MARCH 2014
Winter written in snow on car snow covered windscreen  "March will be one of the most crucial months for the U.S. auto industry in years." States


General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Volkswagen all reported a decline in sales during the months of January and February of this year.  Te reason behind this steady decline in the purchase of vehicles is a direct result of the untimely weather conditions across the U.S. With temperatures hitting record lows throughout the months of January and February, snowfall and ice have decreased consumer's normally car-enthused attitudes, and even caused a decline in the consumer confidence in many vehicles which are not equipped to handle icy road conditions. The answer to the question, when will winter end and car sales increase will become very apparent in the Month of March.

Why is the month of March so pivotal in the car industry? According to Alec Gutierrez, "March will give us a sense of how real the recovery is going to be this year." If the number of sales does not increase within the month of March, we can expect a record low in car sales across the nation for the entire year, and an even larger blow to the economy. There has been an increase in sales of Subaru's, as well as SUV's from Chrysler and Nissan thanks to some excessive discounts on weather resistant vehicles. They may not account for the largest portion of the auto industry, but they may be just what this country needs to get over the car-buying slump.  

 Spotlight: M&M Auto Sales LLC 

Auto Load Logic is proud to feature M&M Auto Sales LLC as March's Member of the Month.


Matt and Megan Stephens, proprietors of M&M Auto Sales, are optimistic and excited about the next chapter of their lives. Matt, after serving our country in the Air Force, decided to advance his love of cars to the next level. His wife Megan, a highly respected nurse, joined his dream and devotes her spare time to the venture. The M&M Auto Sales formula for success is simple; target an underserved slice of the market, deliver a quality product, and shake hands on a fair price. With Matt's extensive knowledge of cars, and Megan's support (of course), Auto Load Logic is proud to welcome M&M Auto Sales to the industry and to its own widening array of registered auto dealers.

M&M Auto Sales 

Updates in the Transport Industry

The FMCSA has published a final rule regarding the definition of Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR). The proposal has two main goals- saving money while still promoting safety regulations and also to reduce paperwork. The Final Rule will be effective April 18, 2014. For more information, click here.


In This Issue
The Perseverance Factor
By Charles Lightner

Steve Sinofsky of Andreesson Horowitz has just published a great article on LinkedIn in which he discusses the nature of introducing disruptive technology in a market dominated by a well-established incumbent.

That is just the position that Auto Load Logic is in today and, as I read Steve's article, it seemed like he'd been listening in to our conference room conversations!

One of the key points he makes is the importance of perseverance. If the new entry into a market really HAS disruptive technology, it needs to hang in there and just keep at it in the face of the inevitable responses from the incumbent.

Ultimately, the message is: the disruptive entrant into a market has the advantage in the long run (if it can persist for the long run) even if the incumbent has the advantage in the short run.

Thanks for this, Steve!

Read the article 

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