March 2017

March Monthly Challenge
Food Efficiency

Take a look at the activities proposed in the guidebook:  
  • Green Schools Challenge: select 1 out of the first 4 activities
  • WE-LAB: refer to activity #5


How To Get Points
Download the submission form, fill out all the sections and email it to your program manager along with photos or videos by March 31st.

Green Schools Challenge program manager:
WE-LAB program manager:

Dream in Green has $22,750 available to award as grants to schools this year. Apply for the March grant below and visit our website  to learn more.
The  deadline  to submit proposals for the  March challenge  - Food Efficiency - has been extended to Tuesday,  February 28 . Remember, the grant is for $550!  Download the guidelines for the proposal.

Consider purchasing a Noocity Growbed or Growpocket with the funds. These products allow you to plant a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs, anywhere, anytime! Check out their website for more information here
The Academy's Star Schools
Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world

Congratulations to our Green Team from  Caribbean K-8 Center . They won 1st place in our Eco-Hub Competition!
Congratulations to our Green Team from
Miami Sunset Senior High. They won 2nd place in our Eco-Hub Competition!  

Our Green Team from  Nautilus Middle School built car models using LEGOS Robotics for the alternative transportation challenge. 
Our Green Team from Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center created an ideal ecosystem representing different habitats in the Everglades. 
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Has your Green Team been sharing photos of their activities on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram ? Don't forget to tag Dream in Green's profiles and use the hashtag #DIGAcademy to  earn bonus points!

Educational & Community Resources

Can schools be viable local food markets for farmers if they partner with a food hubYes! According to a recent study conducted by Iowa State University with a grant from the  Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. In order to truly grow farm to school programs, there needs to be an intermediary market like a food hub that can serve as a facilitator between the farmer and the school. Learn more here.

People demand clean air and water, food free of harmful pesticides, products free of harmful toxics, and their communities resilient to climate change. They also demand that the EPA use the best science and research to define challenges and come up with solutions. Read more about why science matters in the EPA's blog post here.


Buy the coolest brands to control your home and school, from WiFi  thermostats, cameras, doorbells, smart lights, smoke alarms and much more. Energy Care Technologies donates 5% of your total purchase to Dream in Green, while you get free shipping and discount coupons to save more. Check out our online store here.

Grants for Special Projects

Through the Wild Ones program, support is provided for projects that use native plants to develop and enhance an appreciation for nature among youth, and that emphasize the involvement of students in all phases of project development. Award: $500 as well as in-kind donations from nursery partners. Learn more and apply hereDeadline: 10/15/2017

Applications are sought from teachers in grades 3 to 6 for the 2016-17 Donald Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant. The society will award up to ten $200 grants to public and private school teachers to cultivate an indoor or outdoor herb garden. Selected classrooms will receive three windowsill herb garden kits complete with pots, soil, seeds, and educational materials for use in the classroom. Learn more and apply hereDeadline: 10/1/2017

Seedlings for Schools  provides teachers with wildflower plants to establish a native plant garden or enhance an existing one. Public and private pre-K to grade 12 teachers may apply for a grant which includes $50 of native Florida wildflower plants, classroom resources and guidance on garden establishment. Download the grant planning document here. Deadline: 4/30/2017