are looking for ways to save when they stop working, make sure you are talking about Advantage plans. In many cases, the client is already accustomed to a group plan with a doctor/hospital network and co-pays for services so Advantage can be a good fit.  If you aren't presenting them with some varied options, you can be sure that another Medicare agent will. 
Now is the time to get appointed to sell Medicare, contact one of our Medicare specialists to assist your client and earn a referral fee.
FILCO Senior Care Team
Cheryl Dickscheid:(646) 658-6921 |Michael Friedman:(347) 738-6846 | Howard Roth:(646) 658-6915


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