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What's Next Boomer Business Summit

Now in its 15th year, the What's Next Boomer Business Summit will take place on Wednesday, March 28th in San Francisco during the American Society on Aging's Annual Meeting. Have you reserved your spot?  Register here

We are excited to share that Falon Fatemi, CEO and Founder of Nodeis one of our keynote speakers this year. Participants will also hear from Donna Kelsey, the CEO of  American Senior Communities . Jim Murphy, the Vice President of Medicare & Retirement at United Healthcare will be on a panel about revolutionizing caregiving. 

Generous sponsors this year include:

View all sponsors here  and contact us directly if you would like to become a sponsor, there are still opportunities available!
March 2018 Issue
A Message from Mary Furlong

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

yellow-tulip-field.jpgIt is time for March Madness! We are in the final sprint of 
planning for the 2018  What's Next Boomer Business Summit . The MFA team has brought together a fantastic roster of speakers and sponsors. Attendees this year will leave with specific strategies on how to go to market as well as tips on how best to communicate from business to business and business to consumer.
We hope that if  you are a start up company  you will join our Speed Dealing  session to pitch your product  to industry experts.  The longevity market is expansive: Americans
over the age of 50 account for $7.6 trillion in direct spending 
and economic activity. Furthermore, the U.S. labor force 
participation rate of Americans 65 and older is roughly 23
percent, up from about 12 percent in 1994. 

As an MFA newsletter reader we would like to offer you 
this registration discount code: FOM2018WN

Hope to see you there!

Mary Furlong

Save the Date! Silicon Valley Summit 2018

The 2018 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit will take place on June 20, 2018 at Santa Clara University.  This year's theme is "Strategic Investment in  the Longevity Economy."
Learn more here

Technology for Aging in Place 2018

The marketplace for technology to assist aging adults in the Longevity Economy is expected to grow to more than $30 billion in the next few years, according to the updated report by Aging in Place Technology Watch, more likely to be based on customization of standard software, using existing platforms than creation of senior-specific products. The report, updated on March 5, provides predictions
about key technology trends for 2018 and beyond. 
Families, caregivers, and seniors will acquire new 
t ech-enabled services that improve the quality of their 
lives. The 100-million-strong 50+ market is increasingly 
aware of technology alternatives according to 
Laurie M. Orlov, who founded the market research firm in 2009.

Seniorlink Announces Caregiver Nation

Last November, in honor of National Family 
Caregivers Month, Seniorlink   announced Caregiver Nation: 
a new private online community for caregivers. Since then, 
the group's membership has swelled to nearly
3,000, with  hundreds of posts  and comments sent each day by caregivers across  the country sharing their experiences, asking for advice,  venting and supporting one another. Originally focused  on caregivers for those with Alzheimer's and other  dementias, the group has 
naturally evolved to encompass  the experiences of 
caregivers for a number of conditions. 
Seniorlink encourages anyone who is on or has been through 
a caregiving journey to join in at

SingFit 2018 Survey Results

There are over 1,400 certified SingFit   PRIME facilitators who bring music as medicine to more than 26,000 older adults at 400 senior living communities in 42 states. The winter 2018 Facilitator Survey found that: 

- 85% said conducting SingFit sessions makes their job easier.
- 92% said conducting SingFit sessions makes their job more fulfilling.

- 100% said that conducting SingFit sessions has a positive impact on the lives of the residents.

Learn more about SingFit PRIME from  this video.
Masterpiece Living Research

A landmark, ten-year study by the MacArthur Foundation  shattered the stereotypes of aging when it discovered that up to 70% of how we age is determined by lifestyle and not genetics. We know now that we can positively transform the aging experience, resulting in greater health and longevity, by maintaining high levels of social, spiritual, intellectual and physical engagement. Masterpiece Living  (MPL) transformed that research through inspired, supportive living within senior housing communities nationwide, and continues to deliver research-based resources, tools, lifelong learning, coaching and lifestyle education. 
E xpanding Impact with Masterpiece Life!
Now, Masterpiece Living is expanding the successful aging 
experience through Masterpiece Life, a digital platform available
to older adults who are aging in place. Masterpiece Life translates
the Masterpiece Living education, training and coaching expertise
into a web-based, interactive experience delivered to an individual
in their home.  Older adults will be  able to measure their progress 
of successful aging at a personal and  confidential level. 

Masterpiece  Life digital membership is expected to  be released to 
the public in  early 2018. Learn more about Masterpiece  Life at 

Books, News and Reports 



2018 Conferences 

ASA Aging in America Conference (March 26 - 29, San Francisco)

What's Next Boomer Business Summit (March 27 - 29, San Francisco)

ISG2018 Conference (May 7 - 11, St. Petersburg, Florida)

California Assisted Living Association (June 4 - 6, Sacramento)

Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit (June 19 - 21, Location TBA)

Pioneer Network (August 12 - 15, Denver)

HCBS/NASUAD (August 27 - 30, Baltimore)

AHCA/NCAL (October 7 - 10, San Diego)

ICAA Conference and Trade Show (October 18 - 20, Long Beach, California)

LeadingAge Expo (October 28 - 31, Philadelphia)

Gerontological Society of America (November 14 - 18, Boston)

National Private Duty Conference  (November 14 - 15, Las Vegas)

Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE (November 14 - 15, San Francisco)

An Irish Recipe

And finally, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, here is  an Irish Soda Bread Recipe from my Aunt Peggy. Cooking  brings back memories of all those we loved and who are  no longer here:

4 cups flour,  2 tbs sugar,  4 tsp baking powder, P inch of salt 
2 heaping tablespoon of shortening,  1 heaping tablespoon butter
2 cups raisons, 1 tablespoon caraway seeds,  2 cups buttermilk
1 scant teaspoon baking soda,  1 egg

Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt in large bowl. Crumble shortening and butter in with fingers, until mealy. Add raisons and caraway seeds. Be sure raisons are all coated with flour.  Put buttermilk, egg and soda in smaller bowl and mix thoroughly. Add to flour mixture, mixing only until flour is blended. Place on floured bowl and knead three or four times. Put in round iron frying pan.  Bake approximately one hour in 350 oven.