Marenakos Rock Center
How to shape stone
Hand tools, machines, methods and tradition
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When: July 16th (Sat.)
10:00 - 3:00

Where: Marenakos

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Marenakos will provide Subway sandwiches for lunch. If you have special dietary needs, please bring your lunch.


How does one "cut" stone? 
You've heard of "diamond tools", but have you ever wondered what about the tools is diamond and how does it work?
Can you split a stone?
How difficult is it anyway?
Should I try it?
What about protective gear? 

Splitting a 5 ton stone with feather and wedges. Even with the weight of the stone on top, it split nicely. We used twenty seven 3/4" F&W sets going around the stone. You can see the split line right along the line we traced. 

Long ago, stone used to be the tool to shape stone. 
We  have come a long way from then and now have special metals and diamond impregnated alloys that help us shape stone a lot more efficiently. The principles that we exploit to make the stone do what we want it to do is the same, but we can do it a lot faster.
Our 9' saw blade. The silver/gray alloy on the tip of the blade is embedded with diamond chunks. The diamonds are what actually cut the stone.

At this event day, we will go over the basic concept of shaping stone. 
We will go over hand tools, different types and what they do. Then we will take a look at all sorts of diamond tools, from cutting blades, grinding disks, to polishing systems. 
After the show-and-tell session, we will see how one splits stone. We will have a demonstration on how the feathers-and-wedge system works. And also, we will do a demonstration on how to split a stone using a very traditional Japanese tool called "tobi-ya" ("Jumping-arrows". You will find out why they are called "jumping".)

300 ton splitter. The top and bottom row of "teeth" bite down on stone and put pressure on it until it splits. 
Then, we will see the machines in action.
There is  something 
mesmerizing about a 9' blade spraying  water and spinning dizzily
 fast cutting stone. It is something you have to see to believe.
When the 300 ton splitter bites into a stone and breaks it, the ground shakes. Another experience you have to go through to appreciate its power.
We will also see a wire saw, a polisher, and the flaming process. (Yes, we take a torch to a stone!)
Taking an oxy/propane torch to stone. The sparks of light you see coming out of the stone is super heated shards of stone.
Also, Kentaro will be showing a series of images of an entire process of coming up with a stone sculpture. He will start with a raw stone and take you step by step on how the sculpture was carved, culminating in the installation!

Don't miss it.

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