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An exciting week ahead  with relationships shifts and a time to relax on Thursday. The Grand Cross is activated bringing changes for us all, especially Cancers, Capricorn, Aries and Libra.
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Dear StarScopers

 I have the latest astro news for your week ahead and would like to introduce you to the new readers we have lined up for our fall fair season. They have been working with Dr Midge over the summer and are excited to meet you at our first shows which begin right after Labor Day. Call me this week to sign up for our annual Cosmic Connections Convention while you can still get the discount. Please forward this newsletter onto friends and family. The Forgiveness Formula I've included WILL make a difference in your life .
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Nice Letters We Get
Hi Maria
Saturday 8/24 there was a prayer of forgiveness you posted on Facebook with your comment regarding people of our past coming to mind which ironically was happening for me and I was so uncertain as to why until I seen your insight around the purpose of it. Saying that prayer and releasing has shifted life for I feel so free amazing. So thank you so so much for that insight and can you tell me where I can find the prayer so I can share it. I did not see it on your website but may have missed it.

Thanks much for your inspiring wisdom and blessings to you.

Hugs and love. Cindy


Thanks Cindy for writing. I've included this here for everyone to see and use. All of those reading this, please forward this newsletter onto your friends and family and share the link with your facebook friends to as many people as you think could benefit! Maria



The Forgiveness Formula

By Maria Shaw Lawson 
This week because of some pretty cool astrological shifts, many if us will turn our thoughts to people we've ended relationships with. No matter what sun sign you're born under, you may have family/friend relationships that may have ended because of quarrels or misunderstandings. There are love relationships turned sour. An ex you can't help but hate. People who you've swore off and don't exist in your conscious memory any longer. Is this healthy? Is it spiritually acceptable? Can we help the way we feel? Not easy.

Forgive us out trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. That's what we're suppose to do. That's exactly what many people can't bring themselves to do. 

Either the act was heinous, We've been disrespected and abused, hurt or wounded, misled, cheated, lied to, denied...whatever. Let this be the time to let go...not necessarily for the offender, but for yourself. Release yourself of this karma, of this debt, of this anger and you will be set free. You may not be able to call up the ex wife or old boyfriend. You don't have to. But you do need at some point to forgive and then let go. That's not saying you need to welcome this person back into your life with open arms...forgiving is enough sometimes . If you feel you want to do more, fine. But if not, forgiving is enough. 

Forgiveness allows us not only to set the other person free but ourselves from the chains that bind us in repetitive karma. If we don't learn to "let go" in out current lifetime. We repeat the lesson over and over in the next. No better time than now to give ourselves such a gift. The gift of forgiving. I write a monthly syndicated astrology column for new age magazines around the country and one of my most favorite publishers to work with was Terry Ash with the former Eastern Spirit. She is a delightful Pisces lady. In an issue years ago, there was a wonderful prayer. I am forwarding it onto you. It's called the Forgiveness Formula.

I ask your forgiveness for everything I have ever done that hurt you.
I forgive you for everything you have ever done that hurt me.
I forgive and love myself forever.
I release you to be yourself. You are free.
There is nothing between us now but love and light.
I love you unconditionally and forever.
We are one. So be It!

This formula can be used face to face or directed to the other person by the energy of thought. Their conscious participation is not necessary for the formula to work. You are joyfully encouraged to use this and to share it with others. It is one of the most powerful forgiveness formulas in the universe! 

My hope for each and every one of you receiving this today is after your read this, you think about someone you need to forgive. Say the affirmation and direct that energy toward that person or people. By putting that positive affirmation out into the universe, you will get positive energy back. Thoughts are like boomerangs. You'll feel better. Release some karma. Use it on several people. It can be an ex-boyfriend who was a snake, angry ex wife, a spiteful in-law, a boss or co-workers or even yourself!

Say the affirmation with enthusiasm and believe it when you say it!




 I was just passing over the Mackinac bridge Friday on my way to Minnesota to see my best friend I haven't seen in a long time and thought about you when I was driving over it ....have a great day...And I am so glad us Cancers are finally having some great luck it has been so long since we have had any,,,and I am having the best luck ever especially with winning money and I hope it stays here for a long time !!!!!! lol" Michelle


Dear Michelle 

 I am too having a great summer! Every time I turn around, something good is happening to me! This lucky period for Cancers will continue until mid July of next year so push the limits and have a great year! Maria


Astro News

By Maria Shaw Lawson



Last week was what I would call an eye-opener for many of you. You are probably seeing things quite differently now than before, especially when it comes to the most important relationships in your life and your vision for what you wish from life. Some of you are recognizing that the current relationships you have many or may not fit into the current vision. Some people have ended ties, some folks have had people exit their life and make transitions to the other side. All in all, you are probably changing how you see proceed with your future because of these insights. Your heart, your attitude and viewpoint have changed. The Grand Cross in Cardinal signs has been setting us up for changes this summer and into fall. I will now quote from friend and astrologer D.K. Brainard on his thoughts about how each of these planets in the Cardinal signs is calling on us to change things or use the specific energy. 



  • Uranus in Aries: the divine spark compelling us to step into authenticity and define our identity not based on what we were taught we should be but on whom we really are...a potentially revolutionary redefinition of the Self
  • Jupiter in Cancer: positively, the expansion of security based in a true emotional connection to the Self; also potentially a dogmatic retreat into the values of our family of origin or or social traditions
  • Venus in Libra: the desire to experience beauty and harmony in relationships; potentially, a temporary harmony based in people-pleasing or staying on the surface of things so as to avoid conflict
  • Pluto in Capricorn: the cosmic imperative to break down the old ways of organizing ourselves in the world (success, security, and status paradigms) and create a more soulful human society

That's a lot! But if we can allow ourselves to bounce between each of these energies without becoming totally identified with it, we can learn a huge amount about the internal stress structures within our own psyches. Maybe we could say it's the difference between just bouncing off the walls and bouncing with a purpose.

As Venus makes her exact square with Jupiter Tuesday evening and moves on, we should feel the tension of the Grand Cross breaking up. Our challenge going into September is to really look at the beliefs and behaviors that have been revealed in the last week as belonging to a "polarity conflict structure" within us.

What do we need to let go of? Where have we cheated ourselves of the relationship harmony we desire by not bringing our own Authentic Self to the table? What family pattern or unconscious emotional habits are we clinging onto because they once offered us security? How would being more authentic enable us to create more satisfying relationships with people who could actually help us grow and evolve - which is the only way we can meet the demands of Pluto in Capricorn over the next ten years?



Now back to my thoughts...... 

Venus, the planet of love is running into some harsh aspects especially Tuesday night and with Uranus in the mix, anything is possible.....but you can be rest assured that change will happen. Either a break up, a make up, an attitude adjustment, etc. For some co dependent relationships, one partner may not feel so co dependent any longer and this will shift the energy in the union. It doesn't mean it will end. In fact the relationship may become even more relaxed and comfortable. But if you are the still co dependent partner and feel your guy/girl is not as attentive, YOU may have a problem with the shift. Be calm. Be cool. Because its not a bad thing. You will know if something more is actually going on or if the relationship is just becoming comfortable and settling.


But there will be some people who want to break free and are seeking something new and exciting from their relationships.

Perhaps you're chomping at the bit for something exciting to happen. Maybe after last week's challenges, you are worried about your relationship breaking up. Try not to worry about this.....Venus will soon make another move that will show you how wonderful love can be and that there will be blessings because of the changes, twists and turns! It's going to be this way...the relationships that were stagnant yet good are growing by leaps and bounds this next week or two! The ones that need to end, will. Mars in Leo on Tuesday and for approx. six weeks, helps this trend along too. By Friday, many of you will be more hopeful about partnerships of all kinds.


Also this week, you will find yourself and others not willing to put up with "stuff" they don't like any longer. People will take a stand and make a point to announce "Enough is enough!" People will be more demanding and want things right away. They feel entitled! This is mainly because of Mars moving into the royal sign of Leo. 


Take note of the dreams you have Tuesday and Wednesday night as they will have some really cool messages for you. Your subconscious is working hard to relay them to you. Profound truths come through! 


Thursday will be a day that nothing gets done! The moon is void all day long. Check your moon calendar you got from me earlier in the year. You will find when moon voids hit and this Thursday we have one all day long. You will be a little lazy or find others are too! Good day for meditation through and chillin'. 


By Friday morning, things are back to normal and you're chomping at the bit to get down to business. Perhaps you just need to take Thursday off and take a breather! You'll be able to get a lot done on Friday and feel very inspired. 


Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio will especially feel excited about their direction and perhaps even be luckier than usual. The Labor Day Weekend looks interesting so keep plans flexible and open for fun!

Have a lovely week, Maria

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