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We have Ez grow bags and Big Bag Bed Fabric Raised Beds. Also cedar raised beds. Stop in to see the demo we've set up.

Fairy garden and terrarium products - We have an awesome selection of new Fairy Garden products, fairies, houses, containers, and kits!

Early spring trees, shrubs, and perennials are arriving weekly. Keep up with what's blooming this spring at the Garden Hut on facebook! Check out the coupon at the end of this email for savings.

Now open on Sundays for Spring!
New Arrivals
Hellebore flowers
More new spring flags! Great selection of St. Patrick's day, Easter, and other spring-themed flags in garden and standard sizes plus all the accessories to display them.

USA made windchimes, plant stands, and whimsical yard stakes including our always popular kinetic windmill spinners and new garden and home decor wall art.

We are having a make-over in the store March 2nd & 3rd with our designer Gerry! ♥

Fresh! Our first cool season vegetable plants are here along with great seed selections of heirlooms and 4 varieties of seed potatoes. Watch our foodscape garden grow! Eating organic and good nutrition is our passion.

Terrarium, Fairy garden, containers, and more for your joy!

Lots of Perennials are coming in weekly for the next 12 weeks.
  • bees            yields pollinators
  • butterflies    yields beauty
  • birds            yields nature
  • color            yields happiness
We can provide success with our quality of plants and selections!

Upcoming Events
Solar lights flower elixirs
Tuesday, March 13th at 6pm 
Solar Elixir Party

Join us as we party by solar light and sample our newest, hottest products: solar lighting and "Drink Your Flowers" all natural flower syrups. We'll show you how to create your own signature cocktails, sodas and more for your spring and summer entertaining! Bring a friend. Free, registration required.

Saturday, March 24th at 11am

Vegetable Gardening 101

Nelsa shows you how to grow your own seasonal vegetables. Registration required. $10 registration fee includes some items to get you started. It's time to begin working on your garden!

Fairy Garden class coming in April. See our website for details.

Call us at 919-552-0590 to register or sign up on our facebook page!

March To Dos:
ambroisa beetle infestation
Ambrosia Beetle
Most important piece of information to save your trees: Spray from ground up to 4' of trunk with permethrin now and weekly through May. We use a product called EIGHT.

Because we have been early with warm weather, now is the time to be active with spraying for ambrosia beetle. Once they attack, it's too late. Use Eight Insect Control or pyrethrins on your trees that are less than 5 years old, such as dogwoods, ornamental cherries, redbuds, styrax, Halesia, Japanese maples, and other soft wooded ornamental trees.
Plant-tone organic fertilizers
  • Fertilize trees, shrubs and perennials with Holly-tone & Plant-tone.
  • Pick up our Mole & Vole Repellent. 90% of our customers have great success.
  • Stop weeds before they start! We recommend Dimension by Hi-Yield or organic corn gluten.
    Applying weed pre-emergent now will prevent crabgrass & broadleaf weeds in all types of lawns for 6-8 weeks. Ask our staff about application rates and timing. We also have organic corn gluten as a pre-emergent for veggie gardens and other areas of your garden.
  • Now's the time to fertilize fescue lawns. Ferti-lome Classic Lawn Food now has slow release nitrogen, allowing it to slowly feed your lawn for up to 2 months with just one application!
  • Looking for organic and nature friendly options for your lawn? We carry corn gluten from St. Gabriel Laboratories, which is a weed pre-emergent. Hand pulling is good exercise and probably your best bet for organic post-emergent weed control.
  • Animal Repellents made in NC
    New sweet and tender green growth is emerging on all our plants and for critters like deer and rabbits, that's an all-you-can-eat buffet! Luckily we have a great selection of imustgarden natural animal repellents that work great at discouraging animal foraging. All imustgarden products are made with natural ingredients right here in North Carolina!
  • Continue clean up work in the garden.
    Make this a once a week practice. Pick up spent blooms from camellias and clean or remove old debris from last year. Clean up any broken or damaged limbs and branches. Keeping things clean in the garden not only looks better, but helps discourage pests and diseases.

    Remember the Four D's rule of thumb for pruning ~ you can prune damaged, dead, dying, or diseased wood anytime.

  • Keep feeding the birds. Our Cole's Bird Seed Blends are in good supply! If you're having trouble with squirrels we have squirrel-proof feeders and Cole's Hot Meats to keep them from eating your seed.
  • Plan for Spring!
    It's easy to pick up a cart full of beauties and head home to plant, but make sure you know what to expect from your plants once they are installed. Let our staff help you choose the right plants for the right place, or call to schedule a landscape consultation with Nelsa. Also see our planting guide for tips.
  • Our famous bulk organic compost is in and going into many gardens for 100% success!
  • We've planted our potatoes and other cool season veggies here at the Hut. Four flavors of seed potatoes: Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Red Lasota, and Red Pontiac.
New Program - We guarantee trees and shrubs for 2 years when you purchase Bonide Root Stimulator & use as recommended. Ask us for details!

potato growing bags
We have found more local growers with greater varieties to meet your needs and help you with successful gardening. Lots of USA-made, quality products too.

Meet our staff; we are so excited to serve and have you as our customer!

We deliver... Plant on!
Nelsa and our awesome staff

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (open until 6pm starting Mar 12th)
Saturdays 9am-5pm
Sundays 12-4pm starting March 4th

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