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Spring News!

Just a short update today!  My head is full of Conference stuff at the moment and my mind is flitting from one thing I've got to remember to another....

..... .....!!!!!


Annual Conference

Hilton Coventry

You've got less than a week now to book for the Annual Conference - all bookings must be in by 4th April, ESPECIALLY if you want to come to the Gala Dinner too.

Members should log into the Members Area of the website, anyone else can book at http://cmt.org.uk/events/annual-conference/

And if you are coming to the Gala Dinner, and would like a sneak-peek of the band who will be playing, you can check out "Never Mind the Jukebox" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIg1Q1b52GI

Come on, we're waiting for your booking right now!!
Family Conference

Come on - if you have young children with CMT, you know you want to come!  Just log into the Members Area of the website to find all the details and to book.  There are plenty of spaces and bookings won't close until the beginning of July!

Dr Stefan Spinty is confirmed as one of the speakers - he's a paediatric neurologist with huge experience in CMT, and we also have Dr Rachael Hutchinson, a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon confirmed. 

As far as entertainment for the kids is concerned, Rick Toole, one of our Trustees, will be doing a finger painting session, and I've just sent off an enquiry to a children's entertainer! 

Don't forget, it's heavily subsidised, due to the generosity of Jeans for Genes!
Awareness Video

You'll have read here before about the Awareness Video that Douglas Sager has been organising for what seems like years - well, it was finally filmed last Thursday, in perishingly cold and wet weather. 

Thank you SO much to the stalwart members who turned up to be filmed - I hope you've warmed up by now!  We really do appreciate the time and effort you made to be part of it. 

And lastly, the man himself, otherwise known as Indiana Doug and the CMT Crusade!!

Thanks to Nigel Bewley for the great photographs!

And it's still not too late to donate to help pay for this - just go to www.justgiving.com/douglas-sager

And also many thanks to Dorset Orthopaedic for their major contribution towards the cost - couldn't have done it without you.
New Awareness Cards

These have been going so rapidly we had to order another large batch a few weeks ago!   Please do bear in mind, these are not symptom cards, these are basically "adverts" for CMT United Kingdom, to encourage newly diagnosed people to contact us, and hopefully join.

If you would like some to hand to your consultant, physiotherapist or any other kind of medical professional, so that they can hand them out to others, just email us at enquiries@cmt.org.uk and we'll pop some in the post for you. 
CMT United Kingdom | 0800 652 6316 | karen@cmtuk.org.uk | www.cmt.org.uk