March 2018
Innovation of the Month:
Data-Driven Safety Analysis
The Every Day Counts (EDC) innovation of the month for March is  data-driven safety analysis  (DDSA), which uses tools to evaluate future roadway safety performance so transportation agencies can target investments with more confidence and reduce severe crashes.

Traditional crash and roadway analysis methods rely mostly on subjective or limited quantitative measures of safety performance. DDSA employs evidence-based models that enable agencies to quantify safety impacts.

In EDC round four (EDC-4), the DDSA deployment team is helping States incorporate DDSA in policies and processes. One focus is on helping local agencies gain proficiency with DDSA tools.

DDSA includes two approaches that agencies can implement individually or in combination. Predictive analysis helps identify roadway sites with the greatest potential for improvement and quantify the expected safety performance of project alternatives. Systemic analysis uses crash and roadway data to identify roadway features that correlate with severe crash types.

Watch an Innovation Spotlight  video on DDSA.

Contact  Jerry Roche of the Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety or  John McFadden of the FHWA Resource Center for information and technical assistance.

Upcoming Workshops
13 - Construction of Concrete, Falls of Rough
14 - Grade and Drain Level II, Falls of Rough
14 - Communications I, Falls of Rough
15 - Pesticide Continuing Education, Falls of Rough
20 - KEPSC for Roadway Inspectors, Hopkinsville
21 - KEPSC for Roadway Inspectors, Falls of Rough
21 - Basic Plan Reading, Lucas
22 - Customer Service, Slade
22 - KEPSC for Roadway Inspectors, Louisville
27 - WZTC Technician Requalification, Bowling Green
27 - WZTC Supervisor Requalification, Bowling Green
28 - Basic Work Zone and Flagger, Bowling Green
28 - Snow and Ice Removal, Prestonsburg
28 - KEPSC Inspector Requalification, Hopkinsville
29 - KEPSC Inspector Qualification, Hopkinsville
29 - Roadside/Vegetation Management, Prestonsburg

4 - Grade and Drain Level I, Frankfort

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Ask an Engineer!

Is there an engineering issue that is troubling you?  Are you confused on how to address a specific road problem?  Then "Ask an Engineer" is here to help!  

Submit your safety, engineering or other road questions to Kentucky's Safety Circuit Rider, Jeff Hackbart, P.E.,and he will work to find you an answer.  

Previous topics have included green bike lanes, J-Turns, Road Safety Diets, and intersection safety.

Email your questions to or call us at 800-432-0719.
Just One Chainsaw Clinic Left in 2018
The Chainsaw Safety Training Clinic is a three-day event designed to help prepare participants for tree removal projects and safety conditions.  The training is done in three full-day sessions: 

Day 1: Demonstration Safety TrainingThe Chainsaw Demonstration Safety Training Course covers the basics of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), saw safety features and adjustments; reactive forces, basic directional felling and limbing; and topping. 

Day 2: Hands-On Safety TrainingThe Chainsaw Hands-On Safety Training Course will take place outdoors and will consist of lecture and hands-on activities.  The course will include work on springpoles and wedging; hands-on training in carburetor adjustments, chisel bit and round chain filing, as well as other topics. 

Day 3: Limbing, Bucking and Debris RemovalThis hands-on course will discuss pressures and binds, site information and assessment, recognizing hazard removals, throwline and rope discussions and utilizing springpoles.

September 17-19, 2018: Carter Caves State Resort Park, Olive Hill

For additional information or to register online, visit the Chainsaw Safety Training page.  

National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 9-13, 2018
National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is an annual spring campaign held at the start of construction season to encourage safe  driving  through highway work zones.   Visit ATSSA to request posters and get ideas on how your 
community can participate.  
Visit ATSSA here.  
March 8
Using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to Alert Motorists Approaching Work Zones
3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

March 12
Introduction to Trail Safe!
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

March 20
Creating a Regional Transportation Planning Organization to Help on the Road to Zero
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

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