City of Sebastopol
Comunity Newsletter
March, 2017

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Streamlined Accessory Unit Rules
The City is in the process of streamlining its Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations as a result of changes to State law.

ADUs, formerly known as 'Second Dwelling Units' or 'granny units' are an important form of housing opportunity, generally providing smaller, lower cost rental or family housing. Under the code revisions, ADUs will have a simplified review process, will be subject to lesser 'impact fees' and will have a number of reduced development standards. Conversion of existing bedrooms to ADUs, and conversion of garages and accessory buildings will be facilitated.

New regulations are expected to be in place this spring. Contact the Planning Department for more information.
City Explores Affordable Housing Partnership
The City is exploring a partnership with West County Community Services (WCCS) for management of the City-owned Village Park mobile home park, located next to the Highway 12 bridge. The City will make a number of needed capital improvements, and WCCS will facilitate additional affordable mobile homes for low-income persons, provide social services to residents, and provide management.

There would be an initial 5-year agreement for these services, with the City providing both capital improvement and operational funding assistance.  

Local Artist Ned Kahn Selected for Public Art Project
The City Council selected world-renowned local artist Ned Kahn for Sebastopol's first commissioned public artwork. The 60-foot tall Sebastopol Spire would reflect and respond to natural forces, including wind and light, rippling in the lightest breeze. A final location for the artwork is under discussion. 

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