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Volume 13 Issue 1March 2014
April Is Financial Literacy Month!
Yes, April is still a few days away, but we want to focus on things that can give you options and knowledge to help you reach your financial goals. Being "financially literate" is a great first step!
This website is a great resource for you at all stages of your life and can help answer questions that arise in your financial life.

This Means WHAT to Me?

Do you understand your credit report?

Sometimes the information can be either confusing, overwhelming or both. You can't make adjustments or corrections unless you understand the information that is contained in your report. Deciphering this information and how it effects your rating is a great first step in becoming financially literate.

Help Me Understand


How Financially Savvy Are You?

If you want to check your knowledge on all things financial, here is a quiz you can take to help determine where you might need to update your financial education.

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The next CAB Financial Education Class will be Saturday April 12 in Durant.

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Upcoming Financial Webinars



 April 9    Improving Your Credit Score

May 7     Planning for Retirement

June 4     Saving for College



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