April 14, 2017

ROSEVILLE - The North State BIA issued its latest sales report, which showed the homebuilding industry recorded 527 sales with 139 communities reporting during March.  With March in the books, the industry also closed out a very strong first quarter of sales.

"For the first time since 2008, our industry topped 500 sales in a single month,"   said Andy Davidson, the BIA Chair and VP of Construction with Anton Development Company. "That's the kind of marker we've been working to reach for some time now. It provides us with a reasonably strong indication that we are heading in the right direction. From a broader perspective, the industry also enjoyed a very productive first quarter, with quarterly sales hitting their highest point since 2007. Its still early in the year, but confidence is growing within our industry and I expect this momentum to continue."
March Sales Top 500 for First Time Since 2008
March proved to be another strong sales month for the homebuilding industry as the industry tallied 527 total sales. Year over year, that is an increase of nearly 100 sales.
Strong First Quarter for Homebuilders
The homebuilding industry experienced its strongest first quarter sales, both in terms of total sales and average sales per month, in a decade.
New Home Sales by Region  
The North State BIA's monthly New Home Sales Report is compiled through a collaborative effort between association staff and homebuilders, who provide weekly reports based on escrow closings. The chart below breaks down regional sales for March 2017.
Price Point Data
As part of its monthly sales analysis, the North State BIA also records the price points for new homes sold. The March 2017 price points for new home sales can be seen in the chart below.
BIA Data Note
The North State BIA's sales figures represent the majority of production homebuilders in the greater Sacramento region.

Regional Permit Data
The California Homebuilding Foundation's (CHF)  Construction Industry Research Board (CIRB) regional permit data for March can be viewed here.

Permit totals are subject to change due to post-reported County/City activity and/or post-adjusted data submitted to CIRB by the reporting municipality. CIRB statistics are formally published at the end of the month in the California Construction Review (CCR) report. Please contact (916) 340-3346 or CHF-CIRB@mychf.org for additional information.
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