Taking pride in our performance is a key component in our strive for excellence at Number 5. Donald' Aggie' McGeever is on board with that. 
He begins his evening shift facing a full day of dirty prep dishes. Some might find this a discouraging way to start but Aggie, as he prefers to be called, always enters the building full of energy with a positive attitude. 
Aggie attended Binghamton High School but left before graduation to help his family, as his mother was ill. He needed to help with her care and family needs. Since her passing 2 years ago he has gained his GED. 
He has worked at Zona's and for a construction company. A profession he would like to make his career. He started here in October last year and is a hard working, focused, and polite young man. 
Aggie still puts family first. He and his father share cooking and home responsibilities while caring for his younger 16 year old brother. And his older brother is a successful cook in Schenectady, NY. Aggie enjoys helping his younger brother with his homework but he also enjoys schooling him on the basketball court. 
Aggie likes sports especially basketball and baseball which is how he enjoys his time off of work. He is said to be a very good joke teller and has the ability to make any situation better. He also like rap music but listens to most genres of music including oldies which is his father's favorite. 
Finding young people with integrity and good work ethic can be challenging. So I had to ask Aggie: What drives you to work so hard and make good choices? He responded, "I was just brought up right." I then asked, How? What made the difference? He looked me right in the eye and said, "My mom just raised me right."  A lifestyle and choice that honors his mother. 
We look forward to serving you soon.