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JEFF'S STORY:  On the Road to a Healthy Life


Jeff Tydeman is one of the dozens of clients served by your generosity and the hard work of Project Transitions' staff and volunteers. In 2012, Jeff found himself waking up in a homeless shelter, unemployed and suffering from health complications associated with HIV.


"My upbringing didn't suggest a person who'd need help. I grew up in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. My parents were normal people, who stressed self-reliance. I had a paper route at ten and was a busboy at 16. And I went to college," Jeff said.


Jeff moved into Roosevelt Gardens after unable to find a permanent job in the rough economy and, at the same time, suffering from severe health problems.


Project Transitions helps clients like Jeff by working with them towards re-establishing their health and helping them towards achieving self-sufficiency. Once Jeff entered our program, he immediately began strategizing on how he'll find permanent housing and employment in the near future.


"I tell people Project Transitions saved my life and it might be a slight exaggeration, but it definitely made it worth living...A place to recover is as important as medicine or surgery," Jeff said.

Executive Director Craig Thibodeu & Former PT Board Member Heather Powell
Sharing Jeff's story with you makes me proud to be Project Transition's executive director. The past 12 months has been an exciting time for clients like Jeff, myself and Project Transitions. I'm happy to report that through your continued support and our successful fundraising efforts have led to increased resources available to those living with HIV/AIDS in Central Texas.

I began serving as PT's executive director in March 2014. Over the past year, we have cut overhead costs to ensure more money goes directly to our clients. We have upgraded the technology and communication services through PT's properties. A donation from Dell allowed us to upgrade our computer equipment. We are fully staffed, with 29 people helping PT deliver the best care possible.
Despite the great news, PT and most organizations involved in the HIV/AIDS community are seeing a dramatic increase in the demand for our services. More than 150 families are waiting to be admitted into our housing program. .

That's why your support is so important to PT's success. Even as the medical community makes major strides against HIV/AIDS, people like Jeff continue to need the community's generosity.     
One Brick At A Time
We are in the process of building a serenity garden at Doug's House, a place for our hospice clients. By purchasing one of these bricks ($250), your name or a loved one's name will be permanently placed within the garden, covering over the crushed granite.
Selling 26 bricks allows us to complete the garden's landscaping. Selling 1,000 bricks will pay to install a gazebo for clients to relax in serenity.

If you're interesting, please email Development Director Layne Box
Shop at 
Top Drawer Thrift Store. All proceeds benefit Project Transitions. 
4902 Burnet Road


Project Transitions Board of Directors

Matthew Albertson
Craig Davis
Jeffrey A. Early
Bob Garza
Cindy Goldman
Blair Hodgkins
Michael Pizzutti
Thomas H. Smith, MD

VOLUNTEERS: Your Time Helps Our Clients 
Please consider volunteering for these events. Email Linc:
  • Got Event Planning Experience? We need someone to lead our Texas Swing fundraiser.
  • April 25: Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Volunteers needed for setup, SAG drivers, finish line cheerleaders, and cleanup.
  • April 26: April Showers at RAIN. Volunteers needed for setup, check in, silent auction/raffle, and takedown.
  • Every Wednesday morning: Volunteers needed to unload and distribute food pantry supplies at Roosevelt Gardens.
  • Every Day: Volunteers needed at Doug's House for a variety of skills.
AUSTIN AMPLIFIED IT! Project Transitions Wins Big


A big thank you to everyone who donated to PT through Amplify Austin. We raised $28,968 for Project Transitions-- a new record! A big thanks to Alori Properties & Bill Dickson for providing  a generous match. This money will continue to provide supportive living, housing and hospice for people with HIV/AIDS.