Tips, hints, and information for owners of Nolting longarm quilting machines and Quiltmagine computer guided quilting system from Nolting.
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Nolting Nationwide Extravaganza

March 26th,
10am to 2pm

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April 22-24
Buffalo-Niagara Heritage Village Quilt Show
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MARCH 2016


We are excited to announce that Nolting is holding a Nationwide Extravaganza on March 26, 10am to 2pm at participating dealers.  We are participating.  If you are considering trading up to a different model or thinking about purchasing Quiltmagine, this would be the perfect time.  We are offering our "show special" on the purchase of a new or used Nolting and/or Quiltmagine.  If you have a friend that is considering a longarm or computer guided system, please pass along the flier so that they can take advantage of this event, too.  We do take Nolting other brand longarms in trade. Click for flier.

Quiltmagine owners in Eastern/Central Pennsylvania, Maryland and Southern New York, I am teaching a full day of Quiltmagine on March 19 in Monkton, MD.  For more information and to register see sidebar.

Not only is spring right around the corner, but quilt shows will be starting soon here in New York.  Quilt shows that we will be vending at are listed in the side bar.  At the bottom of the page is a coupon you might like to use at a show to purchase of templates, quilting technique books, or longarm notions.

I want to welcome the many new Nolting owners that have recently signed up to receive this newsletter.  I hope that you find the newsletter helpful.     

Thank you to those who completed the survey last time.  Your comments have been very helpful and will guide the content in this newsletter.  This month I am answering a question several had about what thread and needles to use in Nolting machines. 

If you have not completed the survey and would like to let me know what topics would be helpful to you, click on the survey link at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy the newsletter and happy quilting,


Needle & Thread Choices for Noltings 
As a Nolting dealer I am often asked what thread will work in the Nolting. The answer is easy, virtually any good quality thread that is designed for machine quilting. Never use hand quilting thread as that will gum up the tension mechanism.

Thread is manufactured of cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, and blends. Each of these fibers used in thread, except rayon, could be used for Longarm quilting.  Read more

Stitching Binding on with the Longarm

Stitching binding on with your Nolting is not hard to do.  Tools needed: template base and straight edge template. 

If you quilt for hire, this is a good way to earn extra.  I always offer it to my customers.  Most opt for the service as it saves the time and hassle of stitching the binding onto the quilt.  When my customer gets their quilt back, it has the binding stitched on and it is trimmed all ready for the binding to be turned to the back and hand sewn.

Watch the video to see my technique for stitching the binding after the quilt has been quilted, but is still on the frame.

Stitching Binding on with the Longarm
Stitching Binding on with the Longarm

Questions & Answers

Nolting Pro
Nolting Pro
Q.  How do I minimize the appearance of thread nests in the start and stops?

A.  To eliminate thread nests which are usually on the back of the quilt, follow this procedure:
  1.  At the spot where you want to start quilting, bring the bobbin thread to the top by holding onto the top thread and pressing the single stitch button.
  2. Hold onto both threads and take 2-3 stitches in about the same spot to lock the stitches, then start quilting.  Go back to clip the threads later.  It is too hard to clip the threads hovered  over the starting point.
  3. At the end of quilting, take 2-3 stitches in about the same spot.
  4. Move the machine about 10" away.  Pick up the top thread with your hand, move the carriage back to the spot where the 2-3 stitches were taken, take one more stitch to bring the bobbin thread to the top.  Still holding onto the thread, move the machine away from the spot.  Clip the threads close to the quilt.
Using this technique eliminates thread nests and leaves it "clean" looking on both the top and back of the quilt.   
For show quilts, I recommend bringing the bobbin thread to the top, leave long thread tails (about 8-10"), and burying the thread tails the same as you would if hand quilting.  For some reason, show judges don't like seeing any thread remnants or knots on the top or back of the quilt.
Quiltmagine - Automated Bobbin Pull   
By default, your QM program arrived with the Automated Bobbin Pull Feature enabled on the Settings page.  I have personally found that enabling this feature is annoying and takes precious time with every bobbin pull as the machine moves away and back.

When enabled (checked), the machine will take one stitch to pull the bobbin thread to the top, then move to the side.  After picking up the thread you need to tap on "Move Back," then press Sew to start quilting.

quiltmagine settings screen
Automatic Bobbin Pull Selected (checked)

I disabled automatic bobbin pull by unchecking the box in Settings.  Now when I tap on "Pull Bobbin," the machine moves to the start spot.  I tap "Single Stitch" to bring the bobbin thread to the top, then floss the top thread under the hopping foot so that I can get hold of the bobbin thread.  I hold onto the two threads, and press Sew.  It saves the time the carriage would have taken moving over and back.  If there is a problem and I do need to move the needle away from the start spot, I can always tap on "Move Away."

To "floss," hold the top thread with each hand about 5-6" apart.  Swipe the top thread under the hopping foot and, like magic, the bobbin thread is right there for you to pick up.  

For more information on using Quiltmagine, check out the links on our Quiltmagine Resources page.

If you would like more information on Quiltmagine or want to see it in person, give us a call to schedule a demonstration.  585-226-2577  Quiltmagine is competitively priced at $7900.  Your purchase includes the QM carriage with drive motors, belts, and software.  You provide the Windows 7, 8, or 10 tablet (click for tablet requirements).  Quiltmagine works with any stitch regulated Nolting machine on the Nolting commercial (steel) frame. 

Quiltmagine Flier
 Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.
Delightful Quilting & Sewing Coupon
Save 10% off single packaged templates, books, or longarm notions at April or May 2016 quilt shows.  Not valid toward Nolting machines, frames, system, or parts. 

Print and present when purchasing.  Offer Expires May 31, 2016