March 2016
Upcoming Events
MSWC Events
When: April 6th from 3-5pm
Where: Hach Hall
Who: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Student Services and Margaret Sloss Women's Center 
What: Each year, the Margaret Sloss Women's Center and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Student Services Center present individuals with seven awards during the Gender & Sexuality Equity Awards Reception. Click here to nominate someone for an award!
Campus Events
2016 Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity
When: Friday, March 4, 8:00 - 5:00 PM, Memorial Union 
What: The Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity (ISCORE) is a comprehensive forum on issues of race and ethnicity at Iowa State University and beyond. The conference assists institutions of higher education in creating inclusive environments, improving campus racial and ethnic relations, and expanding opportunities for access to education for traditionally underrepresented populations. Free and open to the Iowa State University Community and invited guests. Click to view the 2016 sessions and to register
When: March 1, 8, 22, and April 5 from 5:30-7:00pm
Where: 1064 Student Services Building
What: Join LGBTSS for nights of fun at the LGBTSS Center! Speed mingling, games, and food will be provided! These events are intended to make space for specific identities, but friends, partners, and allies are welcome to come on all of the nights!
When: Applications are due March 11th, 2016
What: Apply for a Women's and Gender Studies Scholarship: Linda Galyon Undergraduate Student Scholarship and Graduate Student Scholarship. Questions may be addressed to: 515-294-9283 or    
Academic Coaching Workshop: Midterm Topics
When:  Monday, March 21 from 5:30pm - 6:30pm
and Thursday, March 24 from 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Where: 0020 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center
What: The Academic Coaching staff is offering a series of free workshops this spring to help facilitate student success. The topics are Study Skills and Procrastination, Motivation & Goal Setting.

When: Saturday, March 26th from 1:00-5:00pm
Where: Perfect Games in Ames, IA
What: A bowling fundraiser event hosted by Sigma Lambda Beta and Sigma Lambda Gamma to raise funds for ACCESS, the Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support. Early registration (ends March 4th) costs $20. Late registration (the day of) costs $30.
What's been happening?
The Vagina Monologues was performed on Wednesday, February 3rd and Thursday, February 4th! Three performances were showcased to a broad audience of attendees on the topics of sex, menstrual cycles, gender, adolescence, and violence. There were moments of happiness and laughter, as well as moments of sadness and tearful eyes. It was a sobering, powerful performance that was enhanced by the Cast and Director's equally powerful statements of revolution. Proceeds will be going to ACCESS - Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support.
The Vagina Monologues Raffle Winners
Amanda Buduris
Amanda won The Vagina Monologues themed basket!
Mikolina Lowe
Mikolina won the My Vagina's Angry embroidery!
Nick Thuot
Nick won the Vulva embroidery!
The Gender Monologues
The Gender Monologues are monologues, poems, or short essays regarding gender oppression, identity, and privilege. Other intersecting identities may also be a focus, but the basis of the monologue should revolve around gender. The monologues will be shared on the Margaret Sloss Women's Center website and social media.

Submit your monologue at this link:
Student Spotlights
Meet the co-Presidents for the student organization
Society for the Advancement of Gender Equity
Megan Frisvold
My name is Megan Frisvold and I am a sophomore in Global Resource Systems and Environmental Studies with a minor in Spanish. I first got involved with SAGE and later the MSWC in January 2015 as I had been looking for a feminist group on campus and wanted to get to know other feminists like me at Iowa State. This year, I had the opportunity to be co-president of SAGE along with my better feminist half Collin Powell and I have had such a wonderful experience meeting new people who are also excited about feminism and also working with the lovely people at MSWC.  I'm very passionate about intersectional feminism, smashing the patriarchy,  and more broadly social justice in general because I am tired of people of all races, genders, orientations, etc, continuing to experience gross injustices and fearing for their lives to this day because of who they are (it's 2016 y'all!!! lets wake up!). I believe all people deserve to live a life they are proud of without living in fear of the patriarchy and general oppressive forces that continue to put us down. With SAGE, I want to keep informing people of why feminism matters and educate others on important feminist and social justice topics. I have learned a lot through my time with SAGE and the MSWC and look forward to continue that adventure in the years to come.
Collin Powell
Hey y'all! I'm a sophomore double major in Interior Design and German at Iowa State from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm a big Art History fan and was a research assistant this summer for Iowa State in Leipzig, Germany, researching East German Art. If you run into me on campus, I'll be in all black and probably plugged into my iPhone, but don't be afraid to say hey! In my minimal free time, I sharpen my sarcasm and help run SAGE as co-president. I'm a huge fan of cats, gloomy weather, and books old and new. My current favorite is "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell, but my #DayOne and feminist awakening goes to Margaret Atwood's "Cat's Eye", I even got a signed copy :3.

Congratulations to a MSWC Volunteer!
Congratulations to Sarah Chase Crosby, a MSWC Volunteer, for successfully defending her thesis! In her thesis, Sarah says that she, "demonstrates how the depiction of sisterly love in Frozen and the portrayal of motherhood in Maleficent as more important than romantic love establishes a deviation from Disney's prior portrayal of female characters while parodying 'traditional' gender depictions. Although both films still lack diversity, patriarchy and gender roles are challenged by female bonding and the desegregation of gendered spaces." Sarah is a Graduate Assistant for the Women's and Gender Studies Program and will graduate in May with a Master's in English literature and a WGS minor.
ACCESS in the Sloss House
Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support (ACCESS) advocates will be in the Sloss House on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am-12pm through the end of the school year. The Sexual Abuse Program advocate will be at the Sloss House on Tuesdays and the Domestic Abuse Program advocate will be at the Sloss House on Thursdays.  Walk-ins are welcome, and there is no need for students to determine which program staff is best for their needs, as all of ACCESS advocates are cross trained.

The primary staff covering are Lori Allen ( and Anasia Sturdivant (
Women's Words Blog: Problems at the Oscars
"Last month I discussed my love for Star Wars: The Force Awakens along with problematic elements still present in the film franchise. To continue the conversation of diversity and film, I also wanted to bring additional attention to the current issue of the Academy Awards. This lack of diversity in Oscar nominations is clearly a concern, and this issue also connects to a problematic pattern within the film industry as a whole."
Continue reading...
Who Needs Feminism
The Margaret Sloss Women's Center brought the "Who Needs Feminism?" campaign to Iowa State University because we want to debunk myths about feminism and decrease negative associations with the word. Our hope is that the campaign will inspire dialogue about feminism and its importance in our everyday lives and encourages students, faculty, and staff to stand up and speak out.

For more information about the national "Who Needs Feminism?" campaign, check out their tumblrwebsite, twitter, and facebook.

For information on how you can participate, email Dominique Gant at or complete the form.
Get Involved!
There are many opportunities for you to volunteer. Our volunteers have the opportunity to work in a supportive feminist environment that emphasizes the development of your interests and skills, and utilizes your talents. The MSWC believes your involvement should be valuable and rewarding for you. Participating in one of the many events, lectures and programs we coordinate throughout the year is another great way to get involved. Sign-up to get involved here:
Feminist Quote
"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have
chosen the side of the oppressor."  -Desmond Tutu
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