Lake Worth            March 12, 2015

ReStart Training #1
A Great First Session!
I must say thanks to all of you who prayed for our first installment of ReStart Training! We had between 60 and 70 people attend! I am so thankful for such a great start.  We had one of the leaders from Comunidad Cristiana there as well as the Justis family from our sponsoring church who are joining our launch team as well.
I was also encouraged that we had a good number of our winter residents in attendance.  We will miss them this summer! There seems to be a great spirit of cooperation and energy for what's ahead. 
Pastor Scott VanderPloeg from our sponsoring church shared his passion for outreach as well as the Gospel outline of Sin, Salvation and Service that every member of Sunlight Community Church becomes familiar with.  As the Lake Worth Church will be taking on the name and identity of the Port St. Lucie church we will be learning that same Gospel outline as we communicate God's grace to our community.
In March, we will have two ReStart Training events (March 11 & 18) pray that the momentum continues.

What is a ReStart?
Part 4 - Worship

I want you to notice that we have talked about a lot of other important topics before we got to worship.  Some think worship is where it starts and that worship is a "quick fix" to being an missional church. Transforming worship is vital but the real transformation begins in the hearts and lives of God's people.
At the same time, transforming worship is vital for ReStarting a church! Here are a few reasons why:
1.) Worship is central to any church.  There is a movement afoot in church planting circles that says it is discipleship or community service that is the centerpiece of the church and they imply that corporate worship is optional. Scripture, however, consistently teaches that corporate worship services are one of the primary ways God changes His people into a good society. (I Chronicles 13)  That is why we will put a strong emphasis on excellent corporate worship.
2.) For most unchurched people their second experience with your church will be at a corporate worship service. (I say "second" experience because their first will likely be the person who invites them.)  How they experience you and God's presence in worship could have an eternal impact on their lives.  That makes it worth significant investment in planning and executing great worship services designed first and foremost to give glory to God but also with the seeker in mind.
3.) What style of worship?  Most churches who have comeback from decline describe their worship with these words: Celebrative (96%), orderly (95%), informal (81%) and contemporary (69%) according to Ed Stetzer's Comeback Churches.  Those terms mean different things to different people but, in general, there are key qualities that connect with the unchurched.  We will always value our tradition by incorporating hymns while at the same time remembering that the vast majority of our culture listens to music that uses acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, piano, vocals and drums.  If we would speak their language we must incorporate their style of music.  In addition, our community is 40% Latino.  That means a whole new understanding of worship style for many of us.
Please pray with me that God will send us a worship leader who will profoundly understand, connect and lead the Latino people in our community.

Prayer Guide
Priority Prayers
  1. Praise for great participation in our ReStart Training.
  2. Praise that Deb has had steady opportunity for substitute teaching which has promising potential for a future full-time job.
  3. Continue to pray that Kollin and Krista develop good friends.
  4. Pray that as I teach on Giving and Stewardship this month our giving at Lake Worth grows.
  5. Pray for new contacts with both mature Christian leaders in the community as well as unchurched people in the community.

Kris Vos

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you...Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.  Jeremiah 29:7

Gathering God's Growing Family