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I turned 60 a couple of days ago. I honestly don't know where the time has gone. As I was approaching this huge milestone, I had to think about how I was going to handle the big 6 OH. At first, I was disappointed that I hadn't done all of the things I wanted to do up until now, and then I reflected on what I have accomplished so far. The best thing I ever did was to be a mom. Being the mom of 2 strong individuals who want to live their best lives, is an amazing gift.

It is such an honour to work with so many men and women around the world who have grown and transformed their relationships with themselves and others, by choosing me to work with.

When I was 16, I never thought I would make it to 40, when I was in my 40's, I wondered if I would survive my lung operation. When I turned 50, I celebrated absolutely everything. They say that 60 is the new 50. Bring it. In fact, I thi I am more ready to love, live the life I love and give my best to those who touch my life than ever before. There is so much more to do.

I thank you and appreciate you for being in my life, and continuing to give me the best of YOU. As the clock keeps ticking so do I, by reminding people of who they are when they have forgotten and coaching them to have better relationships by raising their self esteem. It's a great life.

So in honour of my birthday, I am offering you a 10% discount for any of my prepaid packages, if you purchase before March 31, 2018. To find out more, email me at for more or book a session by clicking the link below.

(This offer only applies to my phone sessions.)

May you be blessed today and always.
Love Caterina

We have something new for you. New Coaching Packages.

I am currently offering In Person Packages in the following areas:

In Person Packages and Sessions now available in the following areas:

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7 Tips for Cultivating Positive Thinking Habits

The number of ways to turn your negative thinking around is practically limitless. There truly are tons of little tricks you can employ to turn self-criticism or negativity around. However, thinking of such tactics and using them when you're feeling down can be a real challenge. Fortunately, you're not on your own here. These seven tips for cultivating positive thinking habits can be your guide to begin a practice of productive vision to guide your life. Your relationships will change, your productivity will increase, and you will be much happier as a result.

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are a wonderful practice for cultivating positivity in your life. An affirmation is simply a positive statement. When you say affirming things to yourself, you eventually begin to believe them. These simple, concise sentences are incredibly powerful and can quickly turn your thinking around when you need a boost. It's best to be very general when creating affirmations. What I mean by that, is that instead of saying "I am healthy", when you are not,", say something like "I love creating opportunities for my body to heal". Being too specific when creating daily affirmations, sometimes backfires, because if it isn't so at this time, you will not enjoy the journey as much as being in anticipation of what is to come.

Engage in an Activity You Love

If youíre feeling stuck in a pool of negative thoughts, one sure way to push them aside is to engage in something you enjoy. By physically changing your location, routines and activity, you can shift your mindset. It 's hard to be a Debbie Downer, when you're having fun. So grab that book you've wanted to read or head to the nearest ice cream shop for a sweet pick-me-up, the beach or find a grove of trees, and breathe in nature. 

Surround Yourself with Good Vibes

Hanging out with upbeat people is a sure way to chase away the blues. Your friends are usually a good source of perspective. They are likely to tell you good things. They'll also tell you the truth. After all, they know your personality, and they wouldn't hang out with you didn't have good qualities in your personality. Spending time with happy people is also likely to spread that positivity to you. Happiness is contagious, you know?


Yes, seriously. Just smile. That is all you have to do. Our brains are wired to recognize this universal symbol as a sign of happiness. If you are able to plaster a smile on your face as you go through your day, your mood may soon follow its lead. It may seem silly or simple, but it works. 

Help Someone Out

Instead of focusing on your own difficult situation or problem, why not consider ways you could help someone else? Stepping out of yourself allows you to forget your troubles for a while, and doing something nice generates all kinds of feel-good chemicals in your brain. You'll probably also gain perspective on life and strengthen a new friendship. 

Walk Tall

Another way to trick your mind into being more positive is to change your posture. When you are down, your body usually reflects that through slumping or slouching. If you stand tall with your chin up instead, you will instantly feel more confident. Stride through your day with a spring in your step and watch your mood change. It really works. 

Take a Humour Break

As with other strategies, actually removing yourself from one situation and moving to another can be quite useful. When you're indulging in pessimism and need to break, find some humor. Even just a half hour television comedy can be the best medicine. Better yet, finding funny friends to cheer you up is always a good idea. 

Give any of these seven tips for cultivating positive thinking a try. You'll never know what a difference they can make until you give them a shot. 

With love and blessings,

Caterina's gentle guidance began for me long before I ever formally worked with her in a coaching capacity. I can personally attest to her strength as a guide who helps you to determine your best path. The path is always there; Caterina helps you to clear away the muck so that you can see it for yourself. Our formal coaching sessions commenced nearly 10 years after we first met, during a time where I was struggling with self-confidence and anxiety as many good things in the present and painful emotions from my past seemed to collide. Caterina provided me with the tools that resonated with me in order to help me understand how to manage this. Through powerful visualization techniques, journalling prompts and meaningful conversations, I was able to lift myself out of a cycle of anxiety and learn tools to halt those that might emerge in the future. Thank you Caterina. I feel much stronger in myself today and am more graceful with those that I love then I did prior to us initiating our coaching relationship.
AR - Calgary, AB

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Our 4th Annual Huggathon was an amazing success. This year we hit a new milestone in the amount of hugs we gave out. We hugged over 300 people on February 11, 2018 in Fort Langley, British Columbia. Some were reluctant to hug, and thats ok. Some needed a hug so badly it almost hurt. Some ran towards us as we opened our arms. I started this event 4 years ago, and I know I speak for my team today, when I say that we are so blessed to hug those who need it the most, every year around Valentines Day. Know someone who needs a hug? Get out there and hug them. It may change them.
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June 22-24, 2018
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