HERO Briefs from Paul Terry
March 2016
When you think about the future of work, what role will health and well-being professionals play? For those of you who missed our February Think Tank Roundtable in San Diego, we took our cues from the local expansive blue skies and did just such thinking. In this month's HERO Brief, I've written up some Think Tank Proceedings. You'll see that 90 of your HERO colleagues conjured up new insights about the vital role we need to play in engaging employees by creating environments that boost performance. Read on, though, as you will also find the strain of health and medical benefits on total compensation and business results indicates that we're far from done with our work in health risk reduction.

This month's HERO Brief also includes summaries of the webinars we ran during the San Diego Roundtable and we direct you to the PowerPoint slides that accompanied our Think Tank research panel. Look also for results from our HERO member satisfaction survey. That you are our greatest boosters and source of referrals to new HERO corporate members was no surprise and it affirms my conviction that, like any COOP, members who are eager to give back to this profession are central to HERO's success.

And, as usual, look for links to our future and past educational offerings as well as for links to articles from HERO staff, from our HERO members and from other sources I just couldn't resist bringing to your attention. After all, in our member survey, you named "staying current in the field" as a key benefit of your Think Tank membership. Why shouldn't "March Madness" include being insanely smart?   Read on.
March 16th Wednesday Webinar
(HERO Members only)

Dr. Megan Amaya of The Ohio State University
12:00 - 12:30 PM CT
March 30th Wednesday Webinar
(HERO Members only)

Dr. Dee Edington and Dr. Jennifer Pitts
of Edington Associates
12:00 - 12:30 PM CT
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