Horses continue to die at Sugarcreek Auction 
Newsletter March 14, 2011 
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4 years of Animals' Angels investigations show pattern of abuse and neglect

The fierce cruelty of the Sugarcreek Auction in Ohio has continued unabated for several years. These overwhelming acts of cruelty by Baker and his employees are well-documented by Animals' Angels. We have worked constantly, relentlessly with authorities.   
Horses in kill pen
Horses in Baker's kill pen

Thus far law enforcement and government authorities have been ineffective in either stopping Leroy Baker, owner of Sugarcreek Auction, or forcing him clean up his act. It is true that the USDA fined him for $162,000, but after 2 years Baker has not paid the fine and records show no effective attempt has been made to collect from him.

Our continuing work and investigations show that Baker certainly has changed nothing, has learned nothing and has no desire to change.

Animals' Angels believes we cannot continue to accept the ongoing suffering animals endure due to the ignorance and apathy of Baker and Sugarcreek Auction. We need your help to be effective in waking up the authorities.

Mare left to die in auction pen
Mare left to die in auction pen

The auction is a major slaughter auction. Approx. 95% of all horses that go through the sale go to slaughter. Baker himself shipped more than 3000 horses to plants in Canada and Mexico in 2009.  In the horse slaughter business for more than a decade, he has an astonishingly long history of violations of humane laws.

Animals' Angels has been investigating Sugarcreek Auction since 2007, documenting unthinkable abuse and cruelty in their daily operation. We have filed countless complaints and several cases are pending against Baker based on our evidence. To many the evidence indicating his guilt is completely obvious. To some it appears that USDA, the Ohio Department of Agriculture and local enforcement agencies are in some way complicit, protective or afraid of Mr. Baker.


Click here to read the compilation report...


Watch the video of Sugarcreek Auction... (Warning - Graphic Content)


Review some of the Transport of Equines to Slaughter violations and other violations... 


Horse dying after being kicked & trampled
Horse dying, after being kicked & trampled

After four years of solid work at the Sugarcreek Auction, Animals' Angels current investigations show that the conditions remain unacceptable:


Typically upon arrival, investigators find emaciated, injured, lame, sick, infected, blind, heavily pregnant and dead horses; horses subjected to extremely rough handling, hitting horses with full force across the face; extreme overcrowding, and horses being trampled to death - due to ignorant and cruel handling. Virtually without exception auction veterinarians refuse care. 


Animals' Angels is currently filing new complaints at state and federal levels. To be as effective as possible, Animals' Angels is asking you to help push these efforts to the next level. We have damning evidence against Baker and you can make Baker's cruel history roar and resonate more in the ears of authorities. 


Horse injured in overcrowded pen
Horse injured after fight in overcrowded auction pen


Would you help us raise our voices to say no human being can continue to accept this cruelty and ignorance? 


Thank you for making a difference and for being there for these animals!

Please contact:  

 Sugarcreek Mayor

Jeremiah Johnson

Phone: 330-852-2271



Tuscarawas County Visitors Bureau

124 East high Avenue

New Philadelphia, OH 44663

Phone: 330-602-2420

Fax: 330-602-2433



County Commissions of Tuscarawas

Chris Abbuhl

Kerry Metzger

Jim Sheldenright

125 East High Avenue

New Philadelphia, OH 44663

Phone: 330-365-3240

Fax: 330-602-7483



Sugarcreek Police

Chief Kazzar

202 Fairview Rd

Sugarcreek, OH 44681



Tuscarawas County Humane Society

6895 Dover-Zoar Rd

Dover, OH 44622




Tuscarawas Chamber of Commerce

1323 4th Street NW

New Philadelphia, OH 44663

Don Hoffman (Iterim President/CEO)



Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board

8995 East Main Street

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068


James Zehringer (Chairman of the Board)



Ohio Department of Agriculture

Dr. Tony Forshey (State Veterinarian)

Phone: 614-728-6220



State Representatives

Ohio Senate

State Senator Joe Schiavoni, D. (33rd District)

Senate Building, 1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor

Columbus,OH 43215

Phone: 614-466-8285



State Senator Jason Wilson, D. (30th District)

Senate Building, 1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor

Columbus,OH 43215

Phone: 614-466-6508



Ohio House

State Rep. Al Landis, R. (96th District)

77 S High Street, 11th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: 614-719-6996




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