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March 2018
Only $119 for two action-packed days with our guest speakers.
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March 3rd
Springfield, VA
Dr. Leo Douglas
Birds Caribbean
March 4th
Rockville, MD
Let's Talk Behavior
March 17th
Alexander, NC
Vanessa Horton
Gardening Made Easy,  Sow True Seeds
March 24th
Fairfax, VA
The Contented Companion
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March 3rd, Dr. Leo Douglas
Springfield, VA
Let's talk about the parrots and birds of the Caribbean. Leo Douglas is the immediate past President of BirdsCaribbean. He is dedicated to educating Caribbean citizens about the beauty and value of their wild parrot populations. "It's up to all of us to be good stewards of our environment so that our invaluable natural heritage is preserved for all Caribbean people to enjoy ." 
Are Instant Pots Safe for Birds?
It is widely known that PTFE is dangerous to birds, and commonly found in some kitchen products. Michelle Underhill wrote the company to find out if the popular Instant Pots might be a problem for our parrots.  Read the Blog Post Here
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
Almost every bird will need more than one home. Sometimes it is because people have not taken time to understand how to live successfully with a parrot; but most often it is simply because our lives change. It's no ones fault, it's just what needs to happen. So it is really important that we promote adoption as a positive way to find a bird companion.  To l earn more about our process go to
LUCKY  is a  23 year old male sulphur crested cockatoo, adopted 10 years ago through Phoenix Landing to a Maryland family. Lucky is now ready for more good luck and a new family. He likes his fruits and veggies, quinoa, eggs and pellets.  He enjoys showering on his shower perch or with a mist bottle - that certainly helps keep dander to a minimum for us too! Lucky needs to find his next home soon.
LOVEBIRDS  Four peach faced lovebirds originally came from a Maryland shelter, so their age is unknown. They were adopted in 2010 and now need their next home. One of them has been unwelcome by the other three, so he needs a separate cage or home. Do you enjoy the chirps of the smaller birds?
HARLEY  is a 7 year old female Harlequin macaw. Like many other macaws, she has been waiting to enter our adoption program for several years. Her family cared for her, but like many situations, found they could not give her enough time and attention. She came with a 64" wide cage, which is really great for all macaws! As you can see she has feather destructive behaviors. Sometimes this can be remedied with food, enrichment, space, knowledge about behavior, or medical issues.  Other times, we never figure it out and we have to love them anyway!   Of her 8 toes, she only has 2 still with toenails. 
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Help Parrots While Planning Your Spring Garden
This is our favorite company for organic, heirloom, and non-GMO vegetable, herb and flower seeds! Their seed packet donations help us grow food for the birds at The Landing every year, for which we are extremely grateful.

If you buy seeds before May 31st and use our unique code (PLF3995), Sow True Seed will donate 25% of your purchase to Phoenix Landing. Wow! Good food, good gardens, good benefits; and we can absolutely vouch for the healthy quality of Sow True Seeds.   You can shop online ( ) and at checkout use our code  (PLF3995), call 828-254-0708 to order, or go into the store at 243 Haywood St in Asheville.
Join us March 17th at The Landing to learn more about gardening
with Vanessa Horton from Sow True Seed.
2018 "Step-Up" Workshop Dates
           Button in the slot training
Our last 2018 workshop is August 10-12. This intensive 3-day event is designed to give people an abundance of information about parrot care,  from behavior and health, to nutrition and enrichment. In addition to lectures, there will be hands-on  training sessions, cooking classes, and time to discuss issues of specific importance to you. We will work with  the adoptable birds at the Phoenix Landing facility, so you can teach behavior, foraging and feeding new foods first hand. All of us can learn new things to improve our relationships with our parrots. Anyone with parakeets to macaws will benefit!  More information at:
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