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Spring is in the air!!  Can you feel it?

March is the official month of Spring, and an exciting one here at Tom's Thumb Nursery.  The arrival of new plants, products and gifts makes for a busy, but rewarding month.


If you are starting your garden or flower bed from seeds, we have a wide variety of seeds to choose from, and now is the time to get them in the ground.  We also have a large selection of vegetable plants and herbs to create a bountiful summer harvest. 


Springtime flower beds are both beautiful and rewarding. We have the flowers, tools and knowledgeable staff  to ensure that your flower growing efforts are a success.


Be sure to visit us soon. Don't forget to turn your clocks forward 

on March 13th at 2:00 am.  Have a Fantastic Spring!



Sincerely, Peggy                        
  "Silent Sea"  Outdoor Art


In this newsletter you will find.......  

  • Saturday March 5 : "Growing Tomatoes, Vegetables & Herbs" with Andy Chidester
  • Beneficials have arrived!
  • Seasonal Ideas & Information for March 
  • Landscape Dept:  "I'm ready for Spring, but ....."                
  • Olivia's Coupon
  • Seaside Casual Outdoor Furniture
  • New Arrivals Around the Gift Shop
  • For the Garden
  • Randy Lemmon at Tom's Thumb Nursery

 March Business Hours:

        Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 5:30 pm

        Open Sundays 10am to 4pm

This Saturday, March 5th at 10:30am 


Tom's Thumb Nursery presents
Andy Chidester

"Growing  Tomatoes,Vegetables and Herbs"

Andy is a fun and extremely knowledgeable speaker that our customers always enjoy.

Beneficials have arrived!  Must sell quickly!  Hurry in!

Praying Mantis 
Red Worms

Praying mantis: each egg case (2) should hatch out 
50 to 200 baby mantids in 4 wks!
The ladybugs are ready for release now!
Red Worms fertilize your soil and consume 
waste products.... the perfect solution  for 
composting & aeration
Nematodes- these microscopic worms seek out and destroy over 200 soil dwelling insects - ants, grubs, fleas, ticks, cutworms, web worms, etc.

Seasonal Ideas and Information

March Seasonal Checklist


The following are a list of activities to consider for your March gardening:   
  • Vegetables and Herbs  - Tomatoes...tomatoes...tomatoes!!!  Black Plum, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Chocolate Cherry, Paul Robeson, Sugary, Sun Gold, Top Gun and all of your other favorites! Many of you have been asking for ONION SETS...... we now have 1015Y and Southern Belle!
  • Perennials & Annuals  - Our caladium bulbs are here and ready for planting!  Warm-season flowers, whether set out as transplants or seeds, start to go into the garden now.  We have beautiful color in the nursery.  Stop in and take some home with you!
  • Trees, Shrubs & Vines  -
     Fertilize trees, shrubs and vines that were planted in the fall and winter. Blooming trees are adding color to the landscape this month.  Stop in and let us help you select one for your landscape!  
    If you are looking for roses, a beautiful selection has just arrived!  
  • Queen Elizabeth
    Perfume Delight
    Joseph's Coat climbing rose
    Mr. Lincoln
    Double Delight

    Don Juan climbing rose
    Angel Face
  • Fruits & Nut -   Plant a container grown fruit tree!  Fruit trees need lots of sunlight, so choose an area with at least six hours of sun.  Stop in and shop our great selection of :  grapevine, lemon, lime, olive, blood orange, pecan, pluot, satsuma and more! 
  •     Recipe for Blood Orange and Mixed Bean Salad with sprouts

  • Avocado
    Tropic Snow Peach


  • Lawns -  Wait until mid-March or early April to fertilize your lawn.  You can begin to fertilize after you have mowed the turf twice.  The nutrient ratio should be 3-1-2 or 4-1-2.  Avoid excessive fertilizing.  Ask for a copy of Randy Lemmon's Lawn Fertilization Schedule. ( Click here for the Organic Version of his Lawn Fertilization Schedule ) 
Landscape Department 
I'm ready for spring...but the flowers aren't!!
by Janielle Guzinski 

Even with our mild winters we are ready for spring, but the flowers are not always ready to plant when I'm ready to plant them.  Many people want their yard to look bright and colorful when they have family over.  However, this year Easter is falling very early in the calendar, and it's too soon to plant flowers like periwinkle and lantana.  I have a couple of tips to make your house and landscape more festive.

  1. Plant petunias and snapdragons - These lovely flowers won't last all summer, but they can give you a great show of color until the heat beats them.
  2. Trim existing flowers - If you have petunias, alyssum or snaps planted from last fall, give them a slight trim and fertilize with a bloom booster several weeks before you are having people over.  Just a bit of deadheading and trimming will encourage new blooms before the holiday.
  3. Color bowls - We try to keep a variety of pre-made bowls at the nursery, or you can bring your own for us to plant for you.  If you have large planters at your house, we can even come out with flowers to fill them.
  4. Custom artificial arrangements or spring wreaths - Our in-house designer, Judy, is great at making succulent bowls, wreaths, swags, and many other decorations.  She can even include items you have at home that you want to be part of the work.
  5. Trim and mulch - Give us a call, with plenty of time before the holiday, and have our crew weed and mulch your beds and trim your shrubs.  You don't want to wait too late and have the plants looking like they were just cut off and now you have people over.
Be patient with the flowers.  Spring happens on its own schedule.
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Outdoor Furniture

Sonoma Gathering Table
and Benches

one of many dining styles from which to choose

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New Arrivals  Around the Gift Shop

Beautiful Home Decor and Floral Accents 

Relaxing on the Island


Body Wrap

filled with buckwheat hulls

#1 Bestseller

Coloring Books!

Introducing Floral Elixirs

For Sweet and Savory Dishes:
Add a splash of your favorite Elixir to Vinaigrettes, Marinades, Cake Icing, Sorbets and Fruit Salads

Drink Tips:

Accent spirits or replace a liqueur in your favorite cocktail with just a splash

Add a serving to Hot & Iced Teas


For a refreshing soda, add a serving to an 8oz. glass of water.


Create Adventurous Cocktails & Sodas from Real Flowers 


Tropical Orchid Elixir Hot Tea

6 ounces hot
unflavored tea
1/2 ounce Tropical Orchid Elixir

Combine ingredients in cup of tea 
Serve with flower garnish

Lemon Verbena Soda


1/2 ounce Lemon Verbena Elixir   

6 to 8 ounces of sparkling or plain water


Lemon verbena has a distinct lemon and citrus flavor and is delicious as an invigorating soda.


For the Garden

 Kinetic Spinners

Mount them 
on a fence
on a pole
in a pot
in the garden
on a deck.....
have some fun!



Polished Copper


Blue Verde Copper


Outdoor Art


Randy Lemmon at Tom's Thumb Nursery


Join us on
Sunday, April 3rd 
from 1 pm to 4 pm

Randy Lemmon will be here to share his knowledge of 
Gulf Coast gardening and to sign his new book, 
"Texas-Tough Gardening".

"Texas-Tough Gardening is all about dealing with 
the extremes that we endure in our region ....."


Remember to look for us at www.tomsthumbnursery.com.           
Swallowtail on fennel



Peggy Cornelius, owner

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