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A sugaring field trip begins with a quick hike up the hill behind the Farm Barn. Photo by Communications Assoc. Sarah Webb.
The Mystery of Syrup Color...
You probably know that maple syrup comes in different colors, or grades. You may also know its color changes as the sugaring season progresses: lighter syrup is usually made when the sap first begins to flow, and darker syrup later. But why? We asked Marshall Webb, who's been sugaring at the Farm for many years.

Kids Build a Playground & 
a More Sustainable Community
Classroom teacher (and Shelburne Farms program alum) Emily Hoyler engages students with education for a sustainable future by through building a new playground.  Here's her story.
Maple & Butternut Squash Oat Risotto
The days are getting longer, the weather is warming, and it's time for sugaring! Inn Executive Chef Jim McCarthy shares
this savory risotto recipe , a perfect meal for the season:  filling enough to brave the cold, but with a hint of the sunshine to come...
April Fools' Cheese Hits Shelves
Last April Fools' Day, we made a single batch of naturally dyed orange cheddar: It's our One Year with a twist! The hue comes from annatto, a traditional dye made from seeds of the tropical achiote tree. Coloring cheese orange has somewhat shady origins, but the practice wove its way into history and is now essential to some cheesemaking traditions. 
Find our April Fools' cheddar in the Welcome Center & Farm Store and our online store. Limited availability.
Shelburne Farms: House, Gardens, Farm, and Barns Now Available 
We're excited to share the work of longtime friend of the Farm, Glenn Suokko. His new book follows how our educational nonprofit and  National Historic Landmark evolved from a private estate. Period photographs and Suokko's own new photography showcase the campus. Over twenty recipes created by Inn Executive Chef Jim McCarthy included.

Order your copy through our online store or pick up a copy at our Welcome Center & Farm Store.
Join Our Team!
We're gearing up for the spring and summer seasons and looking to expand our teams in cheesemaking, kitchen staff, and education. Look through our job postings (and keep checking back as new positions get posted!).

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  • Watch Vermont Farm to School Awareness Day testimonies.
  • "Suddenly, rural America matters. It matters for the whole world." The eloquent English Shepherd, James Rebanks, recounts his tour throughout the US for the NYT, which included a stop at the Farm.
  • Civil Eats reviews a new book offering a dash of hope - and dose of reality - for young farmers.
  • "Fancy" cheese may be more expensive - but it sells. NPR's The Salt dives into how small dairies can survive with value-added products.
  • WSJ reports on how schools can get kids to eat their vegetables - a few small tricks can make a big difference.

Shelburne Farms is a nonprofit organization educating for a sustainable future. Our campus is a 1,400-acre working farm,
forest, and National Historic Landmark.
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