December 27, 2016

This newsletter introduces you to a new concept at OWLS: "The Audacity of Wholeness"

  • Read our blog about "The Audacity of Wholeness"
  • Watch a brief video on Raw Coping Power
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  • Watch a brief video on "The Audacity of Wholeness"
The Audacity of Wholeness:
(Our Latest Blog) 

A solution for all the negativity in politics and the media. Learn 18 tips for social wholeness. Be audacious. (click on embedded picture link to read blog)
Summary of Raw Coping Power
(Our Latest Video)  

This 2-minute video gives the basic idea behind raw coping power as a unique approach to resilience.

High Performing Wellness Teams

Learn from an expert in the field how to create effective wellness teams.                                 

Key-Note on "Audacity of Wholeness"

Dr. Bennett will facilitate a large group exercise at the 42nd Annual National Wellness Conference.
What is Social Wholeness
(OWLS YouTube) 

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