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The Dance Corner News
Vol VIII   Issue VII
March 2013

Costumes Going Home This Month


Recital costumes will be sent home with students starting this month. If you have not yet paid your costume bill, please do so ASAP, so we can send your costumes home. Costumes will not be sent home until accounts are paid in full.


Most students will receive tights with their costumes. Check the size chart on the back of the tights, if you think you have the wrong size, please bring the tights to the dance shop to exchange them.  Please don't try on tights.  We can only exchange tights that are unworn in their original packaging.


Some costumes may require some sewing of straps, shortening pants etc. Please have your dancer try their costume on to check the pant length and see if any straps need to pinned or sewn. If you have questions about how to sew straps (criss cross, straight, etc) or how long pants should be, please contact Miss Carrie.  There is a list of specific costume notes at the bottom of this email.


Costumes should be ready to wear for picture day, so please don't wait until the day before your photo time to take them out of the bag. We don't want students to look like they slept in their costumes! Costumes should be hung up when they get home and any alterations made by 3/18.


Please don't worry about headpieces.  Just bring them to picture day and we will go over how they will be worn and pin them in there.

Dance Corner
Irish Step Dancers
St. Patrick's Day

Many of our Irish Step Dance students will be celebrating the season with performances this month.  Come out and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with them!


Stamford Parade 

Saturday 3/9, 12pm


New Haven Parade

Sunday 3/10, 1:30pm 

Essex Parade 

Saturday 3/16, 10:30am

Monthly Tuition Payments  

Monthly Tuition bills are due upon receipt. Payment can be mailed to the studio or left in the "Check Box" in the waiting area.

A $10 late fee will be applied to any monthly payments not received by the 15th of the month. Also, there is a $25 charge for returned checks.

The Dance Corner accepts Visa and Mastercard, allowing you to have your tuition bill paid automatically each month. See Miss Carrie for details.




Important Dates: 

Picture Days- Monday 3/18-Wednesday 3/20- NO CLASSES


Picture Sales- Friday 4/5, 4:00-8:00PM in the Annex studio


April Vacation- 4/14-4/21,

No Classes except scheduled makeup classes


Onstage Rehearsals- 5/29 & 5/31, times TBA


Performance Weekend- Saturday 6/1- Sunday 6/2  

- Recital Performances- 6/1 & 6/2, 2:00PM both days  

- Twinkle Stars Showcase- Sunday, 6/2 12:00PM  


Picture Days

The Picture Days schedule is at the bottom of this notice and will be posted on our website. Dance Portraits will be taken this year by Donner Photographic. Please notify Miss Carrie if you have a conflict with your scheduled photo time. Students who cannot attend their class' scheduled time may schedule another time to have individual pictures taken, but they will not be in the class photo.

There will be no regular classes on Picture Days, March 18th- 20th. Please arrive at the studio promptly at your scheduled picture time in costume with hair- bun at back of head or french braid(s) with end(s) of braid pinned up and makeup (if desired) done. Please don't worry about headpieces.  Just bring them to picture day and we will go over how they will be worn and pin them in there.


If you have more than one costume please refer to the schedule to see which class is scheduled first. There will be limited changing space during pictures. Both dance studios will be set up for photographers, and the waiting room will be curtained off as a dressing room. The Annex Studio will also be available for changing. Please try to leave siblings at home and bring only one parent to your scheduled picture time (preferably mom since men will not be allowed in changing areas). Men and boys should enter the studio through the back door. The front door will lead straight into the changing area. 

In scheduling classes for pictures, we have made every effort to limit the number of students in the studio at one time, but there will be times on both days when it will be very crowded. Please plan accordingly, and label all your costumes, shoes and other belongings. Arrive on-time and ready for your pictures to help keep the day on schedule.



2013 Picture Schedule

Please have your child at the studio promptly at their scheduled photo time in costume with hair and make up (if desired) done.  Hair should be pulled back into a neat bun at the back of the head or in one or two french braids with the ends of the braids pinned up.  Students with shorter hair should pull it away from their face with neutral colored bobby pins or barrettes.  Bangs are okay.  There is no need to slick or pin bangs back.


If you have multiple classes, please read the schedule carefully to determine which costume to wear first.



Monday 3/18, Dance Classes will NOT meet this day

3:30-3:40Mon 3:30 Irish Step- Advanced I
3:40-3:55Mon 3:30 Broadway Jazz A
3:55-4:05Thurs 3:30 Broadway Jazz C
4:05-4:20Mon 4:30 Cirque Stars Dance
4:20-4:30Mon 4:30 Irish Step Intermediate I
4:30-4:40Sat 9:00am 5-6 year old Ballet & Tap
4:40-4:50Mon 4:30 Kinder-Stars Ballet & Tap
4:50-5:00Thurs 4:30 Kinder-Stars Ballet & Tap
5:00-5:10Sat 9:00am Twinkle Twos
5:10-5:20Thurs 5:30 Broadway Kids
5:20-5:30Mon 5:30 Contemporary A
5:30-5:40Mon 5:30 Irish Step Advanced II
5:40-5:55Sat 10:30am Pre-Stars Ballet & Tap
5:55-6:05Mon 5:30 Kung Fu Hip Hop
6:05-6:20Thurs 6:30 Broadway Jazz D
6:20-6:35Thurs 7:30 Lyrical D
6:35-6:50Mon 6:30 Jr. Hip Hop A, ages 6-8
6:50-7:05Mon 6:30 Hip Hop A, ages 12 & Up
7:05-7:20Mon 7:30 Jr. Hip Hop B
7:20-7:30Wed 7:30 Broadway Jazz B
7:30-7:35My Strongest Suit
7:35-7:45Lean on Me
7:45-7:55Workin' For a Living
8:05-8:10Primadonna Girl
8:10-8:15The Hunt
8:15-8:25Liquid Dance
8:25-8:30Go DJ



Tuesday, 3/19 Dance Classes will NOT meet this day

3:30-3:40Tues 3:30 Irish Step- Intermediate II
3:40-3:50Tues 3:30 Lyrical A
3:50-4:05Tues 4:30 3rd & 4th Grade Tap & Jazz
4:05-4:20Tues 4:30 Beginner Irish Step
4:20-4:35Tues 5:30 Jr Hip Hop C
4:35-4:50Tues 5:30 3rd & 4th grade Ballet
4:45-5:00Tues 5:30 Contemporary C
5:00-5:25Sat 9:30am Pre-Stars Ballet & Tap
5:25-5:40Thurs 5:30 Jazz C
5:40-5:55Thurs 5:30 Tap C
5:55-6:10Thurs 6:30 Jazz D
6:10-6:25Thurs 6:30 Tap D
6:25-6:40Tues 6:30 Ballet C
6:40-7:00Tues 6:30 Ballet D
7:00-7:20Thurs 7:30 Jazz E
7:20-7:30Mon 7:30 Contemporary B
7:30-7:50Thurs 7:30 Tap E
7:50-8:05Tues 7:30 Pointe
8:05-8:15Tues 7:30 Hip Hop B
8:15-8:30Tues 7:30 Lyrical B

Wednesday, 3/20, Dance Classes will NOT meet this day
3:40-3:50Wed 3:45 Mini Hip Hop
3:50-4:05Wed 9:30am Twinkle Twos
4:05-4:15Wed 4:30 1st & 2nd Grade Jazz & Tap
4:15-4:30Wed 4:30 2nd & 3rd Grade Ballet
4:30-4:40Wed 5:30 1st & 2nd Grade Ballet
4:40-4:55Wed 2nd & 3rd Grade Jazz & Tap
4:55-5:10Thurs 9:30am Pre-Stars Ballet & Tap
5:35-6:05Wed 5:30 Lyrical C
6:05-6:20Mon 6:30 Ballet A
6:20-6:35Tues 6:30 Hip Hop C
6:35-6:55Wed 6:30 Jazz A
6:55-7:15Wed 6:30 Tap A
7:15-7:35Wed 7:30 Tap B
7:35-7:55Wed 7:30 Jazz B
7:55-8:15Mon 7:30 Ballet B
8:15-8:30Solos, Duos & Trios (optional)







Costume Notes

Monday 3:30 & Thursday 6:30 Broadway Jazz A & D- "Don't Rain on My Parade"

Sew or securely pin the bustle to the leotard with the red side facing down.  Attach in three points where the velcro is (we don't trust velcro to hold this on) each hip and center back.  The red bows are pinned onto the costume.  If you want to sew them rather than pin them that is fine,  but please make sure they stay in the same positions on the costume.  They were all pinned on the girls in class, so they are positioned correctly.


Monday & Thursday 4:30 Kinder-Stars Ballet- "Rainbow Connection"

Sew or securely pin silver sequin strap to tan adjustable strap at top of shoulder and inside the back of the bodice only.  If you stitch it on all the way, you won't be able to adjust the tan strap.  Don't cut off excess yet.  Remember these kids will grow between now and June


Monday 5:30 Kung Fu Hip Hop (girls)- "Thunderstruck"

Wear a black shortsleeve leotard or VERY fitted black t-shirt under costume.  Do not wear hat or spats.


Monday 5:30 Contemporary- "Under African Skies"

Small scarves included with costume knot at the front strap go over the strap to knot at the back.  No sewing required yet.  We will look at this more closely at Picture day, so if you're confused just bring your costume and TDC staff will help you with it.


Monday 7:30 Jr. Hip Hop B (girls)- "The Heat is On"

Do not wear the jacket.  Skirts should be sewn or securely pinned to the unitard in 4 places- front, back and right and left sides.  Please attach the skirt at the bottom edge of the green band. Please wear a black short sleeve leotard underneath this costume.


Monday 7:30 Contemporary- "Defying Gravity"

All dancers need their straps shortened.


Tuesday 4:30 3rd & 4th grade Jazz- "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah"

Straps may need to be shortened on some dancers. 


Tuesday 5:30 3rd 7 4th grade Ballet- "Colors of the Wind"

Straps may need to be shortened on some dancers.


Tuesday 5:30 Jr. Hip Hop C- "It's Alive!"

Skirts should be sewn or securely pinned to the unitard in 4 places- front, back and right and left sides.  Please attach skirt at hips.


Wednesday 5:30 Lyrical- "Song for a Winter's Night"

Shorten right strap if needed.  Pin Drape onto left shoulder and knot it at the side.


Wednesday 6:30 Jazz- "Heat Wave"

Do not wear spats.  Shorten straps if needed


Wednesday 7:30 Jazz- "I Feel the Earth Move"

Lengthen or Shorten strap in back and over shoulders.  There is extra strap, on the costume to allow you to detach the straps and reattach them longer or shorter as needed.  Sewing is required. 


Several costumes have loose straps that need to be sewn or pinned into the back of the bodice.  please check your dancers costume before Picture day.  If you are not sure about any of the above notes or have any questions about your dancer's costume, please speak to Miss Carrie.