HERO Briefs by Paul Terry
March 2017

Major changes are afoot in national health care policy and, as our recent HERO Think Tank in San Antonio attested, employer-led health and well-being is also in a transformative era. Happily, the "voice of the employee" we deliberated about is being met with much more enthusiasm and consensus than the ACA replacement bills. So these HERO briefs feature our Think Tank Proceedings and, fittingly, come to you on the Ides of March. As Thornton Wilder depicted in his novel of the same name, this date marked a time of great upheaval in 44 BC. Wilder wrote fluently about the personalities that led to the rise of the Roman Empire and his book was described as a "text so rich that it requires exploration rather than reading." 

I won't promise our Proceedings reach this literary height but I can say t
hose in attendance at Think Tank were earnest explorers who, to a person, are contributing to the wondrous rise of our profession. These Proceedings offer background on the personalities who started our conversations, Webinar links to the Panels and presentation PowerPoints. Those who missed our time in Texas can get a taste of the richness of the event and those who came should read on to fortify their explorations. 

The Ides of March are also a historical reference to the lunar origins of the Roman calendar. Where the Ides at that time were referring to a full moon, tonight you'll see a waxing gibbous moon. As always, these briefs bring you readings to keep you current and reminders of HERO events and other learning events ahead for your calendar. Our profession is enjoying a waxing time of visibility and productivity indeed. To be the change you want to see in the world, keep connecting, contributing and learning and read on.
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