We'll help you figure out your future college costs. That way, you can start preparing now and be ready for college when the time comes.


Value: $1,500
Deadline: May 31, 2017

How do I get into college? How do I get scholarships? How can I do well in school?  Being a well-rounded student will help!


Talk to older friends and classmates at school about what they're doing to prepare for college right now.  Keep an eye on the decisions that juniors and seniors have to make, so you can be even more prepared when you get there. Take a look at the Utah College Guide for tips and advice.

 From tuition and fees to room and board, there are many different things included in the overall cost of college. It's important to understand all the different things that are included in your overall price.


You can ask us literally ANY question you may have about college.  We are part of YOUR team. Just reply to this email with your question and we will get back to you with expert tips, information, and advice as quickly as we can. Don't be afraid!


March Madness is college basketball's most important event. Coincidentally, the last few months of the school year are some of the most important parts of the entire year! 

Check out the Utah College Guide  (also available in Spanish)  for expert  info about Utah's colleges and universities along with advice and information on how to prepare for college, get accepted, pay for college, and succeed in college.


Are you signed up to be a Utah Scholar yet? Click here to learn more about the program that will keep you on track for college success.

If you or your parents have any questions about preparing or paying for college, we're here to help. Just reply to this email and our expert staff will respond within 24 hours.

(if question is sent in on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, please allow 48-72 hours for response)