10 tips to simplify your food
  1. Plan ahead
  2. Prepare your food (w/ extra for the week)
  3. Put it together (if your transporting and on the go)
  4. Clean out your fridge weekly
  5. Prepare your pantry with healthy ingredients to create new recipes (and have them handy)
  6. Shop at your weekend Farmers Market
  7. Keep your water bottle filled at all times (and w/ you)
  8. Always have healthy snacks available (car, office)
  9. Eat Mostly Plants (You'll never make a bad choice)
  10. Surround yourself with the right food, energy and positivity  and you will be assured to succeed.
Plain and simple

In Health, 
Lisa Fallon Mindel CHHP AADP
Whole Body Beautiful

The motto of the month is to keep it simple, so here is a twist to an old time favorite:   


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