March 2017

Lenten and Easter Mass Schedules  
The full Lenten and Easter Mass schedules can be viewed  at the bottom of this newsletter. Also, see Msgr. Halfpenny's suggested Reading List and Devotions for Lent.

A reminder that there will be NO Religious Education classes April 3rd/4th because of Spring Break.  Classes will resume April 10th/11th.
Eighth Grade Families 
Letter writing instruction will take place during class on March 6th/7th. Please make certain that your child has submitted his/her letter for Monsignor Halfpenny by March 27th/28th. Each student will be assigned an interview time with a member of the pastoral staff. Interviews are scheduled during class time on April 10th/11th and April 24th/25th.  Attendance is extremely important during these last months of class. 

Seventh Grade Families 
It is not too late to sign-up for the NET (National Evangelization Team) Retreat scheduled for Wednesday, March 22nd at the Tompkins Center at Windmill Pointe Park in Grosse Pointe Park.  Retreat paperwork was mailed home the week of February 27th.  This event is always a fun and faith-filled day for the students.  There is no charge for this retreat. Please consider this great opportunity for your son or daughter. If you have any questions, please call the Religious Education office at 885-7022.

First Communion Families  
Children preparing for First Communion should be working on the We Believe & Celebrate First Communion books now. It is a great way for entire households to grow spiritually as they share their faith with one another. Letters with mass assignments will be mailed out before the end of March. Each family will have an entire pew reserved for them.

Tasting Celebration
The Tasting Celebration for all First Communion families will be held on Monday, March 27th at 6:30  p.m. and Tuesday, March 28th at 4:15 p.m. in the school cafeteria.  Don't forget your felt figures!  Babysitting will be available. To reserve a babysitting spot for your child, please call the RE office at 885-7022.  
6th Grade Seder Meal
The 6th graders will be participating in a Passover Seder Meal during class time on March 13th/14th. All donated items need to be in the RE office by noon on Monday, March 13th.   

Grade 8 and High School Students will be viewing, in two parts, the "Passion of the Christ" movie, March 20th/21st and March 27th/28th.  Information about this will be sent home and e-mailed to families.

Children in grades 6-8 participated in the sacrament of Reconciliation on March 6th/7th during class time. Children in grades 2-5 will have the opportunity to go to Confession during class time before the end of the month.
Parent Volunteers Scheduled for March

  Catechist Treat 
Hall Monitor 
 Crossing Guard 
March 13th
Jennifer Fozo
Karen French  
Renee Jakubowski    Anne Jackson 
Tuesday,  March14th
Elizabeth Carswell
Laura Clark 
Kathryn Kaspzyk  Laurie Ptashnik 
March 20th
Kim Kendrick
Michelle Louisell 
Alexa McConaghy 
Karlyn Jones 
March 21st
Lindsay Curtis
Elizabeth Findeis 
Help is needed in this time slot. Call 885-7022 if you can assist.  Help is needed in this time slot.  Call 885-7022 if you can assist. 
March 27th 
Kirstin Meyers
Anne Nearhood 
Carrie Barbieri  Christina Losier 
March 28th 
Torrey Gagnier
Kelly Gill 
Stacy Calcaterra  Amie Reno 
Also happening at St. Paul School and Parish..... 

Religious Education Department (313) 885-7022
Judith Jones, Director of Religious Education:
Katie Cook, Section Head for Grades 1- 4:
Tricia Kesteloot, Section Head for Grades 5 - 8: