Blow on over to Jaya this month for a host of curated offerings for our beautiful sangha. 
March Focus of the Month:
Invisible. Revealed is as a result of the effect it has on what it passes through. The leaves of the tree move, strains of hair sway, a forgotten newspaper on a park bench floats, a howl as it blows between the city buildings, the movement of the rib cage heaves every second of every day one lives.
The wind is an invisible mighty force. In yoga wind is called Vayu, Vata, Pavana. The Lord Vayu is father of the second eldest Pandava, Bhima - the strongest of the 5 brothers.  Lord Vayu additionally is father of dear Hanuman who as we see in the Ramayana can change shape, shifting to serve as needed. There are different vayus circulating in the body that we can use as a place of exploration while practicing pranayama.  Prana. Apana. Samana. Vyana. Udana.
Inner winds are needed to speak, sing, chant and verbally communicate.
Look at a tree or the sky.  The branches and clouds detail wind currents in active motion, often times in contrasting patterns: left and right simultaneously, forward and back, up and down. The effect can be dizzying if one tries to keep track, figure out or even make sense of the movement.  There is something to taking a step back to watch with wonder, listen with awe and allow for what occurs to occur with out the effort to name. 

In loving service, 
Carla & Ramit
Jaya Yoga Center, directors desk

Beginner Yoga & Meditation  
with Clare Patterson
Sun 12:15 - 1:30pm until March 19
at Jaya Park Slope 
$18 /  class 
Drop into this four week series for an introduction or refresher on the basics of yoga and meditation at Jaya.
Hands on Assists: pt. 1 & 2
a workshop for yoga teachers
with Mel Russo
Sat March 11 & 18, 1- 3pm
at Jaya Yoga East
$30 (each part) 
pre registration required  
Hands-On adjustments are a gift that you give your students. Being able to get  them into healthy alignment and sharing love through your touch is invaluable.
Acupuncture & Sound Healing 
with Serra Chase & Lev Natan
of Brooklyn Acupuncture Project
Sun March 12, 2-3:30pm
at Jaya Park Slope
$30 pre registration required
This event is deeply centering and infinitely calming. Serra designs a customized group treatment based on the season coupled with the carefully  crafted sonic environment Lev creates.  This event is not to be missed. 

with Lily Cushman
Sun March 19, 1-2:30pm 
at Jaya Yoga East
$15 suggested donation
Come out for the afternoon and sing with the sangha! We are thrilled to have Lily come for a visit from Brooklyn Yoga School. 

The Innernet:
a workshop for healing
with Kirsten Mynster
Sat - Sun Mar 25-26, 1-4pm
at Jaya Yoga East
$130 pre registration required
Healing is about self-discovery.
Experience a deeper discovery of SELF ---through cognitive deprogramming, awareness techniques, touch, movements and energy activation------leading to greater intuition and wellbeing.
Carla and Sarah are thrilled that their beloved teacher is offering this workshop at Jaya. If you are a body worker, yoga teacher, alive with a soul you will be further enlivened by spending time with Kirsten she is simply remarkable.
Jaya's Mid-Summer Retreat to Vermont
with Ramit, Judy and Carla
Thurs-Mon July 20- 24
Jaya Yoga North
Full on yogic experience, asana, pranayama, kirtan, meditation and maybe even a dance party all in the middle of bucolic central Vermont.

L ooking forward to April: 
Reiki 1 Training
Carla Stangenberg
Fri-Sun April 7-9
at Jaya Yoga East
In this training you will be attuned to level 1 reiki. You will learn some of the history of reiki, the 5 reiki principles, hand placements for treating yourself and others. You will receive a certificate as well as a 21 day home practice regimen. 
JAYA Recipe of the Month  
by Jaya's Resident Nutritionist and Yin teacher Laura Kauffmann

Cacao Smoothie Bowl
Chocolate for breakfast?  You bet. Packed with amazing anti-oxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, this is a delicious way to start your day without the guilt.  I include smoothie bowls into my diet when the weather warms up.  It's a great way to get a variety of important daily nutrients in one easy to assemble meal.  It travels well too!  Spring is coming and eating fresh fruits and vegetables naturally cleanses the digestive system and wakes up the detoxification effects of the liver. Enjoy!
Ingredients for Smoothie:
1 tablespoon cacao nibs
1 handful spinach
1 acai smoothie packet
1 banana
½ cup strawberries
1 cup coconut milk
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
1 tablespoon chia seeds
¼ cup mixed nuts
¼ cup fresh raspberries
In a high powered blender, blend coconut milk and spinach until smooth.  Add in the cacao, smoothie packet, banana, and strawberries and blend for about 1 minute or to the consistency you like.  Pour the smoothie into a bowl and top with nuts, seeds and fresh fruit.