Y esterday, March 1, was Ash Wednesday. This began a 40-day period when Christians all over the world remember their sinfulness, ask God's forgiveness, repent and recognize that God's forgiveness comes at an infinite price - the death of Jesus Christ on the cross on our behalf.

This year let's make it about something bigger, something beyond ourselves. This year we can put our relationship with Christ as our highest priority. Give generously; pray faithfully; and fast from something that has become too important in your life. In your sacrifice, Christ will meet you.
The second gathering of the Arma Dei Academy Faculty/Parent Book Club will take place TONIGHT, March 2, at 7:00 P.M.-8:30 P.M. in the Latin classroom. 

Literature selection is "Ethics of Elf Land" by GK Chesterton.
Copies are available at the receptionist desk.

Please email Aaron Denlinger or Karen Hein with any questions.

Friday, March 3

CU Wildlife Experience
Attire: Arma Dei sweater vests, jeans, sports shoes, white shirts 
Lunch: Disposable sack lunch

First Grade
Play-Well TEKnologies Lego Robotics at Arma Dei Academy & Denver Children's Museum
Attire: Chapel Uniform
Lunch: Normal lunch, students will eat before field trip

Second Grade
Engineering for Kids & CU Wildlife Experience
Attire: Arma Dei polo shirt and jeans
Lunch: Disposable sack lunch

Third Grade
Fiske Planetarium
Attire: Arma Dei Polo shirt, jeans, tennis shoes
Lunch: Pizza lunch

Fourth Grade
Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs
Attire: Chapel Uniform
Lunch: Disposable sack lunch
Thursday, March 9

Fifth Grade
Space Foundation Discovery Center and CU Wildlife Experience
Attire: Arma Dei Polo shirt, jeans
Lunch: Disposable sack lunch

Sixth & Seventh Grade
Challenger Learning Center & Air Force Academy
Attire: Arma Dei Polo shirt, jacket, jeans
Lunch: Disposable sack lunch (bring small backpack with a water bottle and snack)

Eighth Grade
iFLY Denver & Independence Aviation 
Attire: Arma Dei Polo shirt, jeans, comfortable closed toe shoes, jacket 
Lunch: Smash Burger near the Centennial airport

1st - 8th grade conferences are March 10. Kindergarten conferences are on March 9 (AM Kdg) & March 10 (PM Kdg).

To sign up for conferences, please go to the Parent Portal and click the red Parent Teacher Conference button
Please contact Megan if you need assistance with your Parent Portal login.
Login is your email, password is armadei+family number.

Logic level conferences are in a round robin format and located in the dining room.
ALL logic teachers will be available to you during your scheduled time.

Kindergarten conferences will be in administration offices.

1st - 5th grade conferences will be in the classrooms.
Please feel free to drop by the dining room anytime to visit with math, Latin and science teachers that are available.

Katheryn and Megan will be available to chat with you about the Student and Parent Portals if you have any questions or would like some tips and tricks.

March 3 
Due to off-campus Kindergarten - 4th Grade Field Trips, there will be no Chick-Fil-A delivery this Friday.
Using the Lego EV3 robotic platform, student teams will be challenged to design and construct a Lego robot. During design and construction, teams will program each robot to complete specific tasks in preparation for a regional robotic competition against other middle schools in the Douglas County area.

Days: Mondays AND Tuesdays (March, 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28)
Time: 3:30-5:30 (other days may be added as necessary)
Place: Arma Dei Academy Science Lab
Competition Day: April 1 (approx. 8:00-12:00)
Competition Location: Rocky Heights Middle School, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Ages: 5th-8th graders
Cost: $150.00
Minimum Number of Students: 6

No Chapel  
March 3
Everyday uniform for 5th - 8th grade, 
chapel uniform is not required tomorrow.
No School  
March 10
March 14

Logic students are asked to bring a circular food. It can be anything from waffles to pizza to pie. There are four prizes awarded for memorization of the most digits of Pi, best tasting (can't be store bought), most circular, and most creative. 

Teachers and volunteers will be judges. It is a fun time when students find the circumference and area of the circular foods brought and get to celebrate Pi! 
March 14

Logic school students will participate in the National Latin Exam. 6th Grade students will take the "Intro to Latin" exam and both 7th and 8th Grade Students will take the "Latin Level One" exam.
Wish them luck!

March 16
Arma Dei Academy students in first through eighth grades will participate in the first annual Rocky Mountain Classical Christian Schools Speech on March 16 at Augustine Classical School in Lakewood, Colorado.

This regional meet is designed to offer a venue for students to develop and practice public speaking skills as well as build community amongst classical Christian students in the Rocky Mountain region. 

Each student will compete in one of the following four categories: Dramatic Interpretation, Bible Memory, Poetry, or Patriotic Recitation. 

Pizza lunch is provided and chartered busses will transport our students to Augustine Classical Academy. Please pack a snack and water bottle in a small bag.

Normal drop off and pick up time at Arma Dei. Students are required to wear chapel uniform.

Schedule of Speech Meet
Students arrive at hosting campus
Students preparation in designated classrooms
Speech Meet begins in designated classrooms
Lunch and recess
Winners notified and given time to practice for command performance
Command Performance
Showcase of Debate Competition Winner

An all school photo, class group photos and new student photos will be taken on Friday, March 17 after chapel.
Tree Ring, our yearbook company, includes 2 free customized pages you may personalize with your own photos and memories.

Your Arma Dei Academy yea rbook  is included in the activity fees, t here is no additional cos t for the yearbook and personalized pages.
These personalized pages need to be completed by March 20.

Days: Wednesday & Thursday Afternoons
April 19, April 20, April 26, April 27, May 3, May 4, May 10, May 11 (8 rehearsals)
Grades: 4 - 8
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Rehearsal Location: Arma Dei Dining Room
Performance Date & Location: May 12, Valor
Cost: Free
Limited to 20 students.
Positions for tech are also available.

Performance is an original one-act musical that features many broadway favorites and the importance of community and friendship.

Please prepare a 1 minute monologue and 1 minute song to audition on April 19.
(Speech meet selection may be used).

Club is led by Lindsey Hutcheon, Musical Theater Department Fellow at Valor Christian High School.

Please contact Katheryn Pranno with any questions.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Kdg AM 1,160 
Kdg PM 723
1st Grade 2,038
2nd Grade 3,031
3rd Grade 2,967
4th Grade S 2,111
4th Grade O 1,640
5th Grade 1,415
Kdg AM 1,571
Kdg PM 1,262
1st Grade 3,321
2nd Grade 5,441
3rd Grade 4,900 
4th Grade S 3,417 
4th Grade O 2,964 
5th Grade 5,515 
Kdg AM 1,941 
Kdg PM 1,602 
1st Grade 2,802
2nd Grade 4,358
3rd Grade 5,176
4th Grade S 3,760
4th Grade O 4,098
5th Grade 7,056
Kdg AM 1,595
Kdg PM 1,842
1st Grade 3,323
2nd Grade 4,900
3rd Grade 3,808
4th Grade S 3,746
4th Grade O 3,958
5th Grade 4,084
6:30 A.M. - 7:30 A.M. 
Teachers Lounge 

3/10 - Disrupting demands of culture 
3/24 - Dependence on God 
4/07 - Barriers to healthy rhythm 
4/21 - Practical tools in creating margin 
5/05 - How to rest as a family 

Contact Eric Lehman for more information.
8:30 am-10:30 am 
Study: Genesis 
Limited childcare available.
Contact  Sandi Vigil for more information.

Moms in Prayer
8:15 am - 9:15 am 
Childcare provided 
Meet in front lobby 
Contact Kristen Lee for more information. 
Soups, sandwiches and salads will be available from Kneaders starting March 15. Kneaders and Pei Wei will alternate Wednesdays.

March savings, 2 ways! Available March 1st - 31st, 2017.

1. In-Store: Double-Punch Month
Earn two stamps for every $10 purchase on your DENNIS advantage card.

Phone, mail & online orders over $50.