March 2016

My New Year - an Adventure in Awakening.

"My bags are packed, I'm ready to go................."  At 4.00am on 28th January, that was ME! I was 'leaving on a jet plane'. From Adelaide to Sydney to Los Angeles. I had long held a wish to attend the 'From a High Place' a week long class held annually at Sunrise Ranch the International Headquarters of the Emissaries in Colorado. I was on my way!

The trip to North America afforded me the opportunity to stop in Los Angeles and visit dear friends Maria Franco and Leandro Castro, a couple much loved by the wider Riverdell Community. They generously welcomed me into their home in Riverside CA.  (Eastern LA)  For a few days I became an honourary Californian. What a delightful time. Long invigorating walks along majestic, eucalypt lined avenues, with snow capped mountains as background, feasting on wonderful Mexican food-home cooked, - and evenings relaxing on the couch with an inspired range of movies. I was spoilt with a trip to Laguna Beach - where the chilly wind and rain did not dampen the fun of the day - , which included visits to a wide range of galleries, and a picnic on the cliff tops.  Thank you so much to Maria and Leandro.

Well rested, I flew on to Denver and caught the Shuttle to Sunrise Ranch. I arrived at midnight, just 2 days after a blizzard had dumped quite a volume of snow.  What a beautiful sight to awaken to next morning. I had a few days to settle in, and enjoyed participating in a lively workshop on Emotional Intelligence creatively led by Andrea Isaacs. It may have been cold outside, but we were enlivened and warm inside.
Mid afternoon, 7th Feb, we gathered for our "From a High Place" exploration. I felt deeply fortunate to join fellow explorers and our faculty - David Karchere, Jane Anetrini and Maureen Waller.

The goals for our time included - gaining a heavenly perspective on earthly events, positioning ourselves to profoundly understand the human experience, and to serve the human destiny. We looked at Bible stories and discovered new understanding about the symbolism used. We delved into the history of mankind, and shared stories of our own ancestry. We wrote poetry and blessings. Our faculty were masterful in creating a rich and sacred atmosphere in which awakening occurred. 

At times, my humanness struggled to stay in the room. My ego rebelled. When justification wanted to force its authority I knew I was not 'in the present'. Old assumptions had light shone on them and withered. The blessing I received was almost overwhelming. I was loved more than my ego, my stale identity, could compete with! Supporting this from a totally different perspective was a Youtube clip of the comedian Bob Newhart playing the role of a doctor, whose solution to every problem was to shout "Stop It"!!  (Click  here to watch clip). The message to those parts of me that wished to undermine and betray was heard - with a mixture and tears and laughter. I am full of gratitude and thankfulness for the container that was created, and the deep, rich blessings shared with fellow travelers.

Having completed the workshop I was fortunate to stay on for a few days of participation in a number of other aspects of life on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Thank you so much to all who live at Sunrise Ranch for caring for me in every way-delicious, nutritious food, clean, welcoming rooms, ever ready assistance and warm friendship. I send my love to you all.

Ruth French
Riverdell 2015 - 2016 Summertime Slide Show
Enjoy the wonderful slide show of Summertime fun at Riverdell including wonderful pictures of Ruth's time at Sunrise Ranch in Colorado.

Summertime at Riverdell

Awesome April!
If you are seeking to discover more about yourself, to embrace a fresh beginning in life or to simply be more present in day to day living, we have some great events to support you on this journey.

Stillpoint Meditation 
Alternate Wednesdays March 30th & April 13th. May 11th, 25th. June 8th, 22nd. July 6th.  9.30 - 11.00am  
Fee $7/session
Calm your mind & relax your inner being in a supportive group environment.
All welcome no prior experience necessary. Click  here for more details.

Yin Yoga
Alternate Wednesdays March 23rd and April 6th. May 4th and 18th. June 1st, 15th and 29th. 9.30 - 11.00am 
Fee $7/session
Find the Yin within. Slow down, relax and unwind with a yoga session dedicated to seated and reclined poses. Click here for more details.

Family Fun Event
Saturday April 16th 1 - 4:30pm  Fee $5.00 per person
An afternoon of all age fun - incorporating art & craft, reflexology & yoga activities - Plus afternoon tea. Contact the office for more details.

Drumming Workshop Event
Saturday 28 - 29th May. Time to be confirmed. Fee $90  Early Bird.  $70
A special time of ritual and drumming. this is an overnight event. Featuring the unique skills of Matthew Kuhn from Whitefeather drumming. Contact the office for more details.

Miracle of Silence 
Saturday June 18th 1 - 5pm.  Fee $40 Early Bird $20 by June 3rd.
Practising silence in a supportive group gives you an opportunity for re-connection with the 
Inner Self - That part which allows for deeper knowing of your internal truth. 
Click  for here more details.

Celebrating Earths Sacred Cycles - Winter Solstice 
Saturday June 18th beginning at 6pm. Fee: Donation appreciated 
A time of ritual and sacred celebration of the earths rhythms. Join us for this wonderful Winter celebration. Click here for more details.

Morning Tea 
Tuesday to Friday 11 - 11.30am 
Join us Tuesday to Fridays for an opportunity to relax and make connections. Kindly let us know if you will be attending. Click here for more details.

Experience the power of Attunement. A non-touch energy support technique. Please ring the office for bookings and appointment times. Like to know more about Attunement? Click here for details.
Poem of the Month
Among dawn 
 by  Vicki Edwards

Among dawn
Kookaburra cackles
waking tree.
snuggled worm feels earth's pulse
Feels kooka's calling
and rouses.
When we rise at dawn
have we heard
Is it because we heard
The Call?
Our bones know.
There is no time they don't.
Strange that.
how we can know

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Meme of the Month
Here is the most popular meme created for our Facebook Page. Thanks for all the likes everyone!
Pondering the Point with Andrew Horwood 
Spiritual Education Summit at Sunrise Ranch 
Andrew Horwood

What do they teach at Riverdell?  What IS spiritual education - sounds like an oxymoron!  How can that help me live a happier life?
In March, Jenni Douglas, Program Co-Ordinator at Riverdell, and I attended an an Education Summit at Sunrise Ranch in Colorado exploring these and other questions.
Let me share a story with you.....
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Riverdell Photo of the Month 

Andrew Horwood and Jenni  Douglas at Sunrise Ranch, Colorado.


       Here is a variety of our current Blogs. Enjoy!

Don't Die With Your Song Unsung
How inspiring are some of the folk on the reality TV talent shows!  I've just been watching a  You Tube clip of Jack Carroll, a 14 yr old comedian with cerebral palsy, on Britain's Got Talent.  Boy, he's funny - and poignant. 
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Meditation for Me
I really love meditation as a tool.
My first experience of meditation in a group was the best decision I have ever made. I noticed that with every class I became more and more alive. In essence I was waking up. Meditation was bringing out the whole of myself, finally and fully, to meet the world.  I know my life has been enhanced by my mediation practice in fact, it still is!
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Opportunity Awaits!
Searching for a New Riverdell Manager

Much and all as I love my job, I can see that it's time I stepped back from daily operations at Riverdell, and let a new generation  offer their talents here.   And with grandchildren beginning to      arrive, I want to be available  to them, to help pass on to them the  values that I have so appreciated learning through my connection  here.  I will remain on the Board, and look forward to keeping  connections with you all through regular visits, gatherings and  workshops.

The position being offered is for a business manager and more details can be found by clicking  here.

I f you are interested in applying, or know someone you think would  be suitable, confidential enquiries can be  made to Catherine on 8274 2105 or 0420 308 550.

Lyell Horwood
Riverdell Manager

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