Winter Market Update
March 9, 2018  

Mild temps and some sunshine are in store for this week's Winter Market. Join your favorite farmers and food producers in the Alley and get your fill of fresh 'n' local. While March may not be good for growing much, we can't say the same for mushrooms... Farmer Matt can barely keep up! Stop by and see Jesse for a sale on Trumpets and Oysters. And don't forget, St. Patrick's Day is just a week away so grab your corned beef, cabbage, and Irish Soda Bread. And speaking of green... don't miss the fabulous fresh spinach at Asbury Village Farm!

This Week's Vendor Line-Up:
  1. Asbury Village Farm - potatoes and spinach
  2. Breakaway Farms - pasture raised beef, pork & chicken and farm fresh eggs
  3. Comeback Farm - produce including greens, apples and fruit butters
  4. Fieldstone Coffee Roasters & Tea Leaf - warm up with a cuppa joe or a spot of tea
  5. Flour Shop Bakery - fresh baked goods, artisan breads and Mary's 'soup of the day'
  6. Jersey Pickles - pickles, olives and brined veggies
  7. Portch Tea - Kombucha
  8. Primordia Mushroom Farm - mushrooms
  9. Scholl Orchads - produce including apples & pears and bottled & jarred specialty items
  10. Stagecoach Apiraries - local honey
  11. Valley Milkhouse - artisan cheeses (at the Primordia Mushroom table)
Winter Recipes

King Oyster Mushroom "Scallops"

Trumpet mushrooms are on sale this week at Primordia and if you've never tried them, this recipe might just make you a devotee. Trumpets have a texture similar to a scallop or an oyster and a mild and nutty taste. Seared in butter and garlic, you'll swear you were eating a scallop!

Click Here for Recipe

Just Picked - Fresh Baked - Pickled - Brewed   

Flour Shop Bakery

More Irish Soda Bread is coming to market this Saturday, along with a full selection of fresh baked bread, pastries, crostini, and cookies as big as your head!

Breakaway Farms

Pull out your slow cooker because grass fed beef pot roasts, chuck roasts, and brisket are this week's feature at Breakaway. And don't forget the sausage, bacon and pastured eggs too! 


Mushroom Farm 

It's March Madness at Primordia and Farmer Matt is drowning in Mushrooms!  White Trumpets and Golden Oysters are on sale this week, $2 off per pound!


Scholl Orchards

There are still plenty of crisp apples to be had at Scholl's, including Honeycrisp, Gold Rush, Fuji and more. Plus lots of pears and veggies too. Grab some potatoes, onions, and carrots to go with that pot roast from Breakaway and don't forget the cabbage... St Paddy's Day is just a week away!

Jersey Pickles

Don't forget, Jersey Pickles is more than just pickles! They've got a great selection of custom olive blends, plus sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, cherry peppers, pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut and more!

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