Good Morning NWFMC Marketing Committee

Below, for your review and use, are the draft minutes from the March 8 meeting of the Marketing Committee for the Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council.  If you see anything I have in error or omitted, just let me know, however, I do ask you let me know this week, so I can edit and get on the website this weekend.  Also, I have included all those who registered to be included on the committee.  Some of you were not able to attend the first meeting, and I hope you will take a look at the minutes.  We sincerely hope you will let us know which of these initiatives you desire to be included.  We would like to set a date/time to get the various groups together by the end of the week (phone, email, or meeting) and get to work!

The following is a link to a Doodle Poll for selecting the best time for the meeting, please complete so we can lock in venue as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your time.  I know that everyone in that room on the 8th was donating time and it is appreciated!

Cindy Anderson, Executive Director
Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council


Marketing Committee Meeting | March 8, 2017

1:00– 3:00 CST

UWF, Ft Walton Beach Campus

Bldg 1 Room 126

1170 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Welcome:  Cindy Anderson, Executive Director Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council welcomed the below attendees:
Dee Setzer, Ft Walton Machining
Kati Touchstone, UWF
Jenny Hinely, UWF
Daniel Krug, UWF
Danita Andrews, Florida West
John McDaniel, ECSD
Rod Jaeger, Jaeger Education
Rob Henderson, Henderson Consulting
Therese Baker, FGNW
Debbie McMullian, CareerSource Florida
Steve Harrell, ECSD

Facilitation: Dee Setzer, Ft Walton Machining, Chair of Marketing Committee
  • Jenny and Dee discussed the need to have a scorecard as a model for developing marketing plans and tracking the impact.  Jenny’s was a condensed version of the document Dee had passed out that reminded the group of how to market to a non-profit.  It was asked that we continuously review these documents to ensure we stay on target and always be in a review mode to determine if our marketing initiatives are accomplishing our intended use.
  • Therese Baker discussed what FGNW is doing relative to marketing manufacturing in NWFL.  They have also determined that manufacturing is a target industry for them as they recruit new businesses into the region.
  • Danita Andrews also discussed the fact they were doing marketing for manufacturing as well for the western portion of NWFL for recruiting manufacturing.  It was also discussed that the NWFMC was focused on building the skilled workforce pipeline for our existing manufacturers, however, that by default served as an asset for those such as Florida West and FGNW as they recruited new manufacturing companies since the number one asset relocating companies looked for was talent.
  • Dee and Cindy placed the target marketing audiences on the wall for all to participate in thoughts for marketing and commitments from the group to research for the next meeting.  The audiences were; Career Changers, Parents/Students, Public awareness.  It was decided that the group as a whole would work on the various methods needed to accomplish the goals as opposed to breaking up into sub-committees.  Below is a synopsis of the information gathered from the Committee and will be used as we grow our strategies and tactics. 
  • With Jenny’s facilitation, it was agreed we need a short easy to remember tag/mission/elevator speech for the Council.  A common, frequently repeated statement.  The final recommendation that will go to the Board is:
“The NWFMC is building a talent pipeline for manufacturers in NWFL”

Community Awareness: Facebook, use of banners wherever possible, improve website to open with the opportunity to click to the various audiences (Community, Students/Parents, Educators, Members, etc.
Awards and Recognitions: (Nicole had offered to take ownership) CPT recipients
Students/Parents: The following were suggestions and those who offered to bring back research for next meeting
                  School team sponsorships - Dee
                  Social Media (Facebook, linked-in, etc.) – Cindy working with UWF (include on                           Website)
                  Career Pathways – Cindy/Kati include on website
                  Tours – Cindy include on website
                  Presentations – Cindy/Kati include on website and newsletters
                  WOP – Cindy/Kati include on website
                  Word of mouth
                  Recruitment of students – school districts with the NWFMC assistance
                   Promo Items – John to bring back research-shirts for students, mouse pads                                  for schools, pencils, sticky pads, 3-D key chains
                  Logo links - Dee to research
                  Postcards for events with bullets of opportunities, and infographics (need to                                     determine $$ to ask BOD)
                  3-D stuff – Dee to research
Next Meeting: Next Meeting will be scheduled for March