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July 25, 2013 Edition
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Happy Summer StarScopers,

I have a "must read" article on a HUGE astrological configuration coming soon! Please share with your friends as we have a big day coming you won't want to miss. It's great for setting intentions and manifesting. Also read about the words that help or hinder you each day with regards to fulfilling your destiny.

I'm looking forward to seeing many folks on our travels to Milwaukee, Minnesota and Florida in August. Then we start our Fall Fair season in Michigan. I am hoping to put something on in Grand Rapids MI. If you work at a hotel with a conference room in that area please let me know. I know many of the listeners at Thunder Country and Gravy in the Morning are asking for us to come out there and we would love to!

I also have news on the annual Halloween Cosmic Connections Convention in Saginaw in this newsletter. Registration is now open by calling 810-631-6887.

Upcoming Events
Maria's Two-Day Psychic Fair, Crossing Over Gallery and Classes 
August 3-4 Milwaukee, WI Landmark Building 11a.m. to 5p.m.
Wild Hearts Studios
316 N Milwaukee Street Suite 410

$10 admission includes free lectures and classes $15 weekend pass or you can do an entire weekend pass that includes everything (except readings) for $95.

 $20 readings with a variety of psychics from Chicago, Minneapolis. Michigan and Milwaukee! Healers and holistic health professionals available on site. Angel artist Paulette Salo. Aura Photography with Bobby. Gemstone and jewels! New age shopping too.

FREE Lecture Schedule
12noon - Reiki Class - Reiki is a natural lying on the hands healing technique that is over 2,500 years old. This Reiki Demo will describe the healing technique and explain Reiki attunements. With Annette Dillon Reiki Master Teacher, Cranio Sacral Therapist, Milwaukee WI

2p.m. Psychic Development Class with Marybeth Rombach Nelson, Detroit MI - Learn techniques to help you connect with your higher self. Author and intuitive, Marybeth will help you harness your intuitive gifts so you can easily work with them at anytime!

4p.m. Connect with Your Angels  - with Angel Artist Paulette Salo, Minneapolis MN - Learn how you can create also link to your Angelic friends and call on them anytime you need to.

3:30p.m. - Group Meditation Class - As we begin to close our weekend show in Milwaukee, we offer a chance for you to indulge in a healing meditation class. Dissolve old energetic patterns, blocks and karmic knots that prevent mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Accelerate Personal Transformation, Open
each participant to their own innate gifts, abilities and intuition with Annette Dillon, Milwaukee WI, Reiki Master Teacher, Cranio Sacral Therapist

Special Weekend Events
6p.m. - 7:30p.m. Connect with Loved Ones from the Other Side! -Crossing Over Gallery with Maria Advance Tickets is highly recommended as we sell out this popular event. Only 35 seats available. $35 tickets by calling 810-631-6887.

8p.m. - 9:30p.m. Lawson Paranormal presents Ghost Hunting 101 -$25 tickets at the door. Learn about the tools of the trade, paranormal investigations around the country including The Lizzie Borden House, Salem MA, NewOrleans, Gettysburg and more! Plus Founder Joseph Lawson will be using some equipment to demonstrate and more messages from the other side with Maria using the Spirit Box.

12:30p.m. - 3:30p.m.An Enchanted Afternoon with Maria Shaw Lawson - $35 tickets Advance registration highly recommended as we have limited seating of 35 people. Learn how to work with the crystal kingdom, astrology, and numerology and how to predict the Next 9 Years of Your Life!" Maria gives her astrological predictions for the summer and fall.

Maria and Joe will be doing private readings Thursday and Friday in Milwaukee.To book call 810-631-6887.

      Coming August 10-11, 2013 Roseville, MN
              Minneapolis Psychic Fair
            Roseville MN - The Radisson Hotel on Cleveland Ave
                                   9a.m. to 5p.m. both days
$10 admission includes a free gift and free holistic services $20 readings

6p.m. - 7:30p.m. Saturday - Crossing Over Gallery with Maria - Come with an open heart and open mind as Maria receives messages from loved ones on the other side. Advance Tickets are highly recommended as we sell out this popular event. $35 tickets by calling 810-631-6887.

8p.m. - 9:30p.m. Lawson Paranormal presents Ghost Hunting 101 $25 tickets at the door. Learn about the tools of the trade, paranormal investigations around the country including The Lizzie Borden House, Salem MA, New Orleans, Gettysburg and more! Plus Founder Joseph Lawson will be using some equipment to demonstrate and more messages from the other side with Maria using the Spirit Box.

Saturday September 28 New Orleans
     Learn Beginners Astrology with Maria  
Whether you are a local or just visiting from out of town, you are welcome to join Maria as she hosts a day long beginner's astrology class in the French Quarter.
11a.m. to 5p.m. with lunch included in your class tuition of just $85. Limited to 12 people. Pre registration is a must at 810-631-6887. Right now there are 8 seats left.
Maria's Annual Halloween Cosmic Connections Convention 
Psychic Fair
October 25, 26, 27, 2013
Sheraton Four Points,Saginaw MI

Classes, lectures, special events, readings, gemstones, jewelry, holistic health and more

Psychic Fair $5 admission $10 readings
Astrology, numerology, tarot, palmistry, cards, channeling, pet psychics, love advisers, I Ching and much more.
Fair Hours 10a.m. to 7p.m. Friday
10a.m. to 7p.m. Saturday
10a.m. to 5p.m. Sunday
20 tables of new gemstones, jewelry and new age items.

For a complete list of classes and events and Convention fees, please click here: 

Astro News by Maria Shaw Lawson
There is so much going on astrologically now and so many good things to share! So I'll give you some tidbits about each of the aspects I think are worth sharing: On July 17th, 2013 the planet Uranus went retrograde and will stay retro until December 13th, 2013. You can use this Uranus retrograde to decide what changes you need to make as well as the steps needed to achieve goals. Your old ideas may need to be reformed.

Since July 20th, 2013 when Mercury moved forward, life started moving forward and now you will get results for your efforts. On July 22, 2013, with the peak of Mars conjunct Jupiter, the hard work we have done, starts to pay off. If you have been manifesting for things, this is a good week to see things come to pass. Many of you will have clarity now and are being pushed to take action based on this clarity. This continues until the end of the month.

The Full Moon on July 22, 2013 probably showed you the truth about how much responsibility you have on your plate. You may even feel overwhelmed by some of it. You may also have a lot of work thrown your way you didn't expect.  Be forewarned; the success you ask for, comes with a lot of responsibilities.Venus opposes Neptune now so do not lend anyone money or get into any partnerships that involve investing.

At the same time during these challenging cycles there are also some wonderful days to create financial gains! Big Money! July 28, 29, and 30th, are great for drawing money to you because of a Venus sextile Jupiter aspect and even better, Venus trine Pluto, (because this aspect is associated with BIG money). Look for ways to cash in now.

The Stars of David are the big things I wanted to share with you. They happen on July 29 and August 25, 2013. This summer we get two Star of Davids. This is a big deal!  This is rare to have these occurrences so close together. They look like a 6 - pointed star, which means at least 6 planets line up to 60 degrees apart from each other around a circle.

July 29th, 2013 Star of David
This configuration is present between 9:16 am.and 3:35 pm. Eastern time. This Star of Davis is associated with big money as mentioned because of the aspects of the Moon trine Venus and Pluto, Venus trine Pluto, Moon sextile Jupiter and Venus sextile Jupiter. This is a great day to co create and manifest with the Universe. Use something proactive today. Put out a resume, place your real estate on the market, open a business, make an offer on a new home....etc.

August 25th, 2013 Star of David
The Star of David on August 25th, is between 4:17 pm. And 10:24 pm. Eastern time. This Star is great for presenting your ideas to VIPS, your boss, etc. as they are represented by the Sun and Mercury conjunct, trine Pluto and the Moon. It's also great for creating a new vision for your life and the way you desire it to be. So as you can see, there is much happening in the skies these next few weeks.
Have a lovely week! Maria


Nice Letters We Get:

Dear Maria,
I just wanted to share this with you because I found it very interesting. Several months ago I purchased a Black Tourmaline Pendant from you and began to wear it immediately. I was in a horrible relationship that I wanted out of very badly and my boyfriend at the time was the most negative and hateful person I've ever met. (Don't ask me what I ever saw in him, lol) As soon as I began wearing it, it was almost like he didn't want to be near me. If we were in the same room, he would stay on the opposite side of it. It was almost like he was afraid to even speak to me. I also noticed the stone began to change, drastically. At first the stone was solid, polished, with no imperfections. Then it began to show white cracks. More and more appeared every day. I thought the stone was going to shatter at one point. Then finally I got the courage to leave him and he moved out. Now the story gets even stranger. The stone stopped showing signs of new abrasions. Slowly the stone started to "heal" itself. There are still a few slight cracks but they are no longer white. It's back to a beautiful black polished stone. I know the energy in my house has done a complete 180 but I never expected to see it with my own eyes like that. Needless to say, life is great now and my new boyfriend seems like the best thing that could ever happen to me! Also, I still wear the pendant.
Click here to order your pendant and learn more...
Black Tourmaline

Learn The True Meaning Of The Words You Use The Most That Help And Hinder Your Progress 

By Maria Shaw Lawson


I obtained some of this information off of the internet and added some of my own thoughts. The past few weeks I have been on Facebook writing about manifesting and many people have said they have had wonderful things happen to them. Others have said nothing good is happening and wonder why?


It may be because of the words and commands you are giving yourself. Read this and think about what you are saying, thinking and telling yourself and the world. By posting on FB your disappointments, you are telling the world. "Nothing good is happening!" You are drawing just that it to you. Your Voice commands your Body, Mind and yes, even your Spirit!


Here are what these words do for you in stopping progress!

  I can't - Will stop your progress and growth in its tracks. Never use these words unless you want to stop your progress!

I won't - Is a command to yourself, telling yourself that you will NOT achieve, or not do something!

It's Hard - Will stop you from getting ahead and achieving your goals because things will therefore be difficult!

I don't believe - Is something you were taught or learned; a condition to hold yourself back from progress!

I'm Skeptical - Holds you back from learning!

I don't like it - Stops you from gaining intellect and enjoying, inviting things into your life!

I will try - If you use this word, you will try over and over again and nothing will come of your efforts!

Trying - Is a block and a command you give yourself!

I'm trying - Has very little or no results!

I will try - Shows doubt and there is very little chance of reaching a goal when you use this! Now think of these words, how are they different?

These are positive commands you give to yourself!

  I Can - Promotes growth and expansion! Positive!

I am - Is a command to the body, to the spirit and to the mind promoting positivity, confidence and assurance!

I Believe - Your wants, needs and desires can come true! You must really truly believe! Remember Peter Pan and TinkerBell!

It is done - A knowing (even ahead of time) that your goals are accomplished.

I can do it - Moves a person ahead with their goals. All positive!

- Maria Shaw Lawson 

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