March 2017

It's curtain time for our new website! website

It's been in rehearsal and tech for quite awhile now, but it's finally opening night!

Our new website has an improved look, organization and functionality. 
  • It's optimized for mobile devices.
  • The technical information is now on separate pages from software features and benefits so it's easier to find the information you need.
  • Clean, easy to read interface.
  • Easy navigation.
Check it out and let us know what you think! 

Happy Spring!spring

Celebrate spring with these flowers blooming in time-lapse
Celebrate spring with these flowers blooming in time-lapse

Is Wintix being sluggish?  slug

If you're experiencing problems to the point that you're unable to sell tickets, etc., it's not Wintix that is creating the problem. You need to re-boot your server/router/computers to refresh the connections. That often will resolve the sluggishness.

Here are a few Help Desk posts to review if you have this issue.
Is your online customer getting a message that your Webtix site is unsafeunsafe and unsecure?

They may think they are about to walk into a dark and scary place, but they aren't. 

In fact, your Webtix site has never been safer now that the address includes an "s" at the end of the "http." 

Click here to see what is lurking around that ominous-looking corner.

Doing business with the wrong bank could be a very bank
costly mistake

Do you know how your bank really does business? One of our Wintix users was incredibly fortunate to find out - before massive losses could occur - that one of the banks her organization used was incredibly lax in its security. 

Take time to scrutinize, ask questions and review your bank's policies and procedures. A big thanks to Rochelle Johnson of Taylor County Expo Center for sharing this cautionary tale.

Just singin' ... and dancin' ... in the floodflood

When Plaza Theatre in Cleburne, Texas recently flooded, a fan put their tongue firmly in cheek and posted on Facebook, "You should never schedule 'Little Mermaid' and 'Singin' In The Rain' back to back."

"Little Mermaid," had, in fact, just closed at this acclaimed theatre, which is a long time Center Stage Software client.

"We were adding a new faucet in the back for the rain effect in  'Singin' In The Rain.' It broke and flooded the theatre," said Director of Operations Aaron Siler. "None of the costumes were ruined, but we did have damage to our floor, and had to bring in a restoration service to dry out the building before mold can grow. It is very expensive - but through very generous donors, we have the money we need.

"The show still opened on time. To help the building dry out we have 50 fans and 70 humidifiers that have to be moved and returned each time we do the show. The water restoration guy freaked out a little when we told him we were still going to have it rain on the stage."
Update your Wintix, you young whippersnapper!
T here are a couple of Wintix improvements to tell you about update
this month, dagnabbit!
  • The schedule of shows and performances now supports a range of dates.
  • The Report by day | What shows were sold will now go to a spreadsheet.
We don't like to nag, but you do know it's time to go download a Wintix update, right?
The latest build date is 3/16/17.
If you need help, you can read  these here instructions !
Mobile Responsive Interface for Webtix 5mobile

Unlike a lot of things in the computer world, a mobile responsive software interface is actually useful to humanity. Mobile responsiveness means Webtix will automatically re-format itself to fit the device that is viewing the site. This makes purchasing tickets much easier for people with cell phones and tablets. 

Webtix already functions well on mobile devices. We are using responsive design in the development of our next generation of software. Meanwhile, a good website designer can create an interface such as the one Pickleville is now employing. 

Contact us at to learn more.

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