As a follow up to last newsletter, there has been a strong interest to the book class each Tuesday at 9:00am throughout the season of Lent. We have been studying the book of John. This week I am truly inspired by the legacy Billy Graham left for us to follow. As a Christian, I felt saddened by his loss for our Christian community. He was an innovator of his time and a beautiful interpreter of Scripture.

I wanted to share a cute, little story about my son. My youngest son, Silas just received his driver's license. He waited quite some time for this responsibility. I admit, I had some apprehensions. For those of you who don't know where I live, it tends to be a very busy intersection to pull out onto the street. Silas’s brother asked him the other day, “Silas, how do you feel about the leaving the house.” Silas sat and thought about his reply. He then stated, “I start saying the “Our Father” prayer and somehow it doesn’t seem as scary anymore.” My heart smiled because of his strong faith in his belief that serves as comfort to him.