Refer Madness, Learn the Vanishing Toothpick Trick, Tips to Get Kids to Practice Their Instrument, and more...

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March 2014
It's me again, Mike Maione, the Silly Magician. Enjoy this month's newsletter. 

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Tips To Encourage Practicing


Mastering an instrument takes time, dedication, and discipline. Getting children interested in playing - and practicing - is not easy. Research shows that children who are involved in music perform better on standardized tests and have higher IQ scores than their nonmusical counterparts. So, how do you get your children excited about playing an instrument? Here are five tips:

It's Not a Party Without Games 
I always recommend planning a few party games even if you will have a magician or some other form of entertainment scheduled for the party you are making. Kids love games and it's a great way to keep the kids occupied before or after the magic.  A quick search on the Internet will yield some great ideas. Here are a slew of game ideas from the University of Illinois Extension. Click here
Refer Madness

Refer a friend and get buzz, a coffee buzz that is. Here's how it works. Refer the Silly Magician to a friend. If your friend books a show and mentions your name, she'll automatically get a $20 discount and you'll get Starbuck gift card. It's a win, win, win situation.  

Food and Funnies

March 12, I'll be joining ventriloquist and funny man Bob Baker at Nick & Pedro's Restaurant in Manhasset. You may have seen Bob on America's Got Talent. Believe me, Bob is a hoot. Grab and friend and come on down. A good time is guaranteed. 3-Course Prix Fixe Dinner and Show only $31.95. Nick & Pedro's is located on Manhasset's Miracle Mile at 1496 Northern Blvd. The fun starts at 7PM. To make reservations call 516-365-6930. More Information

Learn the Vanishing Toothpick Trick  
vanishing toothpick
Here's a trick you can do. It's easy even for kids to do and may be the perfect trick to teach at your child's party. Click on the video link to see it performed and to learn the secret.  Written Instructions
Just A Minute
Something Fun to Watch
Consulting the Crystal
Consulting the Crystal

The Vanishing Toothpick




  • Toothpick
  • Transparent tape
  • Thumb 


  • Attach a small piece of transparent tape to the end of a toothpick.
  • Attach the tooth pick with the tape attached to the end of your thumb so that the end without the tape is pointing towards your body. If you bend your thumb and bring your fingers to your thumb it should look as if you are holding the tooth pick between your thumb and fingers.
  • Remove the toothpick. The tape remains on your thumb and thumbnail but no has a small pocket in which will hold a toothpick.


  • Display the toothpick in the hand without the tape pocket. 
  • Hold you hand with the tape pocket with your thumb bent and fingers covering the tape.
  • Put the toothpick into the pocket and display the toothpick.
  • On the count of three bend straighten thumb and snap fingers on the other hand. From the front it will look like the toothpick has vanished, because it is hidden behind your thumb and held in place by the tape.
  • Bend you thumb again and the toothpick will reappear.


  • Watch your angles. From the sides people will see the toothpick so make sure the audience is head-on. 
  • Like most magic tricks it is better to perform the trick once. Don't repeat it. That will help keep it a mystery for your audience. 

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